Monday, February 28, 2005

Just another afternoon at the office....

[17:47] ProposalWhore: He called me to ask me to write a porposal[sic] section for oracle
[17:48] Me: you tell him that you had no experience with oracle and 'Hax0rguy'* and 'Slackass'* went to the oracle class?
[17:48] ProposalWhore: so i was like, i'll write up something for you.
[17:49] ProposalWhore: yeah i know.
[17:49] Me: and you wonder why you're everyone's bitch
[17:49] Me: you're a proposal whore
[17:49] ProposalWhore: ha
[17:49] Me: you can't say no

And people wonder why we get burned out......

*names changed to protect the innocent...and the lazy

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