Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I was wondering where Pauly Shore went...

For all of you who were fans of the weaze...No wonder Iran has lost their damn minds when it comes to nuclear weapons. Apparently Pauly has all grown up now, and is leading the biggest, nuttiest terrorist state in the world.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Tech Support

Yeah, it's not usual that I need it, but if anyone out there has experience in moving something off Blogger onto another site, I'd appreciate the assistance.
I found that I could publish my site to the other server, but the archives wouldn't come along.
I haven't worked a year to get those archives just to leave them behind. So if anyone knows the trick, drop me a comment or an email.---Tx

Couple of things

Just to address a couple emails I've received and then comment on some other stuff:
1. No, I don't believe in censorship, nor do I believe that someone's comments should be deleted, changed, or otherwise edited. However, I DO believe in not getting my butt sued, and as a result, edited one person's comments (clearly noted in the spots where I did) to ensure that my former employer had no cause to bring any sort of action against me or against my blog. I have too much fun making fun of people to stop now!
That having been said, Mr. Reid, if you don't stop with the F-bombs, I will delete every one of your self-centered comments (despite what you think, everything on this blog is not about you, in fact, I have no idea who you are, nor do I care). Take your meds and a deep breath before you post again, otherwise you will be banned. We can agree to disagree, and debate over these disagreements. We don't have to get down and dirty. However, my grandma used to say "never wrestle with a pig, it only gets you muddy and makes the pig happy". My advice to you is to follow that bit of down-home wisdom.

2. Detroit is in the spotlight this week. In an interesting bit of timing, Ford announced the largest cuts in their workforce in its history, along with the closing of several of their plants last week. The standard press leading up to the Super Bowl has been "put a good face on Michigan" blah blah. However, since we are the only state that has lost jobs and not been hit by a hurricane, our brain drain continues, and the outlook is bleak and getting bleaker as long as the UAW doesn't see the writing on the wall, I just don't see it happening. On the plus side, with all the layoffs, we should have a good pool of people available to be volunteers for the Super Bowl.

3. An ABC anchor gets whacked by an IED. Ok, not whacked, but seriously injured. So who thinks that this story is overblown? I mean, I don't see a DrudgeReport siren every time Lance Corporal Joe Schmucatelli gets hurt by an IED. I can see this going one of two ways. Either the peaceniks use this to make the point that 'See? Iraq isn't getting any safer', or the media shuts up for a bit, realizing that our troops are putting their lives in danger every day just by driving outside of their compound and that their constant drumbeat of defeat is only hurting them.
Since the members of the media tend to have their heads in their collective rectums, I'm going with the former. But it never hurts to be a little optimistic.
Happy Monday.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Filibuster Alito?

John Kerry, from the safety of Switzerland, where he's guaranteed not to get his stupidity and Lurch-ness splashed across the 6 o'clock news, called for his fellow DemonRats to filibuster the nomination of Samuel Alito. He says that he's outside the mainstream of American values and too radical to replace a 'moderate' like Sandra Day O'Connor.
First of all, Alito, while conservative, is nowhere near outside the mainstream of American values. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who received a 96-3 vote for confirmation, with no threat of filibuster from the Republicans was a lawyer for the ACLU. THE ACfrickinLU. Now, if you talk about an organization that is outside the mainstream of American values, THERE'S a no-brainer.
The majority of Americans (according to a recent poll about 80%) support a national ID card. ACLU? against.
The majority of Americans support one man-one woman marriage. ACLU? Against.
The majority of Americans support parents being notified when their minor child gets an abortion. The ACLU? Against.
But yet, Ms. Ginsberg received a 96-3 confirmation vote.
The tradition of review of nominees is long and storied, and honestly a good thing. But why is it that it's only the Republican nominees that get raked over the coals like this? Justice Clarence Thomas? shouldhavebeen Justice Bork? Justice Roberts (if ever there was a boy-scout nominee, theres one), and now soon to be Justice Alito.

Ridiculous. At least people are finally recognizing this for what it is, Politics. Pure Politics. The only reason that Ted (hic) Kennedy can get away with lecturing someone of the class of Samuel Alito about ethics, is politics. Just wondering why it is that CNN didn't bring up the numerous scandals that Senator (hic) Kennedy has been involved in during his lifetime. I'm willing to bet he's taken more money from special interests, and is way more beholden to them than Alito EVER will be.

Screw you Kerry, Kennedy, and LeakyLeahy. Go Sam!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Google sucks- part 459837867631....

So, let me make sure I understand this right.....

The US government, in an effort to enforce laws that are on the books (whether you agree with the laws or not doesn't matter at this point), has requested of Google that they turn over some information that would reveal surfing habits. This would only be for users that log in as Google has no way of tracking the random dude searching for "Paris Hilton Naked" from Panera. The reasoning behind it is to help the government track down kiddie porn dealing scumbags. I think it's fair to say that liberal or conservative, we can all agree that kiddie porn=bad (although there is probably a Democrat out there reading this right now that is going to post a disagreement with me in the comments, right Danny?).
Anyway, Google refused, citing the need to conserve trade secrets. Not sure how search results would show trade secrets, but ok, let's give them the benefit of the doubt.
THE NEXT FRIGGIN DAY the Communist Chinese government demands that Google not return results that would give their citizens information about simple stuff like freedom, liberty, revolution, and other 'controversial' subjects, Google bends over, grabs their ankles and says "Sure whatever you say, my comrade brothers".
Now, do I need to write a long dissertation about how this completely illustrates my point about Google being anti-American, or can you connect the dots?
Conservatives in my reading audience, I know the answer. Libs, I'll draw a picture for you later.

Bottom line, Google sucks.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ray Naggin is crazy

In a good old fashioned development to Ray Naggin's earlier comment regarding New Orleans being a 'chocolate' city, a forward thinking capitalist has taken advantage of the rage, by offering t-shirts, hats, and bumperstickers. Now THIS is what's right with America. Good work guys, keep it up.

January 25. D-Day.

Well, today is the day I get my last check from my former employer. I told myself I was going to wait until today to post a final verbal salvo about them and then move on. I've already said a lot of what I wanted to say, but there's always more.

The staff there are great folks. Some of the guys that are still there I really feel for, because they have to tolerate the stupidity that goes on regularly. MichaelMichael, Hammy, Grot, Turk, Little Timmy, Abdoooooo, Mr. Chaney, Jason^2, DaveMc, BestInternEver, I feel bad for you guys, because you have to tolerate the ignorance and stupidity that's being forced on you by people that have no idea what they're doing.

You have to tolerate people who'd rather sit in a meeting and spout buzzwords and strategies that won't work than people who know what they're talking about and work to square things away.
You have to work for a company that promotes an incompetent idiot that has earned absolutely no respect of her coworkers, merely because she's a female.
You have to work for a partner who values style more than substance, fashion more than facts, encourages cliques to form, who ensures that his pals get the best assignments and best gigs, excluding people who don't fit into his lifestyle and who don't necessarily appreciate his fashion sense. A partner who lies to the face of some, specifically to make himself look better. He ignores complaints regarding the people he's coaching, in order to make himself look better. Complaints like clients requesting that one never return to their site ever again. Another person blatantly copying the previous years reports, merely because he was too busy chatting on IM and 'moderating' online discussion sites to actually DO his work AND had previously sent a report to a client with pages and pages of corrections and comments still intact. Completely ignored.
You have to work for a company that not only looks the other way, but ENCOURAGES intragroup dating and relationships.
You have to justify expenses on things that should be second nature for a security group, like training and equipment.
You have to tolerate illogical travel (travelling to a site 700 miles away when there's local staff that could just as easily service the client), and stupid executives that don't understand why it is that you'd rather be at home.
You have to tolerate knowing that the people who left are making more money than you, travelling less than you, and probably not having to put up with quite as much BS as you.
You have to work for someone who is paranoid about someone 'stealing' the workpapers that have already been stolen from various standards sites like the NSA, CIS, SANS and the rest. So paranoid that he calls someone that was fired (because it was 'time to part ways') from the company to ask about the fact that the person emailed those workpapers to himself @ home, weeks earlier. Nevermind it's his job to do report review and quality control.
You have to work for someone who has no idea who is technical and who isn't, and even if he DID know, wouldn't care anyway, and would put you on whatever job fits the schedule, rather than something that fits your skills.
You have to work with a few coworkers who are more interested in getting dirt on you and running to the various partners who would rather burn you than promote you.
You have to work for a company that covered up at least TWO (that I know of) incidents where the staff accidentally penetrated and PWND a server/workstation at the wrong IP address. And rather than doing the research to find out the rightful owner of the machines, contacting them and explaining the situation(perhaps offering free security services to make up for it), just moved on like it never happened.

You know where I am, you know how to get a hold of me. WHEN you get the heck outta that situation, I'll cheer for you. If you need references, let me know, as I'll do my damndest to help you get outta there. Money ain't everything, I know that in some cases they're throwing $$ at you to keep you, but I guarantee when you leave, you'll wonder what kept you there so long.

Sorry guys. I like all y'all. We've shared many laughs, much grain alcohol, and a lot of misery. I wish you all good luck and godspeed.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

At last, an honest liberal

Found this, thanks to the Drudge Report, and while I don't agree with his stance on the troops or the war, I find his honesty refreshing. I mean, how many times can you listen to that scumbag traitorous lurch-look-alike Kerry say "I support the troops, not the war"?
Isn't that what troops do? Wage war?

So anyway, at least someone is honest enough to express their Anti-American, Anti-Troops, traitorous opinion. I wish the rest of the left-wing of this country could be equally honest, so we know exactly who to beat the hell out of.

For my friends in the Chicago area and Ohio area

As a public service, I thought I'd go ahead and post these. Not as if you're not already looking, but heck, I figured I'd be helpful:

Security Compliance Consultant
IL-Chicago & Ohio -Anywhere
$70,000 - $75,000 + % of Billable Hours
Relocation Package: Yes
Job Type: Full-Time
Required Education: Bachelor, Masters Preferred

Join a company that is recognized as one of the fastest growing Information Security organizations in the world due to 3200% revenue growth since 2002. Our client has been recognized as a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Rising Star. With a focus on Banks and other
Financial Services organizations, our client's SecurityCompliance Consulting team consists of individuals who have Big 4 experience, who have experience working with FFIEC, OCC, Federal
Reserve and SEC regulatory issues and who specialize in regulatory issues such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), VISA Cisp, GLBA, SAS 70 Audits, FISMA, Base II, HIPAA and more. Their consultants have earned industry certifications such as the CISA and/or CISSP. In this role,
you will serve clients in and around your local market but may experience up to 50% regional travel. You'll be providing a variety of Security Compliance, Audit and Risk Management services primarily in the Banking and Financial Services industry but could work in Education, Entertainment/Media, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail/Distribution, Telecommunications, Transportation or Utilities.

Requires a BA/BS in It or related field along with 3-6+ years experience with a combination of exposure to IT Audit, Security Risk Assessments and Regulatory Compliance (Specifically in Banking and Financial Services). You will demonstrate an understanding of regulatory compliance topics such as Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, VISA Cisp, SAS 70 Audits, HIPAA, FISMA, Base II, ISO 17799 and more. It is preferred that you possess certifications such as the CISA and/or CISSP. You must be comfortable with up to 50% travel. A prior Big 4 or similar consulting background is preferred. Experience working directly in Banking or other related Financial Services is also preferred. Advanced education is appreciated.

Human Capital Solutions
Maureen Massetti
Recruiting Manager

Wow....50% regional travel. For most of you, that's a reduction. And I gotta believe that salary is interesting, considering you also get a percentage of your billable hours too. Gotta be an increase from what some of you are currently making, for doing the same thing. And no, I have absolutely NO affiliation with this company or recruiter, other than receiving it via an email and posting it publicly.

Hey, if nothing else, you know I'm a guy that looks out for my friends/coworkers. Even if it forces me to 'part ways'.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Probably the best reason why tech support should not be outsourced is covered quite well in this article on Securityfocus.com.
I've done quite a bit of work with computers during my lifetime and worked with all kinds of helpdesks as a result. This isn't meant to be a racist or culturally biased statement at all, but I've found that the times when I've talked to someone who is a native english speaker have been the most productive and quickest to resolve my problem.
My first experience with an outsourced helpdesk was around 1996 or so when Acer outsourced their helpdesk to Costa Rica. I know it was Costa Rica because I spent so much time on the phone with Ramon that I knew much of his family, background, home town, and what he knew about the technology as well. Ramon wasn't bad actually, but the other idiots I had to talk to in order to GET to Ramon were competely useless.
I'm not sure when it is that this sort of investement is going to start backfiring on companies, but I certainly hope it's soon. I'm getting tired of calling a help desk and talking to someone in a far away land, with an accent so thick I can't understand him, but I did catch the fact that his name is 'Jimmy'. Not sure how many 'Jimmy's there are in Bhopal, New Dehli, or other Indian/Pakistani cities but apparently there are a few.


I'm reading my response to our favorite Troll at this site, Danny Reid, and found that it was too good to be buried in a comment area, where not a lot of folks read....so I thought I'd re-post it here. Danny's comment was:

Well, I have misinterpreted your e-mail blog and I apologize. The Jamaicans don't practice voodoo and maybe they are living a more rightteous and godly life than this sorry ass nation! Another reason why Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans that it could be full of gay people! Sometimes, I even hate the United States of America because it is full of Ungodly and sick people!

Well, for those of you who know me, this is pretty much a thrown-down gauntlet in my eyes. And thus the following spewed from my brain, down my fingers to the keyboard, and onto the screen:
Ungodly and sick? Where's the hurricane that should be taking out San Francisco if that's the case? I mean, let's face it, there's way more gays in SF than NO. How about Europe? Have you BEEN to Europe at all? Have you seen Amsterdam? You wanna talk about some ungodly folks, I think you'd blow a fuse, Danny-boy. But do we see God sending down plagues of fire and brimstone on the Dutch? Nope, he just lets them sit back, smoke their dope, pay for their ass, and go on peacefully. How about Paris? Crime, whores, drugs, but yet, your God/Yahweh allows them to continue to exist.
I think you, Pat Robertson, and Ray Nagin, and the rest of you illiterate fucks who believe that Yahweh/God is a vengeful God and will just smite anyone who doesn't live the way he thinks is right, have your head up your collective asses. Perhaps you should read more of the bible than the little sections with the monosyllabic words to realize that He don't roll like that. He's going to let us fuck up, and THEN when it's judgement day, unleash the beast. Until then, shit happens. But of course, assholes like you and the rest of the judgmental religious right AND LEFT(religious left, oh yes, you know it exists), will continue to use religion to condemn peoples' behavior because you want to control them and because it fits your agenda.
How about this for an explanation of why the hurricane hit New Orleans? Because it is in an area that is naturally prone to hurricanes (for the last 200 years anyway) and it's been years since the last time it was hit, so odds were that it would happen again?

Logic. It's not just for breakfast anymore.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Code Pink- not only morons....

Not only are the members of Code Pink complete and total morons, but they apparently think you are too. Why else would they take a picture of a crowd of Iranian women and Photoshop them into their own little tiny minute protest in order to make it look better?

And talk about a horrible job of photoshopping...christ, what'd they do to that girls mouth? She's relatively attractive in the original, but looks like she took makeup tips from The Joker in the Code Pink pic. I guess that's to be expected from such a bunch of freaks.

Interesting Story

CA and others, basically defrauding the State of Indiana out of millions, implementing a computer system to link the courts within the state of IN, that absolutely doesn't work.

Our tax dollars at work. Yes, I live in Michigan, but my federal tax dollars go in, and then the fed turns around and re-distributes them to the various states for stupid wasteful projects...like this. Go figure. Well managed guys, way to go CA. No need to remind me why it is that I'll never ever buy or recommend another CA product in my lifetime.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hot off the presses

The FBI, in a stunningly astute use of tax dollars for once, released their 2005 Computer Crime Survey. The survey includes responses from over 2,000 public and private organizations located across four U.S. states - also included in these surveys are privately held, alleged security firms that have hacked the wrong company and then covered it up.

(Ok, that last part was editorialized by an anonymous source)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Disrespecting Veterans

As you all probably know, I've been waging a verbal war on Google for some time now for their lack of respect given to veterans two years in a row running, not appropriately noting that it was Veterans Day on their website. Usually when it's someones birthday (MLK, Copernicus, DaVinci, Darwin, etc), a holiday (St. Patricks Day, Christmas, Halloween, etc), or other 'special' day, Google notes that day by re-designing their logo to pay tribute.
Veterans Day 2004, no such tribute. I emailed and received a standard PR response "we didn't do it because it's a solemn occasion and we didn't want to offend" blah blah blah....BUT they did say "Hey, we'll work on it, and if you have a suggestion, let us know and we'll work on it" (paraphrasing). So I sent several suggestions including some sort of Arlington background, and changing the L in Google to the upsidedown rifle, with boots in front of it and a helmet on top, the symbol of a fallen comrade. Never heard back from them.
This year I was sincerely looking forward to seeing what they came up with, being a new stockholder of the company.

Not a damn thing. I emailed them again, along with NBC News, Drudgereport.com, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, and Fox News. None of them responded or did I see anything on any of their newscasts (of course, I didn't watch them ALL) about it. No response from Google for a day, then received the SAME email from the previous year. I posted a complaint on FreeRepublic.com only to find that on Google's British and Candadian servers, they had replaced the O in Google with a poppy, in reference to the poem Flanders Fields. US servers? Nada. So, it's fine if you're Australian, Canadian, or British, but if you're an American Vet, screw you.
So, when Google put together their MLK logo this year, once again I fired off an email to them, including the same list of people I emailed on Veterans Day, basically saying that they did a good job of paying tribute to Dr. King, and that it was too bad that they couldn't use that creativity to come up with some sort of tribute to the Veterans who DIED in order for Dr. King to even be able to LIVE in this country. And finally, today they responded with the SAME DAMN LETTER.

God I hate Google. I hope their stock drops to .67 a share. And that Sergey and Larry's plane crashes into their HQ as they're flying over taking pictures.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ray Nagin wants a chocolate New Orleans

How fitting that on Martin Luther King's birthday, someone who's benefitted from Dr. Kings' sacrifices and work should promote a segregated city. I thought the text of Dr. Kings speech was something along the lines of "I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character"....but apparently, you have to be judged by the color of your skin to be encouraged to move to New Orleans.
That and the fact that he blamed all the hurricanes on our being in Iraq under false pretenses. God is apparently angry with America, and that is why we've been hit with all these hurricanes. While usually I think that Pat Robertson needs to up his medication, I think this is the case where I think he's probably more on the money than Ray. IF God said "I'm gonna hit New Orleans with a hurricane", I highly doubt that it was because we're in Iraq under false pretenses. I think it would probably have a whole lot more to do with the fact that New Orleans tends to be a modern-day Sodom/Gomorrah. But, if you ask Al Gore, God had nothing to do with it, it's actually Republican's fault for not doing something about global warming.

Y'all Dummycrats have to come with with a uniform platform on this hurricane stuff. Either God sent it, or the Republicans. Can't have it both ways.

Oh, and if you want to see Whiny Ray and laugh at his speech, go here. Honestly, 80% of the soundbyte, I agree with. But the 'chocolate New Orleans' and Iraq comment are just ignorant and pandering.

*UPDATE* Crazy Ray is SORRY if he offended someone with his 'chocolate' remarks. What a pantload.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Google sucks....but you knew that

Once again, Google has shown their hypocrisy in posting a nice lighthearted logo celebrating Martin Luther King's birthday, but yet, American Veterans apparently deserve no such hat-tip, as no such special logo was posted on Google's site on November 11, 2005. Nor was a special logo designed on November 11, 2004. After emailing these communist scumbags twice, I've decided to go on an all out Google war. I plan on denigrating them everywhere I can possibly do it, and ensuring that everyone knows what an utterly American-hating company they are.
Apparently the veterans that fought and died to ensure that Sergey Brinn and Larry Page can own a 757 don't deserve the respect that Martin Luther King, Leonardo DaVinci, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Einstein, St. Valentine and St. Patrick, and countless other idiotic holiday logos received over a simple salute to the veterans.

Oh, and if you want to see John Murtha get his ass chewed by an Army Sergeant, check this out:

Football weekend

2-2...Not so good a record. But I got the important one right, and will be comfortably ensconced in my cushy chair in front of my 115" screen at home this Sunday to watch my Broncos dismantle the Steelers.
But seriously, this was arguably the worst officiated set of games I've ever seen. There were several calls that impacted the momentum of the game that were blown. You'd think it was the pre-season, instead of the playoffs. The league office should definitely take a long hard look at the officiating from this past weekend and make sure mistakes like that don't happen again.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Pigskin Picks

Weekend picks:

Denver over NE
Indy over Pitt
Chicago over Carolina
Seattle over Wash

Toughest game: Denver, although Indy may have their hands full with Pitt, although probably only until they knock the rust off.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

New York Times- What if

Taken directly from Free Republic.com (they rock!)

"What if" in History - No. 1) Dec. 21, 1943: NEW YORK TIMES set to publish Navajo code
DFU "what if" in history | Dec. 21, 1943 | Jonathon Risen (fictitious name)

Posted on 12/21/2005 8:54:24 PM PST by doug from upland

Jonathon Risen, New York Times

Dateline: New York

Dec. 21, 1943

In an exclusive interview with a Navajo Indian, the NEW YORK TIMES has learned that Navajo Indians have been forced into service by the U.S. military establishment.

It is shocking that, in the middle of the 20th Century, such abuse of our Native Americans could be taking place without approval of the courts. Neither President Roosevelt nor Secretary of War Stimson has given a public comment or returned a telephone call.

The TIMES has learned that so-called Navajo Code Talkers have been used by our military for secure communications. It can now be reported that they have served all six Marine divisions, Marine Raider battalions, and Marine parachute units, transmitting messages by telephone and radio in their native language. The Japanese have not been able to break the code.

In May 1942, the first 29 Navajo recruits attended boot camp. Then, at Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California, this first group created the Navajo code. They developed a dictionary and numerous words for military terms. The dictionary and all code words had to be memorized during training.

Once a Navajo code talker completed his training, he was sent to a Marine unit deployed in the Pacific theater. The code talkers' primary job was to talk, transmitting information on tactics and troop movements, orders and other vital battlefield communications over telephones and radios. They also acted as messengers, and performed general Marine duties.

When a Navajo code talker received a message, what he heard was a string of seemingly unrelated Navajo words. The code talker first had to translate each Navajo word into its English equivalent. Then he used only the first letter of the English equivalent in spelling an English word. Thus, the Navajo words "wol-la-chee" (ant), "be-la-sana" (apple) and "tse-nill" (axe) all stood for the letter "a." One way to say the word "Navy" in Navajo code would be "tsah (needle) wol-la-chee (ant) ah-keh-di- glini (victor) tsah-ah-dzoh (yucca)."

Most letters had more than one Navajo word representing them. Not all words had to be spelled out letter by letter. The developers of the original code assigned Navajo words to represent about 450 frequently used military terms that did not exist in the Navajo language. Several examples: "besh- lo" (iron fish) meant "submarine," "dah-he- tih-hi" (hummingbird) meant "fighter plane" and "debeh-li-zine" (black street) meant "squad."

In our next report, we are prepared to name the Navajos who have assisted the Marines, and we will also name the additional personnel who are familiar with the code.

A source has come forward, exclusively to the TIMES, who has delivered to our offices what he purports to be the complete code being used in the South Pacific. If we are able to ascertain that the information is genuine, we will publish the entire code in a special edition next Sunday. It will be available at newsstands everywhere.


As early as February 2000, the Echelon project (the NSA project being used to eavesdrop on conversations) was reported in the liberal media. That would be a full nine months prior to President Bush's election. And another article in the New York Slimes is skeptical of it's abilities and of those who criticize it.

But apparently it's all Bush's fault.

Jesus are liberals predictable.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jihad declared: Russell Tice

This fat bastard is being portrayed by the liberal media (sorry, redundant) as a hero, a whistleblower. The only thing this guy blows is other guys. He should be taken out and shot in front of a firing squad, after he's given his right to trial and found guilty of course. But he's already admitted to being the source for the New York Slimes story exposing the NSA's top secret program that spied on overseas phone calls in order to uncover plots against American targets.

This pig is being played as the victim, as the good guy. Did I wake up in some friggin alternate universe where Bill Clinton is president again? Oh wait, no. Had he done this during the Clinton administration, he would have been hung out to dry as a traitor by the sympathetic media.

Jihad against The pig, and along with him, the Slimes.

Riddle me this.....

If a self-loathing gay man commits suicide, is it a hate crime?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Security? We don't need no stinkin security

Ya mon....The Bahamas, land of 'no worries mon' and beautiful white beaches. Home of one of the most luxurious hotel/resorts in the world, the Atlantis. Where apparently computer security takes a back seat to making sure that the drinks are appropriately watered down for all the tourists.
A story today on Security Focus talks about how upwards of 50,000 people had their records stolen from a database that the hotel had compiled.
Now, just curious, but how in the heck can companies be so lax in their security with all the incidents that have happened over the last several years. I am a security professional, and as such I am probably way more paranoid than most in this subject, but I fail to see where it is that companies like this are even taking the most BASIC steps to keep their customers data secure.
And then they have the balls to offer 'free credit monitoring' to their affected customers.
My bank, Lasalle Bank, lost a backup tape containing info on over 2 million of their mortgage customers and offered their customers a subscription to a credit monitoring service for 90 days. Apparently the good customers of Lasalle didn't think that was good enough and plenty of us called to complain and as a result they upped it to a year. A bit better, but still, do any of you know the cost to clean up your credit after your ID has been stolen? I have a close friend who does. She's STILL working on making sure her stuff is clean after several years (heya S). I loved going on jobs with her and having a client make light of times when client data may have vulnerable and watching the steam come out of her ears as she lit into them.
Bottom line, we as consumers need to hold these companies responsible for their incompetence and negligence. We need to stop patronizing places that can't secure their data. We need to file class action lawsuits against companies that allow hackers to pwn their stuff with impunity.
Stick up for yourself Americans... no one else will.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Michigan Sucks

And no, I don't mean University of Michigan. I mean, that giant sucking sound that Ross Perot referred to in the 92 elections. That would be the sound of the big giant toilet that is the Michigan economy.
Michigan is so enslaved to unions and those who support them that the business environment is virtually nil. Union leaders complain that the 'middle class' worker that is their member doesn't have the job security that they used to and doesn't have the quality of life that they used to.

Welcome to the club, idiot. None of us have secure jobs. Even business owners, who are their own bosses have to respond to the market or go out of business. That's the way it works.

The Kalamazoo Gazette had an article a month or so ago about how the federal government wasn't moving quick enough to 'save the auto industry'. I didn't realize that it was the governments responsibility to 'save' any industry. Especially one that's so stuck in the past and non-competitive as the American auto industry is.
Understand, I am a "buy American" kinda guy. I've NEVER bought a foreign vehicle and damn near had a heart attack when my wife did (she no longer owns it, whew). But when the industry puts itself in a position to suck, and then looks to the government to save it, I have to say that's where the line is drawn. It's not the role of the government to save any industry (and that includes farms....maybe in another post I'll go into that).
The national economy has been expanding over the last year and a half, but yet, Michigan's unemployment is running about 7%. Michigan is the only state that wasn't hit by a hurricane that didn't gain jobs last year. Our biggest export is people.
Something has to be done. Soon, before Michigan becomes a ghost-town.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Blog visitors

So, I'm looking at my log of folks that have come to my site over the last couple weeks, and apparently I'm HUGE in northern Indiana. HUGE!

I always knew my brand of politics and humor would play well with the Amish, but the Notre Dame fans? I mean, anyone who'd cheer for a school like the domers, well, I definitely didn't intend to cater to.

I guess I'll have to stop using so many monosyllabic words.

If you want a copy of my logs, I'll share, just drop me an email...it'd be interesting reading, especially considering what's going on otherwise.

At least they're busy reading my blog and not hacking the wrong web sites, and then not telling the owners of the site they've pwned, hoping they remain clueless.

Terrorist arrests ignored by media

According to Newsmax , three Algerian terrorists were arrested in the midst of planning a major terror attack. The Italian government received word of the plans to attack stadiums, ships, and railway stations, with the goal to exceed the devastation caused by 9/11.
How, exactly, did the Italians know about this attack in time to prevent it? Oh, wiretaps.
Yes, the same wiretaps that the mainstream media and liberal whinycrats are complaining about infringing upon our civil liberties, the Italians used to save lives.
Do you wonder why it is that this huge plot and it's breakup wasn't reported in the US? Do you think that it possibly could have been because the mainstream media doesn't want you to remember that people out there want to kill Americans and will use any means necessary to do so? Perhaps they think that you have the intelligence to realize that the wiretapping of calls to known terrorists overseas wouldn't be that bad in light of this knowledge.

Perhaps they're right, and as recent polls have shown, most Americans think that the President was doing the right thing when asked about the wiretap story.

I'm all for limited government and small government, but one of the few roles I believe the government does indeed have, as given to it by the founding fathers in the constitution is defending our borders and defending our people from attack by foreign agents. This is the role of the president and the military and our president is doing an outstanding job at it.

I'll be sending a letter to the local paper to remind them of that, and to poke fun at the local whinycrats to make sure they know I'm still out here, and also to remind them how stupid they are.

That's my job, that's why I'm here.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ah, intimidation....nice try

So, for those of you who didn't know, I left my previous employer during the first part of December under other than amicable circumstances. They didn't actually GIVE me a reason for firing me, but just implied that it was time for us to go our separate ways. This actually worked out better for me anyway, as the following Friday I had planned to give my two weeks notice anyway, after having interviewed for several positions and been offered two great jobs. So instead of struggling through two weeks of dealing with their idiocy, I've been paid for time that I otherwise wouldn't have been, plus being paid for a couple weeks while working for my new employer. Not a bad deal.

However, last week I received a phone call from a person in a VERY influential position with my former employer. He was my boss's, boss's, boss's boss. Basically a heartbeat away from CEO in the firm. This person had apparently been informed by the spineless sycophants below him that during my employment at the firm, I had the unmitigated gall to actually send some work to my home email account so that I could *GASP* work on it at home. He wrongly advised me that this was a violation of the company's confidentiality policy. I, of course advised him of my role in the group and how my role naturally translated to my doing this, and while I could see their concern, since the workpapers were pretty much check-in-box type things, I didn't see their use in an actual technical environment. Of course, he disputed this, and when it came right down to it, I advised him that my position was such that I had enough fun with the company and I was done with any association with them. As such, the emails would be deleted, if they hadn't already been.

The attempt to intimidate was obvious. By having the director of the entire division call me, it was their attempt to intimidate me into rolling over and allowing them to bully me into not talking publicly about the stupidity I had to tolerate while there. While that's in their best interest, and truly not a big deal to me, this phone call was an impetus to go a step further than I was previously willing to do. My former boss (as well as whoever else was involved in this decision) obviously doesn't know me as well as he thought, if he thought I was going to be intimidated by some pissant executive. Especially an executive/partner that I have zero respect for, had zero dealings with, and who honestly wouldn't recognize me from Adam. Had it been one of the partners/executives that I respect and still hold in high regard, (H & A), my reaction would have been entirely less negative.

But, that didn't happen, and since they wanted to start this, any further communication to or from me will be done through my lawyer.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Abramoff tied to several Democrats

The NY Slimes has had several articles about how Jack Abramoff is going to bring down Tom Delay through his donations to his campaign and how Abramoff has donated to Republicans all over the country, slobbering all over themselves to call everyone with an R behind their name who has accepted money from Abramoff or one of his clients dirty.

However, have you noticed that no one has yet to mention that Harry Reid, Patrick Kennedy, and Hillary Clinton, among others have also received money from Abramoff and his affiliated groups.

Wonder when that's going to make headline news? Perhaps tomorrow.

And perhaps Satan/slick Willie will be wearing a parka too.