Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dummycrats <> Tolerance

Ok, I know I'm kinda behind the curve on this, but I've been paying attention to the story...just not posting my opinion on it.
Jeff Gannon, of the Talon News website is getting slammed by liberals, the press (ok, that's redundant), and Democrats (triply redundant, yes I know), for asking 'softball' questions during a press conference. Apparently that's a privilege only reserved for the rest of the liberal media during a Democratic administration.
Anyway, the biggest slam that these idiots can come up with is that he's gay. They tried to denigrate his position since he wasn't a real reporter, only writing for a right-wing news blog site. Since Jayson Blair, the whole 'real reporter' thing seems to have grayed a tad. Then they tried to accuse him of running a gay escort service. Barney Frank must have decided that wasn't a good strategy.

So, apparently, everyone is supposed to be angry about this guy because he's gay and was allowed a press pass. Hmm. I thought it was the Republicans who are 'homophobic'. But nope, as long as the gay guy is in cahoots with the Dummycrats, he's fine. As soon as he moves a little right toward the Republicans, he gets outted, and gay sex pictures get posted on the Internet.

So much for tolerance.


Anonymous said...

"So, apparently, everyone is supposed to be angry about this guy because he's gay and was allowed a press pass."

Actually, I think they are more upset that a person operating under a false name and not working for a legitimate organization was able to get into the press core.

Also, I think it's society in general that is homophobic, it's not restricted to just republicans ;)

Unknown said...

I guess it depends on your definition of a 'legitmate' news organization. Is Slate legit? What defines 'legit'? Talon news a legitimate news blog, and I'd actually visited it a couple times prior to this controversy.

Yes, he's using a pseudonym. Kind of like Gary Hartpence (Gary Hart, ran for president a little while ago), John Kohn (John Kerry, you remember him right?), Larry Ziegler (Larry King), Gerald Riviera (Geraldo Rivera), and Ze'ev Blitzer (Wolf Blitzer), have all done, and all have had MUCH more access than this guy. Bottom line is, the media is pissed because this guy asked a softball question. If he would have asked a question which showed a liberal bias, no one would have questioned it.