Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain hits this one out of the park

As anyone who has been watching this blog knows, I've not been overly excited about my choices this November. We have Bob Barr, an imbecile hypocrite former Georgian congressman who couldn't find time to pay his child support or keep religion out of government or figure out how to handle a gun without it discharging. Don't get me wrong, I support Bob Barr's stance on the second amendment, but truly, couldn't the Libertarians have have done better than this clown? I mean, seriously, he IS the Hollywood stereotyped "christian" politician, who campaigns on family values and in the back room bangs everything that moves.
Then we have the Messiah. Don't even go there. You know where I am on that, and wild f-ing horses couldn't drag me to the polls for that empty suit. And the pick of Biden was a complete and utter joke. "No more business as usual?" Really? Then why didn't you pick someone who has accomplished something outside of getting all kinds of special treatment for MBNA, a bank from Delaware (Biden's home state) and cheating on exams in college?
And John McAmnesty, whose stance on illegal aliens almost successfully ruined any opportunity he had to be president. Almost. But, thanks to the divided conservative and libertarian Republicans, between Paul, Huck, and Mitt, McCain was able to pull it out of his hindquarters. And every single mailer and phone call I've gotten from the Republicans since has been thrown in the trash or hung up on, respectively.

But today's pick, of Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska has rejuvenated me. Once again, I am interested in politics. Some of you may say that the pick of a female was merely a crass attempt to pander to the women vote, many of which were alienated at the way the Dem's treated Hillary. Perhaps, but if that were true, why not go with a safer pick, such as Kay Bailey-Hutchinson of Texas. She's much closer to McCain's moderate views and has a huge state that she'd help pull into the Republican column (truly they'll probably go there anyway, but couldn't hurt). No, this time I think that McCain actually did the right thing, from a political standpoint, and chose the person that would round his candidacy out, someone who shows that he acknowledges he NEEDS the conservative/libertarian wing of the Republican party and that those of us who "cling to guns and religion" won't be forgotten by a McCain whitehouse.

So, unless Ron Paul pulls something out of his ass next week and runs as an independent (and perhaps even then), my vote is for Sarah Palin/John McCain (in that order).

Nice work Johnny, I think you've been listening.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Bill Clinton encourages monogamy

In an interview with the BBC, Bill Clinton encouraged people to pursue monogamy. He said that it was very important to change people's attitudes about sex.

Can't make this stuff up folks. It just happens.....

Funny how this story just HAPPENS to come out a short time after Silky Pony Edwards FINALLY admits to the affair that the majority of the country hasn't heard a peep about because the mainstream media is only just NOW reporting it. It's been out there for a year, and then a couple weeks ago the Enquirer (yes, not exactly the most reliable source, I'll admit) cornered him in the Beverly Hilton, coming down from a visit with his mistress.

Gonna be big folks, even if the mainstream media loves someone, they love blood in the water even more...and there's plenty of that. This guy has been on the story for weeks.