Friday, June 30, 2006

Obligatory Gun post

Ah, my baby. Sweet Smith & Wesson (bought used, since I wouldn't put a penny into those Clinton abetting communists pocket) .40
This is the only one that I have a good holster for that I can carry concealed.
It fits in my had like it was made for me, and makes a nice big hole in things.

I feel a song coming on...."these are a few of my favorite things...."

Little pre-holiday humor

One of the funniest T-Shirts I've seen in a while. No, I have no affiliation with Cafe Press and mostly support their competitors, but this one is worth sharing.
Obviously, the reference for those of you who don't get it is to Cindy Sheehag.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Opening up a big ol can of whupass

If this is true, that the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade have launched a chemical warhead tipped rocket at Israel as a result of the IDF coming into the West Bank and Gaza in response to the kidnapping of an IDF soldier, they're in a world of hurt.
Of course, that's completely dependent upon the rest of the world stepping up in response and finding their gonads.
Terrorists having access to chemical and biological weapons is a threat to the entire world, not just Israel. Attacks like this could occur anywhere, the fact that Israel was the first place that it would happen merely underscores the importance of the support that the US should have for them. Between Iraq and Palestine, they're training grounds for terrorists, and they should also be training grounds for the upcoming battles against those animals as well. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way and expects that if we lose some lives in the process that it's a loss and we should run away.
But for Al Aqsa to launch that rocket, it just shows that there is absolutely no control anywhere amongst the Palestinian people and that there is no way that they can self-govern. Israel should just begin the attack and push THEM into the sea. While they're at it, Syria would be a nice target as well...but hey, we can't ask too much.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vernon Robinson for Congress

Vernon Robinson is running for Congress in NC. While normally this wouldn't get a lot of interest from me, he's a black conservative Republican running against a white liberal Democrat. And of course, Vernon has become the target of the the standard criminal left-wing jackass groups, People for the (anti)American Way, Trial lawyers, etc. He's been called a 'good slave' and 'uncle Tom' by the usual suspects, including the Democratic nominee for associate supreme court justice in NC.
For those reasons, if for no other reason, I'm behind him.
Want to see one of the best advertisements of the current political cycle? Check it out.

Log review.....

I use Statcounter, which tells me where my readers come from, who are repeat visitors, what country their IP is from, etc.
Well, this one particular IP has been in my logs on a regular basis from a law firm with locations in Cleveland, SF, and LA. The IP looks to be from the Cleveland location. Now I'm nowhere near so dumb as to think that publicly revealing the firm's name here is a good idea, but I'd like to hear from my 'regular', just to say hey. And to confirm that I'm not on some investigational list!
Drop me an email at my listed address in my profile if you would....especially since I have several friends in the Cleveland area, and would like to find out if this is just one of my friends who I've not been in touch with for a while.
Don't let this scare you off either....I don't usually call someone out like this, but curiousity is getting the better of me, so I had to do it....If you don't respond, it's all good.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dimwitocrats are nuts

Need another reason to point to that explains why Democrats will never be the 'middle America' party again? Take a look a the skewering that a moderate Democrat, Joe Lieberman is getting for his support of the war in Iraq. His primary opponent is apparently anti-war, but of course, that's the only thing that's getting him any attention at all, since he spews the same boilerplate Dimwit agenda at his stump speeches. High end Dimwit supporters like Babs "I can sing AND spell" Streisand and George "I am not a Crook...ok, maybe I am" Soros have been donating money to Liebermans opponent, despite having no idea what else he stands for. Markos whateverhisname is from Daily Kos (no link love here for that commie scumbag, you figure it out yourself), and his fellow leftwing moonbats love to trash Lieberman for his moderate views.
Apparently the only way that those crazies will show you some liberal love is if you show that you're for gay marriage, against the war, for raising taxes, for socialized medicine, for burning the flag, anti-anything American, and I'm sure I've forgotten something.....
When Al Gore ran with Lieberman, I felt that even if Gore won, hopefully Lieberman would be able to steady his left-wing stance on a lot of things. Luckily, Gore didn't win, but during that race, I gained a lot of respect for Senator Lieberman.
Too bad it seems to worked the opposite way for those on the other end of the political spectrum.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Well heck, I was wrong....

Several months ago, I called out my muslim friends because I didn't see anyone in their leadership criticizing the animals that called themselves muslims, but yet defied the Koran by beheading people, defied the prophet by killing fellow muslims, and generally acted like the scum that many of us have grown to know them as.
However, this lady has a pair the size of watermelons. I wish our President would grow some as big as hers . I know she's not a 'leader' of the middle eastern community, and not even a muslim(as you'll see in the video), but it's still nice to see that there is someone out there, on that side of the world that's willing to step up and smack a brother down. Take the five minutes and watch the whole video. It's worth it.

Haditha- Truth coming out?

According to an anonymous military source, (hey, if the NY Slimes can rely on them, why can't I?), the investigation into the Haditha affair is almost complete and it is showing that the story the Marines told was the truth (gee....what'd I say several weeks ago?). There is evidence showing that there was a firefight following the IED explosion, and small arms fire coming from the houses where the dead Iraqi's were found. Every second of the firefight was monitored by people at company, battallion and regimental HQ's.

As oftentimes is the case in house-to-house fighting, if someone is there that is 'innocent', they'll die, and that's apparently what has happened in this case. The massacre story that was reported by Time was based entirely on the word of two witnesses, both of which have been proven to have a significant axe to grind against Americans, PRIOR to this incident.
Want more info? Go here to read all about it.
Think the NY Slimes would think of publishing an article about how the Marines were telling the truth? Yeah, I don't either.

Presidential comments re: Iraq

So I was reading my email this evening and came across something from my boy, Double-J. He hooked me up with a pretty good read about that nutcase, Sheehag, as well as some pretty good arguments made by the President to attack Iraq.
Oh, by the way, the comments by the President, probably not what you were thinking.....

And since we're dispelling liberal garbage.....

Let's also dispel the BS about how Saddam had absolutely no link to the Taliban, 9/11, or al-Qaeda.
Thank God for Foxnews. I don't exactly like the fact that they tend to be a secondary press office for the White House, especially during the immigration arguments, but when you hire someone like Ollie North to cover the troops, and Neil Cavuto to talk business, I'm in your corner. I could do without O'Reilly, Gretawhatshername, and some of the others, but heck, we can't have everything.
Ray Robinson, former director of the CIA directed Iraq Survey Group, and his team have taken documents captured over the last several years and translated them. These documents show, without a doubt that Saddam had several different links to the Taliban and al Qaeda. He also examined the links between Saddam and weapons of mass destruction. Take a read, as it'll give you some things to think about.

Murtha Speaks!

And the mainstream media parrots. Murtha has now fully 'Sheehaned'. I had hoped that at some point in time, someone would bitchslap this wrinkled old jarhead back to reality and remind him of what honor and loyalty meant to the band of brothers that are the Marine Corps. Apparently the smack was too hard and caused brain damage, because now he's become a male Cindy Sheehan. This past weekend he stated that the "US presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran".
Now, I'm no international relations expert, but it sure seems to me that Iran in charge of nukes, that it could then hand off to an al Qaeda suicide sissy seems a bit more of a challenge to world peace than a couple of whiny liberals complaining about Iraq. And that nutcase in North Korea, Kim Jong mentally-Il...heck his patrons in China can't even control that jackass. And this mentally challenged congressman who can't remember offering to sell his influence to undercover FBI agents, but thinks that we're a bigger danger than him?
Diana Irey, Murtha's opponent should just pay for TV time to repeat the stupid stuff that Murtha continues to spout, thanks to his sudden onset of verbal diarhea. That should pretty much seal his fate, unless his district is full of 'sheehans'....then they deserve the representation they have.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Borrowed from

This pretty much says it all. Perhaps I need to introduce someone at the Slimes to the subject of two posts ago.

Dirty rotten scumsucking media traitors

Hey, I'm all for the freedom of speech and press. But are you friggin kidding me? Would the New York Slimes had published our capture of the Nazi code in WW2? How about the use of the Native American language for radio transmissions that were sensitive in the Pacific?
Probably not, but they'll damn sure publish stories about how we're tracking al-Qaeda.
In their desperation to save their industry (everyone knows newspapers are best used to line birdcages and cat litterboxes), they'll risk the security of American citizens to try to sell papers.
These people are the lowest life form. I mean, at least with a terrorist, you KNOW they're terrorists and expect them to try to kill you. The publishers/editors at the Washington Pravda(post), NYSLIMES, and Boston Globule act like they really do care about America and its security, right up to the point where it means that they'll sell papers.
I'll never pay money for another newspaper again. Bastards

Gratuitous Gun post

For home defense. Nowhere near the stopping power of my .45, but no concerns about jamming, loading magazines, or safeties. Revolver action, smooth, and small. And for some reason, which I'm not enough of a shooting enthusiast to understand, this is the gun that I'm the most accurate with, so it's a logical choice for home defense as well.
Of course if the UN has their way, this beautiful piece of engineering will become their propery.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What WMDs? Oh yeah, these ones.....

I'm sure the left will find some way to spin this, but at least now we know (as if we didn't before) that there were WMD's in Iraq and that Saddam didn't destroy them all.
As if anyone in their right mind (no pun intended) could possibly think otherwise.

More culture of corruption

A ranking member of the defense committee has a brother that is a lobbyist. He respresents 10 different companies that received almost $21 million from last years defense spending bill. This same congressman leaned on Navy officials in 2004 to turn over Hunter's Point shipyard to the city of San Francisco. The rights to the land were owned by the nephew of another congressman, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi. This ranking member of the defense committee has also been behind millions of dollars in earmarks (for those of you who don't know what earmarks are, think PORK) that have ended up in companies owned by the children of congressman Paul Kanjorski.
The Center for Responsive Politics lists this congressman as the top recipient of defense industry dollars in the current 2006 election cycle. And in case we're inclined to think that this is a recent activity, this congressman was also named by the FBI as an 'unindicted co-conspirator' in the 1980 ABSCAM scandal.
Who is this mystery man? A Republican, as the major media would like you to believe?

Nope. It's the current media darling, it's the hero of the left wing, John 'cut and run' Murtha.

Funny how during all these interviews where he's accusing Marines of murder in cold blood that no interviewers are asking him about HIS culture of corruption. And his brilliant idea to redeploy our troops to Okinawa so that they can quickly respond to anything in the Middle East went over like a turd in the punchbowl. Idiot.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Karmic payback for Mexico

We're supposed to just let people into our southern border without any sort of restrictions according to a lot of people in that area, but they can consider the people that enter Mexico from THEIR southern border with Guatamala a problem. Yep, that sounds about right if you're considering the idiocy of the hypocrites on that side of the argument.

Monday, June 19, 2006

North Korea missiles reaching US? Thanks Bill

According to a report in the New York Slimes this weekend, North Korea has a missile that they'll be testing soon that will be not only capable of reaching the US, but also can carry a significant payload. Thanks to Bill Clinton and his cronies, that payload could very possibly be a nuclear warhead.

Oh yeah, you probably don't know this, or have long since pushed this out of your memory, since, like most of us, we'd prefer not to remember the Slick Willy was once president of the greatest nation in the world.
When Bill Clinton was president, he negotiated a deal with the North Koreans where we offered to give them nuclear technology if they promised not to use it for evil.
Yep...we accepted the word of a known supporter of terrorism, nutcase, and all around jackass, Kim Jong-Il that he PROMISES not to use the nukes for weapons. We sent food, aid, oil and a nuclear reactor (which was assembled in North Korea), in exchange for them not to build nuclear weapons and the missiles to carry them.
Then of course, Slick Willy, in order to benefit some of his cronies, negotiated a deal to export missile technology to China, since of course, they'd NEVER attack anyone.
Let's see, who's buddies with China? Oh yeah, North Korea. Now China is launching rockets into space, North Korea has a missile that can reach American shores with a nuclear warhead....yep, that sounds like we've achieved just what the Clintons were shooting for: A socialist country with the opportunity to dominate the world. The Clintons were merely trying to make it America that was the socialist country. Luckily we kept them from doing that, but we couldn't stop this.
Thanks Bill....too bad Monica wasn't in your office distracting you when you were thinking about this deal.

Friday, June 16, 2006

John Murtha=Benedict Arnold

Although I'd argue that Benedict Arnold was at least honest in his traitorous ways. Murtha tries to throw up the fact that at one time he was an honorable man and served in my beloved Corps. Trust me jackass, we've long since disowned you and your turncoat ways.
Anne Coulter was right in her recent comments about liberals. They throw up these people to support their position that anyone who disagrees with them will look like a complete ass if they argue too strenuously. If I bitchslap one of the Jersey girls for whining about getting only $2 million from the US taxpayer, I look insensitive. If someone who maybe served our country but didn't see combat tries to bitchslap John Murtha's idiotic comments, they look like the ass.
Well, I'm here to tell you, from one combat veteran to another, John Murtha is not only wrong, but traitorous. There IS NO CIVIL WAR in Iraq. If you don't believe me, look at the documentation that was found in the safehouse where al Zarqawi was killed. Zarqawi himself was admitting that his plans to instigate a civil war had failed and that they were losing the fight. He writes that they needed to distract American troops by involving another country, such as Iran if they were to have any hope of winning at all.
Just one word for John Murtha. Sedition. Read the definition and tell me that it doesn't cover exactly what Murtha is doing, along with the rest of the governmental jackasses who come out and say we're losing and that it's a quagmire. I've got enough friends there who I speak with on a regular basis that tell me we're doing good enough there to get it settled within a couple years.
That's no quagmire. That's just patience.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happiness is a warm gun

Went shooting yesterday...this is my favorite toy. Good stopping power, heavy enough to not have too much recoil, but light enough to carry. Big fan.
And NO that isn't rust on the barrel. That's the finish. Deal with it.

This is how we should do it.....

What better welcome home than just a plain and simple thank you....
Anheuser Busch has some great commercials, but I have to say, this is one of their best.

If you're in an airport and you see one of our troops there, whether they're a boot straight from getting beat on by their drill instructures or whether they're grungy and looking like they've just seen 100 miles of bad road, stop and thank them for their service. I guarantee you'll get a smile and do more for that persons' morale than 100 visits to Iraq by some dignitary.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

File this under D for DUH!

As I said in earlier posts spending money like a drunken sailor on a hooker-binge seems to be a recipe for disaster in New Orleans.
Well, as usual, I'm proven right. The fraudsters came out of the woodwork for the government handouts that were given to 'victims' of Hurricane Katrina. My tax dollars, your tax dollars, and business tax dollars helped pay for everything from NFL season tickets for the Saints (that must have cost all of $10), Dom Perignon @ Hooters (yep, that's a punchline waiting to happen), and Girls Gone Wild videos.
Good to see that our charity is appreciated so much and that no matter how many times people scam the government, liberals STILL want to just hand out money as if it was theirs to hand out.

Thanks for nothing, idiots.

Who's watching the watchers?

So, many of you know that I used to work for a CPA firm. I have no intention of denigrating my friends that still work there, as they do a damn fine job at what they do, showing that no matter how high you pile the bullsh__, there is still some decency within.
However, when I read this story about how the AICPA had a hard drive with the social security numbers of all 330,000 of their members (UNENCRYPTED), I had to laugh. Go to their website, and on their front page is it plastered in huge letters all across the site? Nope. This would be the same organization that whines to corporate America about the need for transparency throughout their business practices and how policies and procedures will be the saviour of us all, but when it comes right down to it, they have a hard drive with the social security numbers of all 330,000 of their members and they don't have the brains to encrypt the data.
Good to know that my assessment of the intelligence of your average CPA was spot-on.

Monday, June 12, 2006

You HAVE to see this video

DANGER can be addictive. Parents, please monitor your childrens use of, as you may find them to be drooling former shells of themselves if you allow them to visit the site alone.

Anyway, that's enough of a disclaimer... Check out the coolest Zarqawi video I've seen yet. Definitely in the style of Grouchy.

Updated the Grouchy link with the right site...sorry about that.


Speaking of Pantano, he's recently released a book about his experience being a Marine, being falsely accused, and the courtroom battle that took place. You can buy it from Amazon here or pick it up at your favorite bookstore. Either way, give it a read. Perhaps it'll put the current Haditha mess into context.

Haditha- pt 2

Interesting news out of Haditha (ok, not OUT of Haditha, more along the lines of ABOUT Haditha).
Lawyers for the Marines that stand accused of murdering civilians are now stating that the Marines claim that they took small arms fire from the homes where they entered and shot civilians. As part of the standard clearing process, the civilians were shot. Granted, a lawyers job is to instill doubt in the potential jury pools mind, but you have to consider it at least.

Having done building clearing myself, I will offer up this fact:
It is DAMN hard, stressful, and you find yourself ready to pull the trigger reflexively. If these guys were already wound up because of the IED that killed their comrade in arms, I can see where some inadvertant shootings could have happened. The 'pucker factor' of urban-warfare and house-to-house fighting is considerably higher than the standard forest/jungle/desert warfare.

Ilario Pantano slaps around Congresscum Murtha a bit here. You should remember Pantano from his battle against the stupidity of false accusations last year.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

One down......BIH Al-zarqawi

Reports out of Iraq say that Abu al-Zarqawi has been killed in an air-raid north of Bagdad.


Was kinda hoping he'd be taken alive, but I'll take what I can get.

Burn in Hell, scumbag. May God remind you that one of HIS commandments says "Thou shalt not kill", no matter what your goat-herding prophets say.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Brin admits Google sucks

Ok, maybe he didn't admit they suck, but he did admit that they compromised their principles to get into bed with China.

I'm so glad that those of you out there argued with me about Google being the better company than others.....just so I can turn back to you and say "WRONG!".

Whew, I feel so much better now...

Momma always said, lie down with Commies, get up with fleas....or something like that...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

62 years ago today

Thanks to people who didn't care what the opponents thought, didn't care what the media thought, and didn't care whether they were treating their enemy humanely, you and I aren't speaking German today (unless of course you LIVE in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or anyplace else where German is spoken on a regular basis).

Thank you to those of you in that generation. You did your country proud, and you saved the world.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Yes we all have our opinions about what happened at Haditha. Some traitorous, malodorous, fartbags like John Murtha would like to convict the Marines in the media, some would rather wait until the evidence is examined by this new invention called a 'court of law'.
Perhaps you've heard of it, John. I'm sorry, but you are now, officially removed from the Band of Brothers. We value integrity, loyalty, and honor, and you sir, have none of those. How you ever found yourself wearing the eagle, globe & anchor is beyond me, unless somehow, someone has made you a eunuch over the last year or so.
It's interesting how so many in the media are so quick to jump all over Marines when civilians are killed, but are so quick to forgive terrorists when they blow up two of our buildings, killing thousands of Americans.
I'll give you my opinion (because hey, that's why you're here right?). You're not going to like it...or if you do, you won't agree with me in public, because God knows that would basically be an admittance that you're an insensitive asshole like me, and you don't want to be that guy.
I think whatever happened, it was justified. I'm not saying that Marines should line up the cityfolk and just start gunning them down, but I AM saying that the Iraqi's in that area have been a pain in our asses for two to three years, and that whatever adults were killed, either were guilty through association with these terrorist pricks, by not reporting to the Americans when they SAW these bastards planting the IED, OR they were working with them overtly.
Either way, a good Marine was killed because of the lack of courage of the people in this area to stand up to the terroristic pricks that have invaded their country to fight our troops.
In addition, our opponents in this little conflict tend to have no problem beheading innocent civilians, kidnapping, killing, torturing, and raping innocents. But one time, someone on their side gets whacked, and suddenly we're a bunch of roving animals? I don't friggin think so.

And Mr. Murtha, you've obviously been in Congress too long to remember what it's like to be a lance corporal Shmucatelli patrolling the streets with your head on a swivel and your rectum so tight you swear you won't crap for a year. These guys are doing their best to make sure that the situation they're in is one that they'll survive and be able to come back with their heads held high and still attached.

Hate me yet? Oh I've just gotten started.....

My proposal is that we start this philosophy with IED's: For every time we're hit with an IED, we call in air-support. No, I'm not talking about one or two choppers. I'm talking B-52s, to carpet bomb the friggin area. Yeah, I know more than likely the guys who actually planted the thing are going to be long gone by the time the 52's get there, but after a few villages just disappear, we may get some locals willing to step up and say "Listen, plant your IED's elsewhere, or we'll kill you ourselves, and not wait for the Americans to do it".

Civilian casualties? Cost of war. Get over it you sensitive snot-nosed, protected prick. When you walk the patrols that our Marines and Soldiers have walked, you have the right to bitch, until then, go watch SpongeBob and let the real fighting to the real men.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

And WE'RE the bigots?

In LA, there is a school, Academia Semillas del Pueblo, which receives tax dollars, to promote a 'separatist' agenda. No, I don't mean separatist white folks. Take a look at the schools mission "dedicated to providing urban children of immigrant native families an excellent education founded upon their own language, cultural values and global realities" and tell me that if a white-dominated school did this, that it wouldn't be front-page news.
But a school with 91% hispanic and 9% native american students can get away with it because it's politically incorrect to question their motives.
Of course, let's also note that the school is also funded by MeCHA and the National Council of LaRaza. Both of these organizations are very much 'separatist' organizations that fund anything possible to promote hispanic solidarity and property return to Mexico.

The school's website states that of the many things I'm sure they teach, they also include
· Lead by obeying;
· Respect, not arrogance;
· Serve, not serve oneself;
· Propose, do not impose;
· Convince, do not defeat;
· Represent, do not supplant;
· Build, do not destroy.
However, if you look at the incident that happened today, where a CBS reporter was almost run down, I'm not sure that the 'respect, not arrogance' fits very well...nor does the 'lead by obeying' when the school teaches that illegal immigration is fine. Build, do not destroy? Hah...give me a break.

UPDATE: And here is an interview with the founder and principal of Academia Semillas del Pueblo. Nice to see it's hosted on a taxpayer funded website as well.....