Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CBS= See B.S.

Since we don't have nearly enough pregame hype before the Super Bowl already, the morons at SeeBS have decided to create a military tie-in with the Super Bowl. They are going to stage a football game in Iraq amongst the troops stationed there. They're going to provide them with Colts and Bears jerseys and stage a touch football game.

Now, I don't know about any of you, and whether you've been in a combat zone or not. But when I was in one, the last thing I wanted to see was some civilian pogue coming toward me with a camera and microphone, looking to advance their career by twisting the words of a poor slob from West Bumfart Texas to fit their agenda. I'd rather face enemy fire. At least you KNOW what their agenda is.

Seriously, wtf are these assbags thinking? Oooo...I'm sure the military will just LOVE us if we let them play football for our entertainment. I'm sure that the Roman emperors who 'let' the christians fight the lions for their entertainment thought that as well.....

And I agree with the guy from the site listed above. The real hard-chargers, the guys who SHOULD get the red-carpet treatment, won't be able to participate. Those are the guys who will be out on patrol, killing the bad guys to make sure that these pogues from SeeBS can get their sorry fat civilian asses back to their hotels safely.

Wanna do something for the troops SeeBS? Get the hell out of there, let them do their jobs, report the truth instead of the crap that supports your dumb-assed opinions and maybe, just maybe, get them several big-screen TV's, a satellite dish, a hundred pounds of the best damn steaks you've ever had and leave them the hell alone.

If it wasn't for CSI, I don't know why anyone would even think about watching that sorry assed excuse for a network.

Michigan- where the government can parent better than you

The state of Michigan is pushing a requirement which will force parents to either get their daughters vaccinated against HPV, or require a letter from a physician stating that they have refused the vaccination, but have been counseled regarding the risks, for all girls entering sixth grade. Now I'm not against the vaccine. However, I am against a nanny-state, or some bureaucratic pogue telling me what is best for MY children. Thus, I wrote this letter to the editor of the Kalamazoo Gazette, and will also be copying it to my state Senator and Representative, as well as that worthless piece of flesh we have occupying the governor's office right now:

Once again, the government's desire to intrude into citizen's private lives has caused an introduction of legislation which takes away individual's right to make an informed and PRIVATE decision.

The recent effort by the legislature in Michigan to force parents to provide documentation showing that girls have been immunized against the human papilloma virus invades the decision-making process of parents in the lives of their children. While the ultimate goal of this legislation is honorable, requiring some sort of registration of the children who have received or have declined the vaccination equates to a scarlet letter of sorts. What business is it of the schools if my child has been educated as to the risks of HPV? I can see a requirement for chicken pox, measles, or some other disease that is contracted through casual contact or via touch. However, there is only one method of being infected with HPV and decisions surrounding that activity are something best left to parents, the child, and their pediatrician.

Are we also going to require that the boys entering sixth grade receive this same education? Since the transmission method requires activity between a boy and girl, it would seem logical to vaccinate boys as well. In addition, recently a published report in the latest Obstetrics and Gynecology journal recommendeds that boys be vaccinated as well. HPV has been linked with penile, anal and neck cancer in males.

Thus, not only does this legislation invade the private relationship between parents, pediatricians, and their children, but also discriminates against boys, who not only transmit the disease, but have their own share of intrusive diseases that result from this virus.

I am not arguing against this vaccine. In fact, if a vaccine is eventually developed for boys, I will have both my children vaccinated immediately. However, that is my choice, not one that should be forced upon me by a self-righteous government which has decided that it can parent my children better than I can.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Most ethical legislature in history.....or not

Again, Harry Reid is out there, buying land for a percentage of it's value and it's not splashed all over the evening news, or getting any play on CNN/PMSNBC/CNBC, etc.. Were it Newt Gingrich spending his money to buy land in Bullhead City, Nevada for $166/acre, we'd have expert witnesses, two hour specials on 20/20 or Nightline decrying the deal and complaining that this is why Republicans just shouldn't be given power.
The whole story? Reid was in a partnership with a pension fund, controlled by a friend of 50 years, where they jointly owned the 160 acre parcel in Bullhead City, a rapidly growing area of NV. Property there is going for about $2000/acre, but Reid was able to buy out control of the property from the pension fund for $166/acre.
By the way, the long-time friend is the owner of a lubricants distribution business. Six months after the deal closed, Reid introduced legislation to "address the plight of lubricants dealers who had their supplies disrupted by the decisions of big oil companies". Coincidence? Oh of course it was.

No way this was quid pro quo....

After all, this IS the most ethical legislature in history.

John Kerry is a coward

Now that John Kerry has announced that he's not going to seek the presidency in '08, he apparently feels he can speak much more freely. He probably feels the same freedom that Al Gore felt shortly after the 2000 election where he spouted off all kinds of stupidity that will eventually come back to haunt him if he ever decides to run for the presidency again. That is, if the blog-world can actually get it out there without massive whitewashing from the big media types.
Kerry decided to go to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, (pronounced DAH-vos, just in case you wanted to know how much more intelligent you are than the media types that were mis-pronouncing it) and spout off about how America is generally ignorant, walked away from Kyoto, isn't helping with AIDS, and other mis-informed liberal type ignoramus talking points. So, let's address them one by one, just in case you've not had an IQ above room temprature over the last 10 years (kinda like Kerry and his buddies):
1. Kyoto- the Bush administration did not walk away from Kyoto. In 1997, the Senate voted 95-0 to NOT support any treaty that did not include binding targets for emissions as well as timetables for developing as well as industrialized nations. Gore and Joe Lieberman said that the Senate would not even consider the treaty until participation by all nations were part of it. Thus it was never submitted by the Clinton administration, because a fight in the Senate may have affected poll numbers and we can't have that if we're a Clinton.
President Bush does not support Kyoto for the exact same reason. China, the number two emitter of carbon dioxide on pace to surpass the US in about 5-10 years, has not, nor will they ever, sign the Kyoto treaty. Additionally, President Bush feels that it would put additional strains on the manufacturing economy in the US. This is a feeling shared by a large number of economists as well.
2. AIDS - President Bush supported spending more to help Africa fight AIDS than the previous three presidents combined. $15 billion. That's a lot of condoms.
3. Then the idiot signs an autograph for Mohammad Khatami, former 'president' of Iran. That'd be the same Mohammad Khatami that executes gay people for being gay. How open minded of you Lurch..nice work

Thursday, January 25, 2007

And another....

pMSNBC.com now has an article about the idiots at discount-mats.com. Of course they try to play up the sympathy card and the 'Americans are stereotyping idiots' card, by mentioning the company is owned by a muslim and supposedly had received death threats since this incident.

Again, calling bullshit on this one as well.

Why is it that whenever someone does some silly-assed public stupidity, they go into hiding and receive death threats? BS. That idiot in Chicago who interfered with the catch that Chicago Cub Moises Alou was getting ready to make to end the inning? Death threats/Hiding.

C'mon MSNBC, get some balls and get the employee on the horn. The employee that was supposedly fired, but who mysteriously still hasn't been indentified. Of course when he/she is, they'll go into hiding because of death threats......

Pfizer cuts jobs?! What a shocker!?

Shocked. Shocked I say.
That was the response by the Dimwitted governor of the state of Michigan when Pfizer announced that they were cutting around 2100 jobs from the Ann Arbor area laboratories. Pfizer was doing a major cost restructuring and instead of relocating work to Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo, two large Pfizer sites, they chose to relocate FROM Ann Arbor. The reasons? Well, in it's rush to buy up other drug companies, Pfizer was left with way too much capacity in the form of labs and research and legitimately felt they needed to cut some of these to remain competitive. Two years ago the cities of Kalamazoo and Portage felt the hit, losing around 1500 jobs, mostly in the well-paying research and development area. This time around, we're only losing around 200, and the most of those will be around until their projects end, giving them the chance to find other work or other projects within Pfizer.
However, the shocker to this story is that the governor's office had zero clue. None. No idea whatsoever that these cuts were coming. Now, you say that even if they did know, Pfizer has excess capacity and has to cut somewhere, right? And there's nothing the governor could have done?
I call bullshit on that one.
When businesses relocate to Michigan, Jenny from the block is right there with cameramen in tow to ensure that the photo-op isn't missed. But when they cut, she's "shocked". So which is it Jen? Do you have the power to get businesses to stay and expand or don't you? And are you responsible for these losses or aren't you?
I say she is and here's why:
Over the last four years, she has done absolutely zero to make Michigan a more business-friendly state. Nor has she had the intestinal fortitude that it takes to stand up to the unions and tell them that for the state to continue to go forward they're going to have to back the hell off. The state legislature eliminated the Single Business Tax, a regressive penalizing tax that many businesses pointed to as a singular reason why they wouldn't come to Michigan. Instead of welcoming that with open arms, she begrudgingly signed the law because she knew that if she didn't her opponent in the election would use that as an example that she doesn't know what's good for business.
The cost of doing business in Michigan is so high that companies are relocating in droves. It almost feels like the late 70's/early 80's again where you drive down the street and 7 out of 10 houses on the street have 'For Sale' signs in front of them. In those days I was a paper boy. As I would deliver papers, it was nothing for me to have a regular turnover of customers because so many people were leaving.
I think Jenny was in Canada then, but Michigan's anti-business environment was just about as bad then as it is now.
Those who do not study the past, are doomed to repeat it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

And now Foxnews

Foxnews has picked up the baton about the mat company dissing the troops. Interesting how the CAIR wannabe idiot has to turn this around on the government and the troops, as opposed to the disrespect shown to the guys fighting for the right for this idiot to speak his mind.

But I guess that could be expected from those jackasses. Smile at you while stabbing you in the back at the same time.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Speaking of Crowe....

Thanks to Ja-man, I have another person in my corner with the same attitude toward those idiots.

Hope they go belly up....

First of all, my last post was my 500th...that's a lot of writing for someone who doesn't like to write. Guess when I'm venting my spleen it's an ok thing to do.

Anyway, I received this email from a friend of mine (thanks Billy), and was initially skeptical, but went to Snopes.com and they semi-confirmed it, so I'm going with it.

From: SGT Jason Hess
Sent: Tue Jan 16 3:25
Do you ship to APO addresses? I'm in the 1st Cavalry Division stationed in Iraq and we are trying to order some mats but we are looking for who ships to APO first.
From: contact@discount-mats.com
"Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 9:44 PM"
Subject: Re: Feedback: from discount-mats.com
"SGT Hess,"
"We do not ship to APO addresses, and even if we did, we would NEVER ship to Iraq. If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq."
Bargain Suppliers

Wow. Where do I start?

Well, first off, these idiots apparently have been read the riot act by a number of people because their website is down (Says 'technical difficulties'...yeah, right) and there are no phone numbers to contact them from that site. Oh, but yer buddy Jeff here has your back. Just go here for a cached version of their site (yes, google is sometimes good for SOMETHING).
You can email them at contact@discount-mats.com OR better yet, call them at 414-736-8394.

Their mailing address is Bargain Suppliers 3259 S.106th Street, West Allis, WI 53227, just in case their email address doesn't work any longer.

I'll just add these guys to my list of companies I hope go out of business. United Airlines, Gateway Computers, Crowe Chizek, Smith and Wesson, and now Bargain Suppliers.

Buckle your seatbelts Michigan

It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Jenny 'from the block' Granholm has created a special commission made up of political hacks and wannabees to take a look at the 'budget challenge' (as she likes to refer to it) and see what can be done. Typical gutless move. Let's not make decisions and move forward. She'd much rather be able to pawn off any tax increase on this commission. And do not mistake this move, there WILL be tax increases. Whether it's a doubling of the fees paid for deer licenses, increase in beer taxes (oh sweet Jesus no!), or any other increase in taxes, there will be increases. Because it's not in the DNA of Dimwitocrats to actually cut government.
As much as many in the state like to demonize former governor John Engler, that's one thing he definitely had zero problem with, cutting government. The only issue I had with his cutting was that he only privatized portions of the government, still leaving the government to manage the contracts. Bah. Let private enterprise take care of things and get the government out of our lives.
Stop pissing away my taxes and cut the fat Jenny. Of course to cut the fat would mean to cut much of the subsidies that Wayne County (read: City of Detroit) gets currently, which would be cutting her own political throat.

Oh, and let's take a look at the people who will be on this special commission shall we?
-Bill Milliken, a former Republican governor...I say Republican with his name and the bile rises up in the back of my throat. He's about as Republican as Lincoln Chafee. He also presided over some of the worst years in Michigan history, economically. Yep, he's a winner.
-Jim Blanchard, a former Dimwitocrat governor...If Bill Milliken's years were the worst, Jimmy's were next in line. Most regularly used term during newscasts during Blanchards tenure was "More Michigan jobs will be lost when ______ plant closes at the end of this week/month/year"
-Frank Kelley - former Attorney General for the state of Michigan. This guy sat in the government for 30-something years and he's going to be making decisions as to how to make cuts? Oh, and didn't do jack about deadbeat dads, corruption in the city of Detroit (remember Coleman Young?), or a multitude of other things that he just let slide during his tenure.
- Lou Anna Simon and S. Martin Taylor...regents for Michigan State and U Michigan respectively. I'm sure they'll advocate large cuts in funding for higher education....NOT
- Joe Schwarz - former congressman, kinda Republican, who was defeated because he wasn't really one. As liberal as he is, I'm not surprised that he'd be on Jenny's pick list.
- Don Gilmer- Kalamazoo County administrator and former state budget director. The token conservative on the committee and lone bright spot. However, when asked if he'd support tax increases he said he'd consider it. Yeesh, some bright spot.

Hang onto your wallets folks, when these types of people get together, it can only be bad news for the Michigan taxpayers.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Heil SanFrancisco!

So, Republicans trample on civil liberties? It's the Republicans fault that amendments 1-7 have been used as toilet paper by so many judges throughout the land that they're rapidly becoming quaint little historical afterthoughts?
Typical whiny-assed hysteria. Do you feel any less free now than you did 6 years ago? Is there anything you cannot do now that you could do 6 years ago (and for those of you getting up in age, I don't mean run a 5+minute mile)? Sure, I can't bring explosives on a plane, but I couldn't do that before. I can't talk about hijacking a plane, but again, legally I couldn't do that before. I have to be searched before getting on a plane. Not sure what civil right is violated here since I don't remember the founding father mentioning air-travel in their various and sundry books and letters written before and after the adoption of the consitution, but let's go with it.

Then there's freedom of speech. Have the Republicans been the biggest violators of what can and cannot be said, written, and discussed? Hell no. Yes, they objected to Janet Jackson's breast being shown in prime time and responded with some knee-jerk regulatory and legislative reaction. But let's face it, no one wants to see her breasts, especially in prime time. Howard Stern? Seriously, don't get me started on that jackass. Democrats AND Republicans both have had their share of fining him.

Then we have this. In that bastion of personal freedom (not) and hotbed of liberalism and Dimwitocracy (capital D, not the real democracy), San Francisco, they're requiring that local bloggers who provide free mention of a candidate and get more than 500 hits register and pay a registration fee.

Oh, but WE'RE the threat to free speech.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Lies, Lies, Politics, and Lies

Dimwitocrat campaign promise #459,598: Make government more transparent. Make sure that when an 'earmark' is passed that it is easily displayed to the world and that the public can easily point fingers and laugh at some idiot congressman from West Buttcrack New York when they add in $1,700,000 in tax dollars to build a museum of dried earwax from famous people, for the Earwax capital of the world.

'Hey, something I actually agree with the Dimwits on', he says, awaiting the crack in the earth to form and swallow him up.

I hated the way the Republicans had become the Democrats of the 70's and 80's, spending money like drunken sailors on every little pet project and doing it in the dead of night so that the people didn't know what was going on. Granted, I'd say that 80% of the people couldn't even tell you what an earmark WAS, but still, that 20% of us are really passionate about those idiots not spending my tax dollars on preservation of the worlds largest ball of dryer lint in BumFalls Montana.

So, HairyReed, Dancing Nancy, and the others promised that they'd make things more transparent and pass a rule that required that all earmarks in appropriations be disclosed. However, the so-called rule that Dingy Hairy wanted passed would have only forced disclosure of 5% of the earmarks passed in the last year. 5%. That's 534 of 12,852. Luckily one of the few fiscally conservative Republicans left in the Senate, Jim Demint from South Carolina forced an amendment to require a much broader disclosure.

Yep, Dimwits are all about government transparency. We can see right through them.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Does it really make a difference?

The American people were pissed. Pissed about Iraq, pissed about congressional laziness, pissed about the general malaise that was being reported in the media, although not being felt by the majority of American, pissed about the horrible economy, although again something not being felt by the majority of Americans.
So they voted for change. They didn't vote FOR Dimwitocrats, they voted AGAINST Republicans. The sooner people realize that the better.

The American people, generally, are not for special treatment for anyone. Period. Whether that special treatment be based upon the fact that you're a Senator, Congressman, President, Supreme Court Justice, Home Run Hero (hear that Mr. McGuire and Mr. Bonds). What Americans saw was a lazy group of do-nothings in Washington that loved to argue and get in front of TV cameras, but did nothing to actually HELP America. They'd rather do whatever it took to line their own pockets than to get the hell out of the way and let private enterprise do what it took to grow the country's economy.

So they threw the bums out.

But will it make a difference? Well, judging from the fact that the Dimwits complained because the Republican leadership last year only averaged two days of work a week for their $162k salary and promised a 5 day work week, you'd expect so, right? Hell, for that kind of money, I'd work 5 days and even put in some over time...MAYBE even show up on Saturday and Sunday on occasion.

But not so much. Last Monday's opening session was cancelled by the Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, because he wanted to give the Congress members the opportunity to watch the football game. That would be the Florida-Ohio State football game. The one played Monday NIGHT. Yes, that's correct. Those butt-munches, who say "we're in touch with the common American" took off Monday so that they could watch the football game on Monday night. While I've taken the occasional Tuesday off after consuming one too many adult beverages while watching the Monday night game, my boss has never, ever, not one time, even in my dreams, told me to take the day off so that I would be able to watch the football game that night.

And they wonder why it is that their approval rating is 21%. President Bush's approval rating is 40%. Yet congress feels that they have the position to lecture President Bush on what he should be doing in Iraq, on the economy, etc?

Yeah, Dimwits are going to make all the difference in the world over the next two years. You just watch.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Let the lies begin....

Well, the first official renig (spelling?) of the Nancy Pelosi era has taken place. Granted her support of Murtha as majority leader was foolish, and her initial support of impeached federal judge turned congressman Alcee Hastings as Intelligence committee chair was just foolish. But now, in a 180 to the promises of a 'civil' congress, representatives of various leadership have stated that they will force through their legislature without any input from Republicans.
It certainly seems like a move to pick a fight with the Republicans that are still licking their wounds from the election and force them to either go along and look like they're 'working with' the majority, thus alienating them even further from their supporters. Or they could put up a fight and give the Dimwits an opportunity to point at that as further evidence of the 'do nothing' Republicans or the lack of the Republicans desire to be 'civil'.

Sounds like a win-win for the Dimwits, and the Republicans are giving it to them.

Nice work guys.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

C ya Saddam

May you burn in hell.

Not that it'll stop any of the sectarian stupidity in Iraq, but it's nice to see justice actually done occasionally, with an efficient appeal process.

Unlike the people who are sentenced to death here in the states who live on the tax-payers dime for 20 years while they exhaust their appeals, then others appeal on their behalf. Cruel and unusual punishment? Jeb Bush says that lethal injection may be, after chemical burns were found on the arms of an inmate after receiving it. Of course, this inmate had several medical issues that caused the chemicals to not function as intended, but what's it really matter?

One bullet, one gun, one shooter. Done. Nothing cruel or unusual about that.

And quickly.

Or Rope. Murderer. Tree. Some assembly required.