Thursday, April 28, 2005

Defending the Defenders


That's what this Marine is being called who shot and killed two Iraqi's. Details regarding the shooting are sketchy, depending upon who you listen to.

If you listen to 2nd Lieutenant Ilario Patano, the shooting was justifiable, based upon the instantaneous assessment that he thought they were going to serious bodily harm to him or his men.
If you listen to his radio man, Sergeant Daniel Coburn, who has turned out to be his man accuser, Patano is a cold blooded killer.

Now, I'm not sure who's right here, but as a Marine who is no longer under contract (once a Marine, always a Marine) and who has seen combat, I know that there's a split-second assessment where you determine whether the person is the enemy or not, and once that's determined, whether they pose a threat to you or not, and whether to eliminate them. If Pantano saw a threat to his men in these two Iraqi's, he did them a favor by terminating the threat.
And now, because of a Sergeant who gives a bad name to my beloved Corps, he's facing murder charges at worst(which carry the death penalty as the maximum sentence), and very least the end of his Marine Corps career.

Help out Lieutenant Patano by getting more information regarding his case, and by sending email to your Congressman, Senators, and to the President, asking them to intervene in this situation.
Here's a few sites to get you started in your reading on his case:
  • American Daily
  • ChronWatch
  • Michelle Malkin

  • Semper Fidelis, Lieutenant.

    101 ways to piss off PETA


    Wednesday, April 27, 2005

    Something Interesting.....

    Your Linguistic Profile:

    60% General American English

    25% Upper Midwestern

    5% Dixie

    5% Midwestern

    5% Yankee

    Media accountability?

    Over the last year, there's been pleny of mainstream media (MSM)bashing of the 'Blogosphere'. I myself am not a subscriber to that term. It assumes that there is an all-encompassing theme that goes through the various blogs and that we're all somehow linked to each other. Anyone with any semblance of a clue knows that's just not the case.
    Most of the time, we're pictured by the Dan Rather's of the world as 'pajama-clad' maniacs who do nothing else but sit in front of our computers all night, never seeing the light of day. Again, just not the case.
    But they feel threatened. They are realizing that their monopoly on the information that people are getting is dead, and they have to lash out at someone. We're easy targets because there's no one central person to stand up and represent us and put down these sort of misconceptions.
    However, I've noticed something over the last year or so. Mainstream media has started to actually take SOME responsibility for poor reporting. The Jayson Blair incident with the New York times really gave the Times a well-deserved black eye. Several other incidents have happened including the forging of the Guard documents last year.
    However, recently I've seen a case where a local newspaper dismissed a reporter and photographer for 'unethical' behavior during the story. The Kalamazoo Gazette dismissed reporter Craig McCool and photographer Mairin Chapman after finding that they not only consumed alcohol during the reporting of a story on underage drinking among college students, but participated in a game of Beer Pong with the aforementioned underage students, and also wrote the story as if all the drinking observed happened in one night, when in actuality it happened over a series of nights.
    Basically, they violated a basic principle of journalism where the reporter should not get involved in the story they're reporting because that would bias their story. Being amazed that there ARE principles in journalism, I had to actually look into this story a bit more and get some info on whether there have been any other dismissals for such a thing. As of right now, I've yet to be able to find anything that's been reported on the web where someone has been dismissed for this sort of behavior. I've found firings due to plagiarism, reporting on games from watching them on TV, and some other issues.
    Is the MSM finally realizing that their reporters can't be PART of a story and also report on it? Naw, that'd take some backbone and some ethics. The only thing that's happening here is that they're running for cover now that the spotlight is shining on them after the fake documents from last summer.
    Too bad more media outlets haven't fired their reporters for making themselves part of the stories they're reporting on. We'd be rid of such morons as Wolf Blitzer, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, and the rest.

    Monday, April 25, 2005

    Words mean things

    As one of my hero's, Rush Limbaugh states on a regular basis "Words mean things". Now, to most of us, that's obvious. However to some, they don't realize that the liberals are using words to couch various arguements in THEIR terms as opposed to the actual reality. Here's some examples:
    Nuclear Option- term used to describe the constitutionally protected changing of the Senate rules to allow for the breaking of a filibuster with a simple majority vote rather than a super-majority. Obviously having a negative implication and making Republicans look like they're doing something less than ethical.
    Radical Religious Right- term used to describe pretty much anyone who believes that religion should influence the way the government should govern. Or anyone who's religious beliefs cause them to have principles that they stand up for which are contrary to the 'radical left' ideas that tend to waft from their heads. I've never heard of Jessie Jackson referred to as the Radical Religious Left but perhaps Looney Liberal Left doesn't roll off the tongue quite as nicely as R-cubed.
    Undocumented workers- Last time I checked the term was ILLEGAL ALIEN.
    Freedom of choice- Freedom to abort as many babies as you want. No, you can't CHOOSE life, that's not really a choice they encourage. Abortion is the only choice there.
    Insurgents- No, they're terrorists. As the majority of these murderers have been found to be from another country, you can't really refer to them as revolutionaries or insurgents. If most were from Iraq and fighting for their 'independence', then I'd go along with it.
    Tax cuts for the rich- This is something the mass media basically just picked up from the Democrats marching orders. Everyone got a tax cut. At least, everyone who actually PAYS taxes. Since the rich tend to pay more of the taxes than everyone else (see my Taxday post), they're going to see a tax cut. While this statement is partially true, the rich DID get a tax cut, so did the poor that pay did the middle class that pays taxes. That's what happens when EVERYONE gets a tax cut. Of course most of the senators who complained, Kennedy, Rockefeller, Clinton, et al, don't do their own taxes, pay their own bills, etc, nor have they EVER, and thus have no idea what it's like to pay taxes anyway.

    So next time you get your news from one of the major media outlets, make sure and notice the words they use, because they MEAN things....and you'll be able to pick out just how biased they are.

    Friday, April 22, 2005

    Immigration- A Republican splitting point

    If there's any one issue that's going to ensure the destruction of the Republican majority, it's illegal aliens. No, I'm not going to refer to them as 'undocumented workers'. They're not. Once we allow people to frame the argument in THEIR words, we've lost. They're illegal. Period.
    It's not that the DemoncRATS have such a great strategy for dealing with the illegals. They don't. In fact, up until recently, their only strategy was to go against whatever policy the Republicans had, but still register those illegals to vote, and encourage them to vote for DemoncRATS.
    The illegal alien issue is the speeding freight train bearing down on the Republican party that threatens to undo all the work that has been done to advance the Republican agenda over the last number of years. Recent surveys have shown that people in America rank illegal immigration as one of their top concerns. That's amazing considering that the survey area includes states such as CA and TX, two states that couldn't be more polar opposite in their political standpoints. However, the majority agree that illegal aliens must be not allowed to remain in this country, and that the borders need to be tightened.
    The Minuteman Project is demonstrating that a bit of enforcement will cut down on the numbers of illegal aliens being allowed into the country. Granted, this is anecdotal, but there have been instances of people thanking the volunteers of the Project for their first good nights sleep in years, having not been woke up by their dogs barking at the illegals running through their yards. And apparently, the ACLU Potsmokers(check the link!)/DemoncRATS have finally found an 'illegal alien' that they're willing to arrest and prosecute.
    This is one issue(of a couple)that I disagree with President Bush. He supports a 'Temporary worker" program which, even though it specifically says in the document that he does not support an amnesty program, sounds an awful lot LIKE an amnesty program. Mr. President, we've got enough 'Temporary workers'. Look around. They're called 'unemployed Americans'.
    The rest of the proposal that the Republicans have made is a good start, but not nearly enough.
    Senator Barbara Boxer(D-CA), recently made a statement that she strongly opposes the proposed overhaul based upon the temporary workers. What? A DemoncRAT actually showing some conservative lines? Nope. Just the fact that Boxer just won re-election and won't have to own up to this for another six years, during which time the media in California will have forgiven her and not said another word about it...unless of course this becomes an issue that the DemoncRATS start realizing that they can win. If Republicans aren't going to stand up for the security of the country and our economy, it creates a huge opening for DemoncRATS.
    This is an issue that can divide the Republican party significantly enough to cause the DemoncRATS to win in several states, even if the RATS do nothing.

    Take note, Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, and all you limp-wristed, linguini-spined Republican Senators: We're here, we're watching, and we're expecting REAL results. Don't let us down.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2005


    I've been informed that there are some folks that I work with that read my blog regularly. Welcome. Obviously, I appreciate the fact that you're here and if you like it, great, if you don't, well....too damn bad.
    Apparently there's a misconception that I have to represent my employer well in my little piece of the Internet universe here and that if I present something that may be a tad offensive, or derogatory toward my employer, that I'm in the wrong. That misconception is based upon the assumption that I have revealed my employer. Now, had I done that, I'd definitely feel an obligation to not slam them in public, and not slam individual persons at said employer. But I haven't. Feel free to search my archives and you'll find that at no time have I said the name of my employer. Not only that, but I haven't even mentioned where my employer is. The only thing that is publicly available about my employer is that it's somewhere near Kalamazoo Michigan, which is the city that's listed as my home. Since that's easily fudged, it may not even be correct. However, assuming that it is, there's about 1 million people within an hours drive of Kalamazoo, including the cities of Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Holland, Benton Harbor, and (if I drive REALLY damn fast) Lansing. These particular metro areas include some of the larger employers in the state of Michigan, including the federal government (the Fed Center in BC), the State of Michigan (multiple locations, but mostly in Lansing), Pfizer, Steelcase, Haworth, GM, Johnson Controls, Whirlpool, and a multitude of mid-major universities, and hospitals where I could perform my stated occupation of a computer geek. That doesn't even begin to count the thousands upon thousands of smaller companies.
    So I guess what I'm trying to say is, kiss my ass. Don't like what is said on my blog? Don't come back. If you think that my blog is to be used for anything other than posting whatever the hell I feel like talking about, and in whatever tone I feel like talking about it, you're sadly mistaken, and obviously a loser who has too much time on his hands, spending it browsing other peoples blogs(and whining about them), rather than pulling that stick out of your ass and getting a life.

    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    4-19 way before 9-11

    Way before 9-11, there was 4-19.

    Timothy McVeigh and his fellow conspirators blew up the Arthur Murrah building in Oklahoma City in response to the ATF raid on the Waco compound of the Branch Davidians.

    There have been many attempts to rewrite the history of this incident and blame it on the right wing talk radio of the time and any opposition of the liberal left that was in power at the time.

    The more interesting aspect of this is the fact that it reminds us of the incidents at Ruby Ridge, Waco, and in Florida with Elian Gonzalez. The 'freedom loving' left wing took government agents and stormed private citizens homes, against the legal orders of legitimate courts, and did whatever the executive branch decided to do, despite the legality of the actions.
    Contrast that with the respect for the law that was recently shown in Florida with the Terri Schiavo case. Say what you will about the outcome, but the actions taken show that the Bush presidency realizes that this is a nation of laws and those laws must be respected until which time that they can be changed. Opposed to that line of thinking would be the left, who basically thinks that they know better than everyone else, no matter what branch of government disagrees with them.

    Who would you rather trust your future to?

    Monday, April 18, 2005


    I just had to leave that picture of that fat pig Kennedy up for the entire weekend, merely for the disgust-factor. It may have driven folks from ever coming here again, but I figured for the shock-value, it was worth it.

    Now, on to bigger and better things.....ok, well, better anyway. Unless I'm talking about a blue whale, it's probably not bigger....

    So, I haven't told any BOOM stories here goes:
    My college roommate liked anything that blew up. When I joined the Corps, he never asked, but I knew what his first question was, and I answered it before he could ask: "No, I CAN'T bring home some C-4". However, we made our own fun. We used to take CO2 cartridges that were spent from weekends of paintball (more stories about that to come) and pack them full of various explosives from blackpowder to various forms of home-made explosives. We usually blew them off in relatively harmless ways, away from people by at least a couple hundred yards, if only because we really liked NOT being incarcerated.
    This one weekend, we found a tire (no rim, just a tire) frozen in the ice behind our dorm. I was walking by and kicked the tire, and it offered NO give whatsoever, thus injuring my foot a tad. And thus to get 'revenge' upon the tire, I decided to blow it to kingdom come.
    Now this tire was a bit closer to our dorm than our normal operating range, so we'd have to be very careful to not get caught.
    So, we took 8 cartridges, 4 filled with blackpowder, 4 filled with our own 'homemade mix' (and no, I'm not giving you the recipe...lawsuits aren't my thing). We duct-taped the homemade ones on the inside of the tire, and chipped out holes about two inches deep and just round enough for the CO2 cartridges to fit into right up next to the outside of the tire. We cut the fuses just the right length so that they'd all go off at once (very scientific...we thought). So, we're all set, we light the fuses....and wait. We're about 30 seconds from blast and we realize that we're in a world of trouble. Our RA is walking up the road behind the dorm with two girls. They're far enough away to where they'll see the explosion when it goes off, but probably a bit too close for comfort. Luckily, my roommate had an alarm on his car, which was parked in the parking lot behind them. Thinking much quicker than I was (as I was imagining spending the rest of my life with a roommate named bubba and having prison tatoos), he grabbed the remote for it and set it off, which prompted our RA (being an invoved kinda guy) to go check it out. That bought us just about 30 seconds, which was all we needed.
    Now, as I said, the explosions were supposed to go all at once...SUPPOSED TO. However, the results were cooler than we could have imagined. The blackpowder blasts, being a 'slower burning' explosive, had a 'heaving' affect, blowing the tire up into the air (along with a helluva lot of ice), and the homemade stuff blew about a second after the blackpowder stuff, basically tearing the tire into a number of pieces and launching them all over the back open area of the dorm. Our RA (and the girls with him) hit the deck like any well trained military person would (or anyone who just peed their pants out of fear). After they got up and brushed themselves off, we decided that we'd come out and check it out, playing like "Wow! who did that? You guys ok?". Now our RA wasn't stupid, but he knew he couldn't pin this on us, since he had no proof, and most of any evidence he MAY have, was spread all over the courtyard. He looked at my roommate and said "Nice alarm, you just get that?", and my roommie said "Yep, it's a bit sensitive though", as he turned it off (since it was going off again due to the blast).

    No more was said about the 'Great Tire Blast' with anyone of authority. Word was that our RA was thankful that someone actually cleared some of the ice on the back walk since Physical Plant had seemingly forgot there WAS a back walk and it had a good four inches of ice on it nearly the entire winter. Unfortunately, the compression as a result of the blast also put some pretty good cracks in the sidewalk and it needed to be replaced in the spring, thus ruining one of the better skateboarding stretches on campus.
    We measured the distance of the various pieces of tire, and one travelled 425 feet. We both marvelled, and then quickly ran back into the dorm, just content that not only had we launched the coolest tire-bomb in the history of the small college we attended, but had gotten away with it when our RA knew full well who did it, only because we did something for the greater good, ice removal.

    Thursday, April 14, 2005

    More Ted Kennedy than I EVER wanted to see

    I think this picture speaks for itself.

    But if you want to read more about Mr. Kennedy, go here

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    Tom Delay is a bad guy?

    So, Mr. Delay paid his family members for working on his campaign? And this is why the Democrats are crucifying him? Well, other than the fact that they have no message, no alternatives, no leaders, no influence, and no clue, yeah, that's pretty much it.
    Apparently they didn't read the bible where it says something about removing the 'beam in your eye so you can see clearly to remove the speck of chaff in your brothers eye' (not bad for a heathen, eh?).
    Check this:
    -Representative Bernard Sanders (D-VT) paid his step daughter and wife $65k and 90k respectively for services rendered on his campaign.
    -Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) runs a PAC that was levied with a $21k fine for illegal contributions
    - Senator Joe Lieberman(D-CT) paid his son $34k and daughter $36k for working on his campaign
    - Rep. Dave Reichert, (R-WA) Nephew Todd Reichert was paid $3,000 last year, plus several hundred dollars for mileage, for serving as driver
    - Rep. Fortney "Pete" Stark(D-CA): Wife Deborah earns $2,400 a month for serving as campaign consultant.
    - Rep. Jerry Lewis, (R-CA): Wife Arlene Willis serves as congressional chief of staff at a salary of nearly $111,000.
    - Rep. Bart Stupak, (D-MI): Wife Laurie Stupak earned about $36,000 annually the past two years as the finance director for her husband's campaign.
    - Rep. Bob Ney(R-OH): Wife Elizabeth was paid about $1,730 a month during his 2004 campaign. She has worked as a campaign consultant for him since the 2001 election cycle.
    - Rep. Jim Costa(D-CA): Cousin Ken Costa made about $45,000 for serving as a co-campaign manager last year.
    - Rep. Chris Cannon(R-UT): Three college-age children worked on his campaign last year. Emily was paid $5,425, Jane $9,508 and Laura $17,766.
    - Rep. Lincoln Davis(D-TN).: Sister-in-law Sharon Davis has been his campaign treasurer since 1994,and daughter Libby Davis was his campaign coordinator in the last half of 2004. Libby Davis was paid about $2,334 a month; Sharon Davis was paid about $1,000 a month for bookkeeping last year.
    - Rep. Louie Gohmert(R-TX) employs his wife, Kathy, as his campaign manager. She was paid $21,791 over four months, including a $7,500 bonus last November.
    -Rep. Tim Bishop(D-NY): Daughter Molly was paid $46,995 as his 2004 campaign's finance director.
    -Rep. Dana Rohrabacher(R-CA): Wife Rhonda Carmony makes $40,000 a year as his campaign manager.

    So, to crucify a guy for something that other elected officials, of both parties are doing, seems a bit hypocritical. Oh wait, I forgot, we're talking about the bad.

    Tax Day

    'tis that time of year. When the overtaxed American citizen takes a look at his 1040 form, curses, and cuts a check to Uncle Sam. The problem is, we don't take enough of a look at the 1040 form. Most of us only take a look at the amount we owe (or are getting back) and don't consider the amount of money the government has confiscated from us. Do yourself a favor. Take a look at the total amount you paid in taxes this year. It'll surprise you. If you earned $100,000, more than likely, you paid upwards of $20k in taxes. $20,000. That's enough to purchase an inexpensive car. Or enough to put as a down payment on a decent house (in most livable areas anyway). Even people who only earn $30-50k are paying several thousands in taxes. Don't you think that taxing the American people based upon their production and not on their consumption is an archaic idea? It punishes achievement. Someone who works hard, advances themselves up the corporate ladder is forced to subsidize the people who don't.
    And don't believe the hype about how the 'middle-class' is paying all the taxes. That's 100% wrong. Take a look at the figures from the IRS and the Congressional Budget Office for the truth. The top 50% of earners pay 96% of the taxes. Not only that, but the top 5% earners pay 53% of the taxes. Top 10% pay 65% of the taxes.

    And the Democrats whine about FAIR taxes? Are you kidding me? There's nothing fair about our current tax system. The only people that are helped by our current tax system are the CPA firms that make incredible amounts of money doing taxes for people, because it's too complex to do ourselves.

    The time has come for a flat or a consumption tax. has an interesting article about a consumption tax . Now I'm not sure a $23 tax/$100 spent is a great thing, but considering we'd be able to keep our entire paycheck, including the wasteful social security/medicaid taxes, I'm coming around to it. I haven't researched the numbers in depth, but it's something worth considering.

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Liberal sensitivities

    Hypocrisy. Yep, that's it. Utter hypocrisy. Apparently when conservatives distribute humor that says "Republicans vote on Tuesday, Democrats vote on Wednesday", or there's any sort of t-shirt that may possibly be politically incorrect, they will cross hell and earth to stop the distribution of it.
    But apparently that courtesy doesn't extend to the leader of the free world. If there would have been a bag/t-shirt that said this during the Clinton administration, the mainstream press would have been up in arms and it would have been a top story on every single newspaper in the country. But I guess it's perfectly fine, because it's a Republican that it's about. My bumper sticker stating that "Ted Kennedy has killed more people than all my guns" gets all kinds of dirty looks, but apparently it's offensive. I didn't say that he should die, despite my complete desire that he did. I guess it's ok for libs to do that though. It's so great that we have such sensitive, tolerant, accepting people in the world. They're definitely worth keeping around.

    At least for target practice anyway.

    9 years ago today

    Nine years ago today, I met someone who would humble me more than anyone had in 28 years of life. Someone who definitely put me in my place and has taught me more about myself than I could have learned alone. I never thought I'd ever meet someone who could make me so angry and so happy within minutes!. My daughter has definitely done that. Happy Birthday Hayley

    First Lady? Thank God no...

    Theresa Heinz (I won't dignify the stupidity to add the Kerry onto her name, since she only added it shortly before the election and immediately removed it upon the loss) has donated $4 million to the Andy Warhol Museum. Now that in and of itself is no big deal, as super-rich people and people like Ms. Kerry who've gotten rich by marrying well, do this all the time. The interesting thing is when you do a little research, unlike what the Chicago Tribune did in their article. They just note that the $4 million was given, making her look to be a wonderful gal, right?
    Check out some of the displays at the Warhol museum. Apparently the pictures from Abu Ghraib is fair game for art, despite the fact that it is a complete disservice to any veteran, especially the ones who served honorably in Iraq.
    Per her usual M.O., Ms. Heinz contributes to whatever organization further denigrates the image of the US.
    This $4 mill added to the previous gift of $5 million from the Heinz foundation also chaired by Ms. Heinz just shows the pattern of utter disregard and hatred for a country that has allowed her such a rich and lavish life that she can not have any concern for anyone but herself.

    Too bad we can't get her to OD on some of her gin-soaked raisins.

    So much for national security

    John Kerry, who ran on a platform of 'securing America', gave away a national secret yesterday in 'outing' a CIA undercover agent. Apparently, he's too stupid to realize what is given to him in a briefing behind closed doors should not be read in front of the cameras of CSPAN during a hearing over a hotly contested nominee. That's the only thing I can think of. I can't imagine that Kerry is that much of an ass to actually do something like this on purpose.
    All I can say is thank you to the red-staters for making sure that idiot isn't our president.

    Ok, I guess this is what I get for believing what the AP reports. Apparently this particular agents identity has been exposed for some time now, as he's no longer working undercover. At least I've got the cojones to PRINT my retractions on my front page, as opposed to most mass media outlets.

    Monday, April 11, 2005

    Do Democrats think everyone is as stupid as they are?

    So I'm reading an article about how 'trickery' caused the turnout to be depressed in this past election and that cost Kerry the presidency. Apparently there were flyers distributed that said that if you were a Republican you voted on Tuesday, and if you were a Democrat you voted on Wednesday. Now, I don't know if you've ever seen these flyers, but they're something called 'HUMOR'....something that Democrats don't have a whole lot of right now. I guess if you get continuously slapped down like the whiny little bitches you are, you probably lose a whole lot of your humor.
    Speaking of whiny little bitches, I had the privilege, nay, HONOR of sitting next to United States Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) on my flight to Detroit yesterday. I did my best to make it the longest 25 minute flight she's EVER taken. I started off with "You're our senator aren't you?", and that was the most polite thing to come out of my mouth for the next 25 minutes. "Why is it that during the last election you guys were whining about a social security lockbox and how social security is darn near insolvent, but NOW that a solution has been proposed, social security was never stronger?"....her answer? Political gibberish. I'm reading Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel right now, and I just had to laugh at her answers, because basically it was completely fitting to the book. "How about bringing some 'pork' home to Michigan Senator? Why is everything going to Detroit and nothing to help the farmers of west Michigan?" More gibberish. After about 15 minutes of listening to her, I seriously just looked at her and said to God: "Big guy, if you put this plane into a field, please let me survive, but make sure she doesn't, so you can save the people of Michigan". Unfortunately we landed shortly thereafter and he saved her from me. I used to think that Commie Carl Levin was the worst Senator we had.
    I was wrong. She's just an idiot. I think that she thinks that her 'motherly/grandmotherly' ways will allow her to get over. She's wrong.

    Sunday, April 10, 2005

    He's baaaaaack

    Thanks to KDC for keeping the posts up.

    Got back last night, and the first voice mail I receive is from a guy who was my bosses boss at a former employer telling me that the first guy I hired to work for me in that position was killed. Apparently he was working on a truck on a slope and it slipped out of gear and it rolled over him. I missed everything to do with the 'grieving process', the wake, the funeral, etc.
    He had kids, family, etc, and a wife that he was divorcing. His wife was a bitch on wheels and will probably now get all the stuff she was trying to screw him out of when he was alive. I hope she's happy now. I'm certainly not.
    G was one of my best golfing buddies. We both were about the same level golfers, (we both stunk!), so we just went out and had a good time with it, enjoying the walk, the day, the sunshine, and the ability to get outdoors, Since we both worked with computers, we were stuck indoors most of the time. We had a tradition that we'd always take June 21st off (the day with the most daylight during the year) and golf from as early as we could go to as late as we could. It turned out that consuming beer that early in the morning has an adverse affect on your golf game and it pretty much just was a bullshit-fest, but that's most of the enjoyment of the day.

    This June 21, I think I'll just take the day off, and sit in my backyard and drink beer, maybe occasionally taking out my 9-iron and whacking a big-assed divot outta my grass, just for posterity.

    The one thing that I regret the most (and I suppose that this is the case for when most people pass), is that I didn't spend more time playing golf, shooting the bull, or whatever with him. I guess this is what they mean when they say "live every day like it's your last". We all get caught up in our own little issues, and don't remember to tell our friends how much they mean to us. And then next thing you know it's weeks since you've spoken to them....then months....then years. Last time I talked to him, we were talking about my Super Bowl party that I was having and that he was going to bring some folks we used to work with. I encouraged him to do so and told him it'd be good to talk to him.
    He never came. And I didn't grief him about it because I figured something came up with his soon-to-be ex, who was one of those passive aggressive people who would just do anything to make him miserable. But I hadn't talked to him since.

    Godspeed G, see you on the other side.

    Saturday, April 09, 2005

    Leftist tolerance

    Along with Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and Bill Kristol having pies thrown at them by the "tolerant" left, now add conservative David Horowitz. Many on the left advocate tolerance and free speech. Interestingly, this only seems to apply to their fellow lefty moonbats. Seems sort of intolerant to me.

    Monday, April 04, 2005

    The man who wouldn't go away

    Al Gore is at it again....he is starting a new cable TV channel out of San Francisco by the name of "Current." Gore said "the venture was dedicated to giving young people a voice." This is probably in response to the 2004 election where young people did exercise their voice...just not for John F. Kerry as he and many other liberal moon bats had hoped.

    Mr. Gore claims that his new channel will, " have no political agenda." We shall see.

    Friday, April 01, 2005

    Pat Buchanan doing porn?

    Well, apparently secret photos have recently surfaced of the conservative commentator, shortly after the money shot.

    Being that I've got contacts everywhere, I'm the first one to bring the pics to you.

    Mitch Hedberg- 1968-2005

    For those of you who have never seen Mitch Hedberg, think Steven Wright with a drug habit. He was probably one of the funniest comics I'd ever heard. Apparently he was found dead as a result of heart failure. He had a congenital defect which he had expressed some concern about to friends and family.
    Comedy Central has a writeup on his death here.
    If you get a chance, I definitely recommend that you download some of his stuff and listen, or better yet, go out and buy some of his stuff, you cheap bastard.

    Guest Bloggers?

    Maybe a guest blogger isn't such a good idea afterall.....

    Ward Churchill

    As you may recall, I was one of the first to post the essay by Ward Churchill back a while ago. Well, I was surfing FreeRepublic this morning, my favorite political discussion site, and found this:

    Seperated at birth:

    Ward Churchill and Gloria make the call: