Wednesday, May 30, 2007


As I've not blogged about Iraq in a while, I've felt a jonesin' to do something, but just couldn't figure out what exactly to write. This past weekend I received an inspiration. The inspiration was named Corporal James.

Corporal James had just come back from Iraq about a month or so ago. He was attached to a local reserve unit and was finishing up his second tour in Iraq. I noticed his short hair and tatoo in a watering hole I had visited for dinner and walked up to thank him for his service. I bought him a beer and he thanked me for the support (and the beer!) and we began to discuss the military, his experiences there, and how he was shocked at the lack of support and lack of reporting of the positives that have happened over there. Additionally, he was irritated at the confining rules of engagement and much of the bureaucracy that has somehow taken hold there. He wasn't a complete rube, he understood the cynical nature of politics and the like, but he said it seems like many of the people who should be on the side of the military weren't, like the officers who were more worried about their careers than the success of the mission.

It reminded me of the many discussions surrounding Vietnam and how the politicians took the war from the military and made it a political football rather than a military action. How the media's continued harping on the death toll and the protests took away from what should have been a successful military campaign. I told him about the 'Big Lie' that Joseph Goebbels theorized about during the Nazi era, where if you tell a lie so unbelievable enough times, and grind it into people's unconscious, they'll eventually begin to believe it. He agreed that the Democrats and the media, as well as many Republicans have bought into the big lie and were fooled by it.

His main point? "Shut the hell up, let us finish our jobs and come home to our loved ones"

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Semper Fi, Corporal

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Do as I say.... pt 2

A California state senator was involved in a two car accident yesterday. Why do I care? Why is this news?

Well, the senator was reaching for her cell phone when it was going off and ran into the other vehicle.

Again, why should we care? Lots of people do this, just because she's a state senator doesn't make it news.

Well, it's news because this particular state senator led the charge to make it illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving, punishable by a $50 fine.

Edwards speaks to something he knows nothing about

And that would be poverty.

Yes, John Edwards spoke last fall at University of California Davis, in front of a crowd of 1700 students and faculty about a subject that he seems to think that he knows a lot about: Poverty. However, let's face it, Barbie doesn't know jack about poverty. He likes to fashion himself as the "everyman's candidate", but how many 'everyman' pays $400 for a hair cut? Oh yeah, that'd be his former running mate, John Kerry.

And did Edwards do this speech for free, preferring to donate his normal appearance fee to the local poverty relief centers or a homeless shelter?

Hell no. The $55,000 he received for giving a speech on POVERTY, went to his bank account.

Typical politician. Do as I say, not as I do.

Please someone, anyone, take these empty suits out and push them under water until the bubbles stop.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Amnesty. Plain and simple

While I've not actually read the bill, since it was written in secret and is over 1000 pages according to those who have, the people who have read it, say that the new Senate immigration proposal includes a new 'Z Visa', which rewards people who have broken the law and entered our country illegally by allowing them to stay.

During the last amnesty bill, during the Reagan years (one of the few things I disagreed with the great Ronaldo on), everyone who opposed illegal immigration was promised that it would tighten the borders, help to lower the numbers of illegals in the country, and gain control over who entered, both legally and illegally. In actuality, that amnesty bill did the exact opposite. We have more people in this country illegally from a larger number of countries than we ever have in the history of our nation (and anyone who comments about how the settlers were illegals on indian land, I'll hunt you down and scalp you...idiot).

Plain and simple, if people are here illegally, they MUST be sent home, to go through the process the correct way. I don't CARE if the process is horribly slow and brutally oppressive. You want to live in the greatest country in the world, it's worth the trouble.

And hell, if Hillary or Obama get elected (or worse, Edwards), it'll give you experience on how to deal with their health care system.

No more illegals. No more amnesty.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Equal treatment under the law my ass

Don Imus calls a bunch of rough-looking basketball players from New Jersey "nappy-headed ho's" and it's headline news, cover of Time sorta stuff. He draws protests from the black community including the camera whores themselves Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He of course eventually gets fired for saying it.

Opie and Anthony talk about raping the sitting Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, who herself is black as well, and yet, where's the outrage?

Oh yeah, that's right...she's not really black. Because she works for a Republican and is conservative herself, she's lost all blackness. She is now a 'house negro' in the words of that master of intellectual discourse, Harry Belefonte.

Think that this story will make headlines like Imus? Think again.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Polls, lies, and statistics

I don't know said "Lies, damn lies, and statistics", but that pretty much describes the recent binge of news pointing out that President Bush's approval numbers are dismal, down near the patron saint of liberalism, Jimmy Carter. However, what every one of these stories don't tell you is that congress' approval rating is equally as low. Nancy Pelosi's crew is sitting at about 35%, while Bush is around 32%, a statistical dead heat.

But of course, since the Congress is controlled by the media's buds, that story is probably hidden on page H-47.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I don't know if I'm reading this article correctly or not, but it seems as if it's saying people who have children with Down's syndrome want to make sure that the population of people with Down's maintains at a stable level.

Now, I guess I can understand their logic, if there are less people with Down's, there will be less support for them from the government and I truly believe that this is part of the role of the government, to take care of the folks who can't take care of themselves.

However, it just strikes me as odd that they would be arguing against the ability to lower the population of people suffering from Down's as well as the families struggling with supporting their loved ones with it. I mean, if you live through it, you'd think that you wouldn't want others to have to suffer through the same issue. The point of the article is more that women who are told before birth that their child is going to have Down's, they have an abortion.

Funny that out of the blue, the NYSlimes is suddenly anti-abortion.