Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Open letter to Jesse McBeth

An open letter to Jesse McBeth, a fraudulent poser who filmed a video that was posted on a website called Iraq Veterans Against the War. It was taken down pretty quickly after multiple sites questioned his authenticity.
If you check out a site he's posted to several times, he confronts some of his accusers by posting a fake phone number where someone named Kyle has a voice mail as his. His forged dd-214 was posted, showing that he was 'Ranger qualifyed'. He definitely looks to be much like that dork from who was a complete washout from the army as well.

You're a fake and a fraud. I'm not sure of the axe you have to grind, but it's obvious that you see an opportunity to gain some sort of publicity through this and are taking advantage of it.
Your video shows how little you know about the Army and the various military services, considering the fact that your uniform is a complete disaster. Wrong t-shirt, wrong rank, sleeves rolled up wrong, wrong unit patch, etc.
You're not being called back into service, in fact, per your own DD-214, you were discharged with no further service necessary. You don't GET a dd-214 if you're going to get called back.
Bottom line, you're a fake, fraud, and scumbag in the eyes of anyone who actually believes in our military and our country. Posers like you merely show those of us that actually SERVED honorably how elite we are, in as much as so many wish they were like us.
Obviously you didn't realize how quickly stuff like this could possibly come back to bite you in the ass. Welcome to the real world you pansy, washout.
Try the Rainbow Girls next, maybe you'll be able to hack that.

Nothing irritates me more than a complete poser talking the guys who REALLY served down. invitation. Email me, I'll get you my contact information, and I'll even pay for a Greyhound ticket for you to come visit Michigan. I'll make sure you remember what a real military person can do to someone. I won't even need all my friends who are also veterans who would LONG for a piece of you as well....but I may leave a scrap for them, just because I'm a good guy like that.

Culture of Corruption

Yes, some Republicans are crooked as a sailors walk, but for Dimwitocrats to espouse their view that President Bush has presided over a 'culture of corruption' is just a joke. Pure politics, and I think that the American people see it for that, which is why it's really not getting much in the way of traction, no matter how much their complicit allies in the media beat on it.
It's raising the negatives for all politicians across the board, which, since they are the majority party, obviously bodes badly for the Republicans. But let's take a look at some of the recent things that have happened on the other side of the aisle, since SeeBS, PMSNbc and the rest of the idiots out there in the major media likes to gloss over them and focus on one guy (Tom Delay):
Harry Reid, Nevada, Senate Minority leader- accused of taking free tickets from boxing commissions when the Senate was considering forming a federal boxing commission to regulate boxing. Since he 'loves boxing' Harry seems to think that this is perfectly fine to do. Harry Reid also took a significant amount of money from the various tribes represented by Jack Abramoff. That'd be the same Abramoff that's been tied to Delay and the major idiots in the media have done their best to insulate their buddies on the Dimwitocrat side from. Senator Reid has also worked to get grants in his state for organizations through the federal government where the recipients were then indicted for their use of the money. He's also had a protege indicted on corruption charges, who Reid handpicked to run for congress.
Dirty money? Yep, Reid has that as well, if you just look at $37,000 donated to his campaign by a company funneling money to him. Oh, and just in case you wanted some nepotism, Dirty Harry has that as well. I'm sure he had no idea that his sons company stood to benefit.
How about Nancy Pelosi, the Dimwitocrats poster girl for clean living?
Well, first, she voted against a house rule that would ban gifts from lobbyists. God knows we can't have our Congressmen buying their own stuff. Never KNOW what may happen then. And her PAC was fined $21,000 for violating federal election laws. She also violated house rules by just not filing trip reports from as long as 8 years ago until another congressman came under fire for it, then of course, they were conveniently remembered.

Bottom line, yes, there are corrupt Republicans out there. But no more than corrupt Dimwitocrats. And their BS 'Culture of Corruption' thing is luckily being seen by the majority of people as utter politics. Unfortunately, their slopping the mud around is getting a lot of otherwise clean folks extremely dirty, which is unfortunate.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Penn & Teller on 9/11 conspiracies

I love Penn & Teller. I've seen their show in Vegas twice and seriously hurt myself laughing at their stuff. Their best stuff though, in my opinion, is their show on Showtime, Bullshit. Not sure if this video appeared on the Bullshit show, but it's a pretty good slap at the idiots who still think that 9/11 was planned and executed by George W. Bush.

I don't agree with everything they cover, but for the most part, it's pretty interesting. But probably not safe for work, unless you have headphones. Also, another video here that's pretty slick.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

McCain: Rush, Dobbs, and Savage are part of the problem

Um, sorry SENATOR McCain, but they're not part of the problem. They represent the views of the majority of the American people. The problem is bootlicking panderers like you. That's the problem.
Oh, sorry, the 'problem' that Senator McCain speaks of is immigration. Apparently, we wouldn't have all these illegal aliens in the US, and the crime, social debt, and fraudulent activity if it weren't for Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, and Michael Savage's willingness to speak out against the sycophantic activity of the United States Senate to their corporate and UN masters.

Once again, he proves why it is that he just doesn't get it:
He cautioned against ghettoizing immigrants, which he noted has brought about disastrous results in France, and criticized elements in his own party as “nativist” before lambasting the punditry of Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs and Michael Savage for helping to “fuel the problem,” according to two of the sources.
Ghettoizing immigrants is what will happen if we don't move to assimilate them. That's the problem in France, Germany, and other areas of Europe. They've been ghettoized and feel resentment for not being assimilated into the society there. If we keep encouraging various immigrants to continue to use their home languages and not to begin to become Americanized, we'll have the same problem here. Controlled immigration won't ghettoize the immigrants, Senator McCain, your plan (or lack thereof) will accomplish that just fine thanks.

Now, as for his comments regarding his frank talk to the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq, I'm with him. I think it's about time that someone sits down with the leaders of the various sects and says "You keep screwing around, we WILL bury your asses, and we can do it from 3 miles away with this cool new sniper rifle we have", and perhaps show them a quick demo of either the new Marine Corps M-40A3 or the SEAL's new AS50 Semi-Automatic Rifle.
"See that bloodspray? Yep, that could be you, and the beautiful thing is that the shooter is already in a Hummvee going away from you at 40mph by the time the round hits cut the bullshit"
But, that's just me. Diplomacy ain't exactly my strong suit.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why I'm a country music fan....

Besides the obvious proclivity toward drinking songs of course.
Country music fans tend to know who they are, what they like, and aren't afraid to talk about it, no matter where they are. Political correctness is something that other people pay attention to, not country music fans. They love their country, and I don't mean just the music. They may not agree with the various policies of whoever is leading the country at the time, but they still love their country.
They'd NEVER forgive someone for speaking out against the country or their leaders during wartime (Remember the Dixie Chicks?) even if they don't necessarily support the war.
Country music may be simplistic in a lot of ways, may not rock out like Pantera, Metallica, and the rest, and may not appeal to many of you who like a little more edge to your music. But listen to Lee Greenwood sing "Proud to be an American", or Charlie Daniels sing damn near anything, or Toby Keith's "Angry American" and see if it doesn't get you fired up.
Also, if you want to know what it is to be treated like royalty, show up to a country music concert or event with anything that resembles the fact that you are on active duty in service to your country. You'll have more people thanking you for your service and offering to buy you beers than you'd be able to drink(although I certainly tried).
What I'm trying to say, in my piss-poor fashion, is that when I believe in something, I support those that do the same. I'll pay $14-16 for Toby Keith, Gretchen Wilson, Kenny Chesney, or the rest, but I'm not going to buy Green Day's album (although it does rock on some songs). I'll find other ways to 'acquire' the songs I like.
Madonna (who I've never liked, no matter WHAT her opinion was), is another example. She thrives on controversy, and has to thrust herself into the center of the public's eye. When she came out in the 80's with her initial album, I knew she was a slut for the public love and would always be. Here we are 25 years later, and I've been proven right with her every move. Never bought a Madonna anything, and I never will.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Social Security for illegals

Last week the Senate voted to allow illegals to get Social Security benefits. But apparently the only illegals that are allowed to get the Social Security benefits are the ones that fraudulently used a social security number that wasn't theirs.
So, let's make sure we understand this:
1. They illegally come here
2. They illegally steal a Social Security number or make one up
3. They get a job and 'pay' social security taxes on the miniscule $$ they make
4. They get benefits upon retirement or disability that will add up to considerably more than they contributed (per usual)

Yep, sounds like a plan that was contrived by our government.

Mexico: You're Xenophobic, we're traditional

Those useless douchebags south of the border love to call those of us who actually would like to see the immigration laws enforced here in the US, xenophobic.
But take a good look at the crap someone who is a non-citizen has to go through to actually work in Mexico (not that you'd want to).
I'd heard through some friends in the hospitality industry that it was extremely difficult to work there, as they had tried to go down and work at the various resort areas, ending up on a much friendlier island instead. But I'd not seen the stupidity that you have to go through to really work there. I'll post some stuff later when I get done doing the research, but trying to actually work down there takes a considerable effort, including mounds of paperwork.

But they want us to make it easier for their citizens to come up here and steal the money from our economy to pump up their corrupt, crime infested, scumbag-filled government.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Lou Dobbs is the *&$^ing MAN!

Lou Dobbs was on the radio this morning on "The Big Show" with Dave Scott.
He said spoke to Congress and the President's generally unsatisfactory performance when it comes to immigration and free trade.
And he didn't just criticize the current Congress and Presidency, but truly the people who've occupied the offices for the last 20 years.
His point is that much of the immigration policy has been formed by interests that are contrary to the interests of the American family and workers. The corporations that fund the Senate campaigns (and House) are the ones that write this policy, which makes it pretty easy to understand why it's been so lenient. Flooding the market with cheap labor, helping to pad the bottom line of the various corporations while driving down the wages and employment levels of the average American.
He also commented about how the current House members 'get it'. They know that Americans are pissed about how the policies screw the average American and they want to see immigration laws enforced. The Senate, with their 6 year terms, and their cushy seats don't get it. Period. And not one President over the last 30 years has passed a law that truly was advantageous to the American worker when immigration or free trade is involved.
Free Trade is a frequent subject taken up on Mr. Dobbs show on CNN (yes, I watch's the ONLY one on CNN I watch), and I agree with him almost every time he opens his mouth.
Michigan: 7.25% unemployment. Carl Levin & Debbie Stabenow, Michigan's Senators haven't said a peep about allowing China to start importing automobiles next year, with a 5% tarriff. However, American vehicles imported to China? 25% tariff. And this apparently is ok with our leaders. Don't give me the crap about "Oh American cars suck" and "They're just not quality cars", blah blah blah. The quality of American cars has improved considerably and for the most part is competitive with the majority of the market. Yes, unions screwed the automotive industry as well, but trade imbalances like this compound the open sores that unions have caused into ulcerations.
Next time you vote, take a look at your candidate. If they're not looking out for you, maybe you should pull the other lever.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ward Churchill update

Check out the committee report on Ward Churchill.

Nice to see that he's getting what he deserves.

Of course, the standard complaint is that it's all politically motivated, and to an extent, I'll agree. Folks who didn't agree with his publicly funded spouting of stupidity decided to check into the background of this supposed expert on various things and see how much of an expert he really is.

I guess the moral of the story is if you want to say things that 90% of the population are going to find offensive in a public forum, and funded by public dollars, it's probably best if your background didn't include the number of skeletons in the closet that Mr. Churchill's did.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Senators/President Bush deny reality

Motivated by today's Hotair video by Michelle Malkin (seriously, if you haven't been there, check it out), I decided to go back and review President Bush's speech from Monday night, and the resulting blather from the Senate regarding the speech, immigration, and the security of our borders, I decided to go ahead and point out the idiocy of both the President's position and the position of the pro-amnesty, anti-enforcement idiots.
First of all, let's go back to 2001. September 11, 2001 to be specific. Not as if people really should need a reminder, but let's take a look at the hijackers. How many of them were legally in our country? According to the 911 commission (a horribly biased group to be sure), at least two of the passports of the hijacker/terrorist/murderers were obviously doctored, at least three of the VISA applications contained false statements that if checked would have denied access to the US. In addition, at least three of them violated Immigration law after entrance into the US. Mohammed Atta (the perceived leader of the group) and Marwan al Shehhi were admitted with a tourist VISA, but should have had their status changed upon entering flight school. However, both left the country before the change was made (both filed for the change), but were allowed back into the country under the tourist VISA despite the fact that they shouldn't have been until the change was complete.
Ziad Jarrah entered the country under a tourist VISA and entered flight school immediately. Again, the status change should have been made, but wasn't. He left and returned to the US three different times, lying upon entry about his status.
Saeed al Ghamdi arrived in the US on a one-way ticket, with $500 and no address on his I-94, the form you fill out to say where you're going to stay in the US, under a tourist VISA. Now, I'm not an INS inspector, but even I can connect the dots here. But yet, when questioned, he convinced the agents that allowed him to enter the country and kill our citizens that he indeed was a tourist.
At least six of the 19 murdering scumbags violated immigration laws.
And the Senators and President of this United States want to allow the people who are in this country illegally to stay?
Which part of this am I missing? I must be missing something. I mean, these people actually came into the country semi-legally. Just think what kind of scum we have coming into the country illegally.
Even if we decide to allow all Mexicans (why, I don't know) who have come into this country illegally to stay, according to several reports the majority of non-Mexicans who are caught illegally entering are part of the 'catch-and-release' program and never report back. According to Border Patrol Chief, David Aguilar, 119,000 OTM (other than Mexican) illegal immigrants were caught, and of those, 644 were from 'countries of concern'.
Countries of concern?
WTF does that mean? Countries that want to see us dead? Countries that we have absolutely no desire to have their citizens within our borders? Yep. Those countries include such giants in the field of human rights, and civilization as China, India, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, and Syria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Bottom line, when I hear a Senator SAY that they want to secure the border, and when I hear President Bush SAY that he wants to secure the border, that translates to "not allowing anyone who doesn't belong here to cross that border". Unfortunately, we already have allowed hundreds of thousands (maybe millions, depending on who's counting) to cross said border.
Enforcement before anything else. Unfortunately, we don't have anyone in Washington who has the balls to step up and actually make that the policy of the land.
Perhaps brave leadership would actually increase the poll numbers of our leaders. But I doubt that anyone in DC has the intestinal fortitude to do that. On either side of the aisle.

Aw...poor Ward Churchill

Sounds like that complete and utter moron out in Colorado, Ward Churchill, the professor who faked his decendency to pretend that he was an American Indian, who blamed the US for 9/11, and who plagiarized a number of various authors and artists, is finally being fired.
Good for the University of Colorado system. About time.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Racism & Antisemitism in Alabama

Surprise! No, it's not a Republican.
While I don't begin to believe that Republicans have a monopoly on virtue when it comes to racial relations, I don't agree with the majority of the Democrats that Republicans are primarily white people who don't want blacks, hispanics, or other minorities to join them.
It's idiocy. Why would we not want more people on our side? Hell, that means we win more elections.
But even so, the stereotype is that Republicans are the closed society and the Dimwitocrats are the 'open tent'. Let's note the fact that the highest ranking black person in the Clinton White House was Ron Brown, commerce secretary. The highest ranking hispanic was the head of HUD, Henry Cisneros, who's now been indicted on multiple charges of fraud and bribery.
Highest ranking black in the Bush White House? Secretaries of State Rice and Powell. Not bad, #4 in the order of succession to the Presidency for two black persons, one of which is also a female. Highest ranking Hispanic? Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, #7.
But I'm sure Dims are running as fast as they can from this idiot candidate for Attorney General in Alabama who is denying the Holocaust and who recently spoke at a 'pro-white' organization. If that would have been a Republican, you think it would have been picked up by the New York Times and plastered all over every news outlet available?

Maybe I'm the only one that understands......

But I doubt it.
How can people not get it? I mean, the facts are out there. Truly, anyone with a clue and some desire to KNOW the truth, can find it.
I'm talking about the 'new' charges against President Bush that he's authorized eavesdropping on conversations carried by the majority of the phone companies in America, as published in the USA Today last week.
First of all, if it's published in the USA Today, it's obviously going to be either wrong, or horribly biased. In this case, it was both.
1. The phone calls reported by AT&T, SBC, Southern Bell, etc, are not being listened to. Period. End of story. The technology exists that allows certain 'key words' to be searched for. At that point, the data is mined and the numbers are noted. It's not that these conversations are monitored live.
2. George W. Bush didn't invent this. He didn't originate this. He's not even the first president to use it. The idiot peanut farmer from GA started this program in the 70's. Yes, the 70's. It's been used at times by EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENT SINCE.
President Clinton used it for industrial espionage. Would we rather see the program used for industrial espionage than to observe potential terrorists?
3. The calls that WERE monitored, were ones that either originated from US numbers to foreign states that were known to support terrorists, OR to numbers that were affiliated to known terrorist supporters. That's it.
How tough is that to write in an article? Oh wait, yeah, see, that'd require some research and folks at USA today aren't exactly known for their technical prowess. Other than being able to keep an article below one page and use all the pretty colors, I don't know what else USA Today would be known for. It CERTAINLY isn't for their crack reporting. Unless by 'crack reporting' you mean the reporters were ON crack.

Friday, May 12, 2006

South Bend IN sucks

Ok, I know that some of you may live there, or may like Southie, but lets face it, the best view of South Bend Indiana is in your rear view mirror.
There's very little downtown SB, there's even less nightlife there than here in Kalamazoo. Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana made a comment recently that "suggested that South Bend appears to be stagnant and falling behind and not doing the things it needs to do" and of course, that has the mayor of the Bend getting pissy.
Seriously, tell me one reason why a young college graduate would want to take a job in South Bend and buy a house there? Is it a 'cool city'? Does it have nightlife? Are there parks and recreational things to do in South Bend, like a network of trails or anything for biking, running, walking, etc?

Nope. About the only thing that South Bend has an abundance of is history. Yes, there are a lot of things that were 'formerly' located in South Bend. Bendix, Studebaker, Singer, Honeywell, and the South Bend Toy company are all long gone.

So for the SB mayor to whine because someone called out SB on the fact that it's pretty much lame, is just ridiculous. If anyone even wants to go shopping, they pretty much can't do it in SB, as the last Mall they had there closed several years ago. Folks there had the stupidity to get excited when they announced a Kohls was going to locate in SB. woo hoo.
Get over yourself SB, and spend some energy making the place cool, instead of whining when people call you out.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Peggy Noonan rules

Peggy Noonan was Ronald Reagan's main speechwriter. That in and of itself should establish her as one of the greatest communicators of all time. However, since Ronaldus Magnus has left office, she has written several books and has a syndicated column in the Wall Street Journal. In her piece in the site, she cites something that I've thought for a while, but she puts it into words that make mine feel inferior beside.
As such, you should read her article before going on reading here.
Done? Spot on, eh?

Well, I truly do think that someone needs to point out to the Republican leadership that they've lost touch with the reasons that they went to DC in the first place. Much like one of my regulars here (hey DJ) consistently remarks, the Republicans have become Democrats Lite. They say they're for smaller govt, yet vote for bigger. They say they're for secure borders, but don't vote to secure them. Eventually, those of us on the ground who call ourselves Republicans get tired of their hypocrisy. No, we'd never go Dimwitocrat, but we'd certainly either not show up or vote for the Libertarian.
Let's hope that some of the Republicans get the clue.

Gays upset at Dimwitocrats

Whenever a normally strong constituency of the Republicans gets upset, the mainstream idiot media is all over it. "Christians upset about Bush's stand on ____". "Conservatives upset about Bush's stand on ___". "Military upset with Bush about ____". It's front page news.
But when a normally solid Dimwitocrat constituency complains, can you even FIND it in the mainstream media? Um..nope.
Luckily for all of us, there's the Bloggers. We point out stuff that the losers at See BS, Snoozeweek, NY Slimes, etc don't.
Example, the normally liberal constituency of Gay/Lesbian/Tranny folks are apparently pissed at WHoared Dean for reaching out to evangelicals. Apparently, Whoared appeared in a story on the 700 club saying that "marriage is between a man and a woman". Of course, the limp-wristed crowd didn't like that at all. And they responded predictably on their website.
Republican consistently state that they want a 'Big Tent', allowing for folks of all faiths, beliefs, skin color, etc into it, supporting the Republicans. Now, I'm not so sure about that, considering the generally closed mindedness of a minority of Republicans, but I know for a fact that 99% of the Democratic Party does not want their Big Tent to include evangelicals. Just look at some of their statements and you'll see. Criticizing the middle of the country as 'Jesusland', and insulting the beliefs of many by suing to have Christmas displays removed from public view.
Interesting how the media doesn't have the balls to cover their own hypocrisy.

Monday, May 08, 2006

He's back, and pissed off

Been horizontal for almost a week now, thanks to a bad back. Sorry about the lack of updates. However I got this:

Two words that strike fear in the hearts of anyone with any sense at all:

Speaker Pelosi

If that doesn't scare the hell out of you, nothing will.
Although President Hillary certainly runs a close second, but I just can't see her winning. Perhaps it's denial, but I just don't.

I heard some radio guy talking about how the Dimwitocrats winning the House/Senate could be a good thing because it would remind the American people how stupid they are when they're in power, but I definitely don't agree. Losing is NEVER a good thing. And despite the fact that the mass media keeps pounding their agenda of 'Iraq is a quagmire' and 'Bush lied' and 'Bush spies on Americans', we still can keep those idiots from taking over. We just need to keep working on the Republican party until they remember their roots. Hopefully, it's not a lost cause, because despite the fact that I mostly agree with Libertarians, there's just not enough power behind them to win an election.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Like father, like son

Well, it's good to know that we can always count on the Kennedy family to provide some alcohol-based drama/comedy to everyone's lives. Oh and remind us all that if we're not a Kennedy, don't even think about driving while intoxicated, but if you ARE, feel free to drive while under the influence of not only alcohol, but prescription medication as well.
Interesting how the police just let him walk....wonder if they'd do the same thing for a Republican who didn't belong to the 'lucky sperm club'(those who are born into money, btw).

I tend to doubt it.

Monday, May 01, 2006

A day without illegals....

Well well. The boycott is here. Anyone notice a difference? I suppose those of you who live in larger cities will notice a huge crowd of people heading toward the largest park in your city (or wherever the TV cameras are set up).
I myself, went out and spent a couple hundred dollars at local places, including a Mexican restaurant, as a display of gratitude for those people who continue to do their jobs no matter what kinds of stupidity are going on around them.
Anyone thing that the scheduling of this protest on MayDay, the famous Communist holiday is a coincidence? Yep, me neither. I do appreciate the fact that the 'Reconquistas' are finally showing themselves for what they are, as opposed to hiding in the woodwork behind the faces of illegal aliens. Nice Che' t-shirts by the way. They definitely tell the rest of us working Americans what side of the political fence you're coming from.
And is it just me or are the statements by the politicians that are pandering to these groups about how they are the ones who 'clean our toilets, care for our children, pick our lettuce, and wash our dishes' AMAZINGLY racist? I mean, seriously, if I told a joke about a Mexican picking lettuce, I'd get all kinds of hate mail. But John McCain can tell a bunch of union members that they're not tough enough to pick lettuce and won't do it, but Mexicans will?
Since I've been out in front of this issue for a year now, I don't think I have to restate my opinion here. See my previous posts (and there's a number of them) if you really want to know what's up.

But since we're talking about the boycott, I'd just like to know one thing.

If they truly think that boycotting American things is such a good policy, why is it that they aren't going to boycott my American hospital? Or my American food stamps? Or my American welfare checks? Tell you what hombre's (a little spanish lingo there for you), you boycott the American support system for ONE month, and I'll believe the fact that you only want to come here to work. You turn down that free handout from the American government for one month, and I'll re-think my opinion that you only want to come to the land of las tiendas grande (the big store) for the government support and handouts that Mexico could only dream of giving to their citizens.
This may sound a tad racist, but you're the one making the assumption that I'm implying that all illegals are on government assistance. I'm not. I'm merely saying that the ones that are, drag on our system, and that I'll believe their committment to success in the US if they can go more than a day without the LEGAL citizens of America propping them up, then we'll talk.

Not a chance in hell.

Death threats?

Why is it that whiny-assed libs always have to fall back on the "I've had death threats" rant in interviews after they've taken stupid positions in public?
Truly, who would want to waste a bullet on that no talent waste of oxygen? I mean, I can't even WATCH Bull Durham, one of the movies that the guys I hang with refer to as a great baseball movie. Bah. Eight Men Out or Field of Dreams...thems baseball movies!
The Dixie Chicks did the same thing. Publicly said stupid crap about the president and our role in the world, and BOOM they whine that they're getting death threats.
I mean truly. Those skanks couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and all of a sudden they're on the cover of Slime, Snoozeweek, etc, because they had the 'courage' to speak out. Courage my ass. The worst that would ever happen to the Chicks or Sarandon is that they would have to sit on their ample asses, enjoying the millions of dollars that the American public has showered on them for their past accomplishments. Waaah....someone call a Waaahmbulance.
Courage is doing stuff that is critical of Islam lately. Or being critical of any of these Hollyweird idiots that speak out thinking that their opinions should matter more than those of us who actually WORK for a living. THAT is courage.

Yep, religion of peace alright

Only would the members of a so-called 'religion of peace' make beheadings, hangings, and other sorts of torture videos some of the hottest sellers out there.
Good to know that our politically correct idiots across the nation are so much in support of being apologists for these animals.