Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Here comes the call for gun control....

I don't think that the bodies in Virginia Tech were cold before Teddy Kennedy took the opportunity to start pining for that old song, gun control. The fat bastard didn't talk about how his gun control has already taken the guns out of the hands of the people that may have stopped the massacre before it became a problem. Remember, Virginia Tech, because it is an educational institution, is a 'gun free' zone. Guns are not supposed to be allowed on campus. Had a student been allowed to have a carry permit, and been carrying, this would be a backstory hidden in the small print of section C of the NY Slimes. Because if that were to happen, the story would be 'Gun Carrying Hero saves Students from Psycho'. And we can't have that can we?

So, be on the lookout for Teddy, Diane Feinstein, and the rest of the anti-gun whiners to start calling for hearings on gun control, laws, etc.

And they'll jump in front of any TV camera that is live to promote that stupidity.

Monday, April 09, 2007

White guilt?

I've been thinking about this whole Obama candidacy for a bit now and listened to some opinions of folks who are also wondering about Obama's popularty. I'm not sure who first advanced the idea that his popularity is based upon the fact that he's telegenic but that's not it. And it's definitely not his politics. He's only outdistanced by whack-job Kucinich when it comes to being left-leaning.

Examples? Of course:

Believes that the Bush tax cuts aren't working. Nevermind that every single state in the union, excepting Louisiana and Michigan (don't get me started again), have some of the lowest unemployment since the early 90's, inflation has been tame and businesses are profitable, despite the changes that are taking place in our economy caused by globalism and the influence of international competition. People have more money in their pockets, and apparently that's bad.

Against the death penalty and believes in alternative sentencing rather than making people pay for the crimes they commit. Because we need more criminals on the street.
Believes that all students should be given a free college education as long as they maintain a B average. Because all that spare money in taxpayer pockets is only being wasted.
Voted to raise the CAFE (average fuel economy of a fleet of vehicles that a company makes) to 40mpg rather than letting the market sort it out. Because people aren't smart enough to buy cars that use less gas when it's $3.00 a gallon. Also voted against drilling in ANWR, to ensure that gas REMAINS $3.00 a gallon, thanks Obama.
Voted yes on a free trade agreement with Oman, a country on the Arabian penninsula that has been known to fund terrorism as well as being ruled by a dictator/king but voted AGAINST a free trade agreement with Central America to keep their citizens in their countries, rather than having them cross the Rio Grande and come here.
Believes that healthcare is a right...aka supports governmental takeover of the healthcare system.

Now, he IS taking a page out of the book of Clinton, running to the center, trying to portray himself as more conservative than he is, so that he'll appeal to the middle of the road voters. But truly, he's even more liberal than Hillary, which is scary.

So, what is it? White guilt.

You heard me. White libs, white moderates, etc, look at him as the opportunity to assuage their collective consciences by supporting him. Media and the civil rights industry (you know, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the ACLU, et al...billions of dollars spent in that industry) have given everyone the impression that they have taken advantage of institutionalized racism or are actually racists even if they've never even thought the 'n-word' or displayed any racist tendencies. So, how better to show that they're 'really not racists' by voting for a black man? Do they agree with what he believes in? Do they even KNOW what he supports?


But that's how sheeple are. Baaaaah....let's follow the flock.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Detroit News Editorial

The guys at the editorial board at the Detroit News are starting to sound like me, as the headlines of their latest editorial suggests "An iPod for every kid? Are they !#$!ing idiots?"

The Dimwitocrats in MI have suggested that money be set aside to buy every school child an MP3 player, supposedly to help them download lessons and listen to them. Yeah...that'll work. Almost as good as those plans where kids were bought laptops for schoolwork and they turned around and sold them...nice work Dimwits

Monday, April 02, 2007

Another actor for President?

Fred Thompson, famous for his role in Law & Order, other roles in manly movies such as Hunt for Red October, Die Hard 2, and Necessary Roughness, has rapidly grown a large contingent of folks who support him for president.
On March 11, during an interview with Chris Wallace, he mentioned that he was seriously considering a run. His numbers went immediately into double digits, while Rudy and Mitt have seriously stalled.

Can an actor with conservative chops be elected president? I mean, the guy was rated an 86% by the American Conservative Union for his votes for smaller government, lower taxes, etc. The only reason that he wasn't 100% was due to votes for the McCain Feingold election reform law. That in and of itself may cause me not to vote for him, but not much else. I liked him as a US Senator and was seriously disappointed when he decided not to run for a third term four years ago.

So, could Fred win? Guess we'll see, but since my first choice, Newt, doesn't look like he's running, I may have to take a close look.