Friday, March 31, 2006

Skulls full o' mush

Yes, I stole this term from Rush Limbaugh, to refer to yout's(stolen from My Cousin Vinny) in America, and their complete and utter inability to think for themselves, thanks to the the ever lowering standards of the public schools.
Now suddenly they take part in a few walkouts and they're displaying a 'Political awareness', which in turn the various media idiots start calling a new movement and say we should take note.
Bull. I guarantee you the majority of the kids who participated in the walkouts could give two shits about the 'cause', but rather, saw it as an opportunity to rebel against any sort of authority figure, and miss a day of school.
That's it. There's no deeper meaning to this because frankly, the majority of kids in high school just aren't intelligent enough to BE any deeper. Not ALL of the kids. Merely a good majority of them.
I teach a class at the local community college, which I acknowledge isn't exactly Harvard, but definitely is a place where academics/intellectual achievements are encouraged and rewarded. However, to see some of the writing skills of the folks who are in my class (I know some of you read this, take heart, if you're intelligent enough to have been reading this long, you're not in that group), it amazes me that they got out of high school, much less are getting ready to graduate from college.
The standards have definitely lowered, which I think you can turn around and point to the general lack of analytical skills as a reason that Dimwitocrats and the complicit media can get away with lying directly to the face of these people and they buy it hook, line, and sinker.

We're raising a generation of goldfish who merely want to swim around in their own little bowl and be spoon fed information flakes that they just accept without question.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mexican flag flies over Houston and Florida communities

In Houston, a principal of Reagan High School (Unfortunately, not named after the greatest president in history and obviously not well led) hoisted a Mexican flag beneath the US flag, in the place of the Texas flag, in a show of support for students who are protesting the immigration bill in approved by the House last week.
In Florida, they showed even less respect for the country that has allowed them such freedoms. The United States flag was removed and replaced by a Mexican flag at the entrance of a condominium community, Chasewood North, in Jupiter Florida. While they're attributing this instance to vandals who support the 'cause', this shows exactly my point previously. Illegals, and those who support them, show absolutely no concern for the laws of our land.
The mere fact that they are here illegally shows their disregard for the law.
And all this, for 12.5 percent of the overall population of the US.


Our representatives are willing to risk the security of this country, of the other 87.5% of the country, for the loudmouths who are walking the streets with their faces painted with the Mexican flag.
Remember, the law doesn't outlaw legal Mexican immigrants. If people are here legally, it's not like they'll be deported. And this isn't going to cause a general police state where a car full of Mexicans will get pulled over and asked for their 'papers' a la Nazi Germany. This law provides for the ability to enforce our borders. That's it. It provides for the continued security of our borders. Nothing more. If these ignorant morons would stop listening to their race-baiting leaders, they'd understand that.

But then I'd not have anything to blog about, right?

Heh...yeah, right.....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Illegals protesting

As many of you who have read this blog since the beginning know, I'm against illegal immigration. I have no problem with the National Guard being posted every 500 yards on the border and calling mortar fire on anyone who tries to cross illegally. Note the word....ILLEGALLY.
I have no problem with people who want to cross the border and help support our economy and better their own lives legally. Come on in. We were all immigrants at one time or another. Even the Indians (native americans for you idiot PC people) weren't here since the beginning of time. They wandered across various land bridges and ended up here.
But what I have a problem with is illegal immigrants thinking that they deserve special treatement, or even equal treatment under the law as naturalized citizens. Wrong. During a protest in LA (go figure), a young skull full of mush in LA was quoted as saying "We may be illegal immigrants, but we are human. We deserve the same rights as everyone else, not be treated like criminals.". Perhaps something got lost in the translation for this person, but illegal means criminal. I have no problem with treating people with honor, dignity, and grace, but we can certainly do that while shipping their collective asses back over the border.
Bottom line is that these protests over the last several weeks are typical liberal stupidity. Based upon misinformation, these people have been whipped into a frenzy by the Dimwitocrats, who think that they'll get a vote or three out of the deal. But here's the info on the proposed law:
- Will make people who provide shelter and hiding places for illegals into criminals. DUH. If you help someone break the law, you're something called an 'accessory'.
- Will reimburse local law enforcement for dealing with illegals. VERY welcome in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, etc, where a good majority of their time, especially nearer to the border is dealing with crimes committed by illegals.
- Will stiffen penalties for illegals who reenter the US after already having been removed once. Screw me once, shame on me......
- Will not allow immigrants who have aggravated felonies to receive a green card. Well this is one I can see people getting up in arms about. I mean, lets face it, don't we all really love the success story that is Scarface? 'Say hello to my little friend'.....
- Will increase penalties on the businesses that hire illegals. Gee, looks like Senator Sensenbrenner was reading my blog!

It makes sense, it will provide additional security to the border and truly, is one of the few things that I think that the federal government actually SHOULD be responsible for doing. That's the irony here, they've spent so much time providing money and infrastructure to support the study of the spotted sea snail darter butterflywhatever that they've forgotten about their real responsibilities: Provide for the common defense, protect the borders, enforce the laws.
Screw the snail darter.

Monday, March 27, 2006


So, I go on vacation and get fodder for my blog....only I could do that.

I went to Maui, which by the way, completely rocks, and if you ever go, you should eat at Mama's Fish House. Bring a second mortgage, but it's definitely worth it.
Anyway, during the time I'm there, I learn lots of stuff about Hawaii. Most of it was worthless touristy crap like they get blah-blah inches of rain a year, Mt. Haleakala is 9k feet above sea level, etc. However, I also learned that many of the really cool areas where houses are built are owned by the government, who lease the land to people who are at least 50% 'native-Hawaiian' for pennies on the dollar. Now, the amusing part is that there's actually no such thing as a 'native hawaiian' if you believe the stories of the people who are there now. The people who the European's found living there when the Europeans discovered it actually migrated to Hawaii from Samoa and Tahiti. But, since Hawaii is the capital of nativism (nativism- the act of making yourself feel better about your european heritage of world dominance by offering up property, money, and other items to the decendents of the people that your ancestors beat the hell out of years before to GAIN these word, feel free to use it) it's not about the truth, but about how these acts make you feel.
The other thing I learned was that Hawaiians hate the government, unless they need something. Then, they complain that the government hasn't taken care of them enough. Example: The dam that burst in Kauai that killed at least 7 people. According to what I read, the dam was built to exceed the specs that would have handled up to a 50% increase in water capacity for a normal Hawaiian rainy season. However, since this rainy season has more than doubled the normal rainfall, it gave way. People in Hawaii were losing their damn minds. "How can you guarantee that this sort of thing will never happen again?" I watched someone ask in a public forum on the news in a bar somewhere. I laughed out loud and the people around me looked at me like I was from Mars. Of course, I had to explain that any governmental agency pogue couldn't 'guarantee' shit, but they looked at me like I was speaking Russian. They didn't understand the whole 'shit happens' approach to life. They wanted someone to blame, and someone to tell them everything would be alright and they'd never die.

Kinda like New Orleans. Go figure.

Guess no matter where I go, I find stupid people.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Religious hypocrisy

Nope, for once I'm not slapping around muslims, but I probably could.....
This time, I'm talking about Scientologists. Why is it that Isaac Hayes was JUST FINE cashing those checks when the guys from South Park were making fun of Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, HareKrishnas (ok, that spelling may not be right), the idiots in that cult with the running shoes who committed suicide that just begged to be made fun of, mormons, and every other religion that they could fit in, but as soon as they make fun of scientology, ol' Isaac decided he'd take a stand against religious intolerance. Nice timing.

What a crock of chef.

Isaac, I love ya man, and think that you brought a dose of coolness to the show that will be hard to replace. But you are now in the hall of fame of hypocrites, right next to a majority of the DemoncRATic party, most of Hollywood, and a few other select few. If you're proud of that, then so be it.

So long Chef....and get the hell out Isaac.

'nuff said

Debbie Stabenow addressing the US Senate with a sign showing everyone how the state of Michigan feels about her. Just another case of a picture being worth thousands and thousands of words.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Boycott Citgo

Yeah, this is one of those posts where I'm going to advocate that you boycott something. Get over it. But I figure since the profits from Citgo go into the pockets of the commie-loving target of Pat Robertson's wrath (yeah, he's a nut, but at least he was right), Hugo Chavez, I figure that a boycott is in order.

It's bad enough that the profits from other companies go to support the terrorist loving pricks in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding countries, such as Iran and the rest.

But, where should I buy my gas, since I HAVE to buy gas, you say? Well, I can't make that decision for you, since I don't know your area market, but this should give you a good idea of where we're importing the fuel from, and what companies buy their crude oil from what countries. As I looked through the list, I found it difficult to find any companies that exclusively purchase their crude oil from a specific set of 'friendly' countries, but there are a few that buy the majority of their supplies from relatively friendly folks, such as Canada (Toronto notwithstanding), and Mexico (don't get me started on the border).

So I say, educate yourself, and be an intelligent consumer.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Public Obedience

In one of the most awesome displays of public obedience I've seen, a group of people in Atlanta decide to have a protest of the 55mph speed limit, not by exceeding the speed limit, but by driving the speed limit. In all 4 lanes. Next to each other. During the day.
Oh yeah, and they video tape it as well.

Fred Phelps is a phag

For those of you who don't know who Fred Phelps is, he's a disbarred(disturbed) lawyer from Kansas who started his own church. His church is made up mostly of his extended family (except the ones who have any sense whatsoever) and others that are so simple-minded that they fall into his mind control trap. His fiery rhetoric regarding Americas' tolerance toward the gay lifestyle has taken a turn for the worse over the last year or so as he and his extended family has taken to protesting at funerals of military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They hold up signs that read "Thank God for another dead soldier", and "God Hates Fags".
Now, those of you know know me, and those of you who have read my posts here, you know that I'm about as anti-gay as you can get, with the belief that it's completely unnatural, NOT genetic, and that anyone who tries to tell me otherwise is just wasting their time. However, I also believe that this IS America, and what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom is no ones' business but yours. Just keep it out of the schools, don't try to push your agenda on me, and I'll let you be. It's the radical freaks who demand that gay/lesbian/transexual education be taught in the schools or funded by government who piss me off.
However, this freak, Phelps, on a regular basis gets into virulent, graphic discussion of anal sex and homosexual relations to the point of disgusting most normal folks. It almost seems like he's one of those guys who protests just a weeeee bit too much. I mean, ok Fred, so you hate fags. So what? Protest AIDS clinics, protest at gay bars, go to San Francisco and go friggin crazy. But no, you choose to go to veterans funerals, where you know there's going to be media. Luckily, the Patriot Guard Riders, a grassroots group of bikers, formed over the last several months and follows this group of illiterate cross-breeders around the country and forms human shields between the mourners and the protesters.
By the way, for those of you who are ready to lump Phelps and his ilk into the general 'right wing facist' group including Pat 'I really need my meds' Robertson and Jerry 'Campari' Falwell, do a little research. He's given money to Democrats for years, and has pictures of himself and Al Gore on several occasions where they've had extensive talks.
Anyone who gets that much joy from spreading the word about fags and anal sex, deep down has to enjoy talking about it just a little.
So that's my theory, Fred likes talking about taking it in the pooper just a bit too much to be completely straight. Perhaps he's fantasizing about one of those big biker guys in their leather chaps, screaming in his mind "Ride me like yer Harley, big boy, RIDE ME".
Ok...I know....that's not right.....probably could left that last part to your imagination, but what fun is that?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Down with Fidel

At the World Baseball Classic, a Cuban official needed a lecture on freedom of speech from Puerto Rican officials after rushing a fan who held up the sign above. The sign was within camera range and was picked up and broadcast by Cuban television as well as other international channels.

The sign says "Down with Fidel".

Thank you sir, whoever you are, for pointing out that there is still an oppressive dictatorship within 90 miles of our borders. Sometimes people need a bit of reminding.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Outrage or the Ultimate Insult

I'll warn you now, that there will be at least one picture in this post that will turn your stomach. I will put it as far down in the post as I can so as not to disgust my more sensitive readers, but just know that there IS a reason behind it. It'll definitely lower my rating for this blog to an R-rating, at least for this post, and for that, I apologize.

I've been debating whether to write this post for about three weeks. Probably since the manufactured cartoon controversy started up. Muslims are saying that to depict Muhammed in a drawing, picture, painting, sculpture, etc is a sin, which is apparently punishable by thousands of them marching on your embassy, burning your flag, and vowing to desecrate everything YOU think is holy. The interesting thing is that I've actually read a couple different places that have said that depicting Muhammed is NOT actually a sin, that this is a misinterpretation of the Koran (much like the 72 virgins?).
Now, I understand that the depiction of him with a bomb as a turban would be contstrued as offensive, but again, we're talking about the people who have had plenty of posters and art of Jews depicted as vampires, animals, and other such offensive things.
So, let's just take a quick look at what we can agree upon is offensive.

Is this offensive?

I think that most logical human beings who know the utter carnage that occurred at the World Trade Center agree that what happened here is offensive, but the picture itself isn't necessarily offensive. The Palestinian reaction to this incident was offensive, the mass celebrating in the streets as well as prayers that more carnage would happen to America.

How about this?
Now I think that no matter what you think of President Bush, this depiction of the Jews as his master is offensive, as well as the derogatory image of the Jewish man in the picture, with the huge nose, etc.
By the way, the text in the cartoon is "Say you hate the Arabs", and the parrot responds "I hate the Arabs, I hate the Arabs". At least, that's the translation I've been given.
This cartoon would NEVER be printed in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, or other PC-type press, because it IS offensive, however, it was in many Arab papers when it came out. So they obviously didn't find it offensive.

How about this?

Yep, this is the cartoon. This is the one that people are rioting over, killing people over, and vowing to incite further violence over.
Now I can see being upset over the bomb as a turban, and can even see that people would be upset at such a 'wild-eyed' look in his eye. After all, this is their primary prophet, and it is pretty derogatory to him.

But let's be frank, is this offensive? Hell no. It's a bloody cartoon. It's one man's opinion. It's not something that's sanctioned by an entire population of people. It's one guy. A Danish guy who makes his living drawing political cartoons. While I agree with his depiction and I'm sure many others do as well, it's still an opinion, worth just about as much as the ink it's printed upon.
But muslims everywhere lost their goddamned minds and vowed to revolt, threatening violence, performing violence, and generally making asses of themselves, AND proving this guys' opinion as correct. When upset, the first thing that pops into the standard muslim mind is a bomb. Not saying that's right, just pointing out that through acting like general idiots, you've just proven his point.

Then you have the politically correct idiots here in the states and elsewhere who were offended by the activities at Abu Ghraib. Folks who think that a little rough treatment with Iraqi prisoners was a violation of the highest degree and the ultimate insult. Remember, these people were prisoners, accused of rape, murder, robbery, and other acts of violence against their own people. These were not prisoners of war, for the most part. Some were, but many were not. Many of them were criminals, who were only abused after starting riots where guards were hurt. Not justifying some of the stupidity that occurred there, merely trying to instill a sense of proportion. That having been said, here's my question.

What's more offensive, the picture on the right or the picture on the left? One on the left represents actions that have received more press, more media coverage, more outrage, and more general scorn heaped upon the United States than I can remember. The one on the right, was the butchering of an innocent American, who happened to be Jewish, who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, by gutless cowards who don't dare to show their faces on video, and received about three to five days of media coverage.

You decide:

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stolen directly from

Where's the outrage? The media coverage?

Where exactly is the media coverage and feigned outrage over the Iranian student at North Carolina Chapel Hill, who took his rental car and tried to run over his fellow students in response to perceived injustice. Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar claims that the United States has been "killing his people across the sea" and that his actions reflected ‘an eye for an eye'.
Just wondering but if I took my truck and drove it through a crowd outside a mosque, don't you think it would make headline news? All three broadcast networks, plus CNN, FOX, and whatever else the moron media could put it on.
While I know that the attention to the violence could be exactly the response he was looking for, furthering the image that we should fear muslims, I still think that this piece of news is being whitewashed by the liberal media (I know, redundant).

Way ahead of the curve, as usual

Within a day after I post a rant on illegal immigration, Governor Janet Napolitano (a Democrat, by the way) has deployed National Guard troops to help the border patrol defend the border. Her quote "We are not militarizing the border, we're not at war with Mexico" shows a bit of lack of spine, but her move definitely goes the right way toward standing up to the illegal aliens just wandering across the border.
I don't post these rants as a statement against hispanics, but instead as a statement against illegals, whether they're hispanics in search of a job, or Taliban in search of a target. I don't want just any schmuck wandering across the border.
I am not a racist. I never have been, nor has anything I've posted here been intended to spark a race discussion. Rather, it's a legal thing.

Let's hope that this action is duplicated in Texas, New Mexico, and California as well.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Barbra Streisand is an idiot

But you knew that.....
So, Ms. Streisand, an ardent demoncRAT, was embroiled in a controversy back in 2002, regarding a horribly written memo, faxed to Richard Gephardt, where she misspelled a number of things, including his name (Gebhardt), and showed herself to be generally unintelligent through the response to the uproar, blaming it on an employee, then saying that the message was dicated, and finally just choosing to ignore that fact that she's a moron and blame the Republicans for pointing out the misspellings, as opposed to the content. In fact, in a posting on her site, it says that
"THE IRONIC FURTHER TRUTH.. Hidden in this example of diverted news priorities is the fact that Barbra Streisand is a great speller, meticulous in her written communications!"
Well, superspeller has struck again. During a rant about the war, the port deal, and so-called corruption in this administration, she once again, misspelled several words in her rant. Now, this wouldn't be so bad, because hey, no one is perfect. But she had to play the "W is Dumb" card, calling him a 'C-student'. Now, perhaps he got a C or two, as did her buddy Kerry, and his predecessor Gore did even worse, getting a D in a science course, and 5 F's in 8 classes in grad school(he washed out of divinity school). By the way, he has an MBA from Yale, she has a high school degree. However, he's not the one out there talking about how smart he is, and how dumb she is. It's the other way around. And while she'll blame this on an employee again, and say that Republicans are just doing this to mess with her message, I'm quite sure that we can mess with her message, as unintelligent as it is, without even addressing the misspellings.
1. In the first paragraph of her rant, she basically accuses congress of not having the courage to impeach the president, referring to the fact that occasionally, despite party loyalty, the legislative branch has had the courage to step up in their oversight of the executive branch(she didn't use such big words of course, and babs, if you're reading this, call me, I'll explain it to you). Of course, she doesn't really say why it is that President Bush should be impeached, just that he should be. Apparently the whole 'breaking the law' part of the impeachment process was skipped during her high school civics lesson. That would explain her equal incredulousness when President Clinton was brought up on charges during his term.
2. She says that President Bush ignored clear warnings prior to 9/11 that it was going to happen. Um....that's so stupid I can't even begin to address it. Except to say that apparently in her eyes, the world did not exist until 2000, when President Bush won. Once that happened, everything that occured prior is a wash. No matter that President Clinton could have had Osama bin Laden at least three times, alive, and could have struck with missiles at least two others to kill him.
3. She states that the administration is closing a deal with Dubai Ports World to allow them to operate the ports. Well, that's just plain wrong. The administration is doing no such deal. The deal was done when DPW bought P&O port operations. The administration just rubber-stamped the deal, and while we've had some discussions here about that deal, it's not as simple as Babs would like to think. It's not just one simple deal, other ports are operated by countries that support terrorism just as well (uh...hear of China, Babs? no, not the dinnerware).

The rest is general liberal blather that, well, I'd rather not waste bandwidth get the picture.

You had to know this was coming.....

A company in Arkansas is getting sued by some illegal aliens it hired because the company failed to pay them 'as promised'. So now, illegals actually have RIGHTS here, or at least the Southern Poverty Law center, a mighty socialistic arm of lawyers, are trying to prove. Now, I think that the company should pay, but not the illegals. I think the company should be fined, millions of dollars for hiring illegals in the first place. This is a two headed monster that you have to kill both heads, or else the other will bite us in the ass. Fix the border, so that every schmuck who wants to walk across can't, and smack the heck out of the employers who make the people who do break the law in order to get here, want to.
Cochise County in Arizona, one of the prime spots of illegal crossing, has been a place where civil suits have been filed and won by illegal aliens because citizens who were defending their own property from being polluted and trespassed upon by any means necessary, offended the sensibilities of the illegals who leave syringes, dirty diapers, human waste, trash, and other items strewn along their trail of entry. Civil rights? Last time I checked, it's a civil right to defend your home from illegal entry. Having a dog bite you? Stay off my property and my dog won't bite you, just that simple.
Let me re-affirm that I do NOT believe that illegal aliens should be given the same rights as persons who migrated to this country legally. Period. You break the law in coming here, that's usually a hint and a half as to how your sorry ass will behave once in the country. No way should my tax dollars go to funding your brood of 12 kids that you immediately start squirting out as soon as you cross the border, only because they get instant citizenship once born in the US.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Good guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

In Grand Rapids, a good west-Michigan town, a clerk busted a cap in some punks asses as they were trying to rob him. (I always wanted to write 'busted a cap' in my blog...woo hoo!).
The interest in this story has sparked a lot of local discussion as to whether our 'right to carry' law is helping curb crime. What I find interesting are the people on each side of the debate. You have your people who are generally on the side of freedom of privacy, and freedom of the press and freedom of speech, who are coming down firmly against private ownership of firearms.
Typical liberal hypocricy. Most DemoncRATS whine and piss and moan about freedom of speech (until the speech is given by Anne Coulter), or is deemed offensive by them, but it's just fine to give up your 2nd amendment rights in their eyes.
"It's a dated amendment, we don't need a militia any longer" they tend to say. Well, I have a few thousand folks in New Orleans who would beg to differ. If it wasn't for the few folks who violated the order by Mayor Naggin, more folks probably would have died in the violence. Luckily, they broke his order, and saved their own lives, by chasing off looters.
I just find it interesting that folks feel that they can tell me what kind of guns I need. "You don't need a military-style weapon". Hmm...well, do you NEED to be able to write those silly-assed letters to the editor? Nope, I don't think you do, so we'll be stopping that now. How about holding that waste of time protest? You don't really NEED to have that, we already know your opinion on the matter, thanks for coming by.
See where this is going? The Bill of Rights ain't a smorgasbord folks. Either accept it, or deny it. But you can't pick the ones you like and ignore the ones you don't.

Hildebeast caught in a lie

Too busy making political hay from the storm over the Dubai Ports deal, Hillary didn't have time to check her husband's schedule to realize that he was spending considerable amount of time with representatives from the UAE, advising them on how to handle the growing controversy. She was equally too busy to check her own financial records to note that Bill had received a $400,000 check from the UAE for speeches given last year. I bet she wondered where that new lamp came from.
She also was so busy saving the earth from George W. Bush that she barely had time to notice that persons from the UAE contributed between $500,000 and $1,000,000 to the Clinton presidential library, as well as $100m to Katrina relief, which her husband helped to orchestrate.
Yep, Hitlery was way too busy out there, giving speeches, patting children on the heads, scowling at the president during the State of the Union address to notice that her husband was on the opposite side of this issue, making tons of cash in the process.
Almost makes a person think that the marriage IS indeed one of convenience, as suggested when he was busted with Ms. Lewinsky, as opposed to an actual marriage.

Friday, March 03, 2006

UAE firm buys military company

A company from the United Arab Emirates, Dubai International Capital, has purchased a British firm, London-based Doncasters Group for $1.2 billion. Doncasters produces engine components and turbine blades for military platforms, and its clients include Boeing, General Electric, Honeywell and Pratt and Whitney
Let's see if the same kind of uproar that the port deal follows this deal. Again, this deal will have to undergo the same sort of review that the P&O deal did, but perhaps the Treasury department will use a bit more scrutiny when taking this into consideration.
Not that I believe that the Treasury screwed up necessarily in their review of that deal. I just think that their priority was to consider the money, as opposed to the security.
Look at the IBM deal where they sold their PC business to Lenovo, a Chinese company. Was that something that was reviewed as deep as it should have been?
And why is it that foreign companies are buying US-based companies at such a rapid clip of late? Perhaps it's the fact that our companies just aren't as strong as they once were. Daimler Benz buys Chrysler. Never would have seen that in the 70s or 80s. I'm waiting for Mitsubishi or one of the second tier Japanese companies to buy Ford. Based upon their recent stock price, that wouldn't be that expensive!

Uh oh....

Got my first visitor from Saudi Arabia (according to Statcounter. They came from something I posted on California Conservative, following the link.
Don't know whether to load up on ammo, or welcome them, but I guess I'll put out the hand of peace to them. If it gets chopped off, I'll have my .40 in my other hand ready to finish them.
Heck, everyone is welcome here, hopefully some of the things y'all read here make you think about the hypocricy around you. Or just make you laugh. Either way, welcome.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Congressman abuses staff

A congressman was charged with requiring that his staff babysit his kids, picking them up from school, driving them home, and tutoring them, running personal errands, and working on political campaigns other than the congressman, of course, while being paid by the Congressman, which turns out to be an 'in-kind' donation to that campaign. The aides also were forced to pick up the tab for the congressman's children at hotels and restaurants without reimbursement.
There was also tutoring for the congressman's wife, who was working her way through law school by some aides who had already completed law school and passed the bar. This would be the same wife who was involved in a bar fight, assaulting another woman, but being cleared by a judge, who also happened to be a long time family friend. Same wife that's also a Detroit city council member.
All of these things are denied (of course) by a spokesman for the offending congressman, since the congressman didn't have the honor to march out in front of the cameras and microphones on his own.
The congressman has had a history of ethics violations including taking turkeys from the Gleaners Food Bank that were meant for his office to distribute to poor constituents and instead distributing them to the Congressman's supporters, and a long history of conducting political operations for other campaigns out of his office, which is a major violation of house ethics rules.

Oh, by the way, this congressman, is NOT a Republican, like the majority of the media would think. This is John Conyers, D-Detroit. Why is this not in the media? If Tom Delay would have done half this, it'd be on the Communist News Network faster than John Conyers can race-bait. But since this is a liberal DemoncRAT, it's hidden on page 7 in the Detroit Free Press.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

NIMBY- At it's finest

While the DemoncRATS like Ted Kennedy like to criticize others for standing in the way of progress and not being open minded when it comes to development, giving up their houses for the betterment of the community and raising of the tax base (see Kelo vs City of New London). Emminent domain cases seem to be supported mostly by liberals/DemoncRATs, who see it as a way to increase the tax base on someone elses dime.
However, I digress. NIMBY, or 'not in my back yard' describes a psychosis of hypocrisy (already you know I'm talking about liberals don't you?), where people are fully in support of something like a new jail, new factory, nuclear power plant, etc, as long as it's not in their back yard. The "oh I want this new prison built, but I don't want it anywhere near my neighborhood" people. While I can understand some of that, you have to live in reality people. There's only so much property in an area, and you have to build the stuff somewhere.

Well, Ted Kennedy and his fellow silverspooners have a severe case of NIMBY. They love to waltz all around the country in their private jets, expending untold amounts of jet fuel, polluting our air (with the jet), polluting our ears (with their speeches), telling us 'little people' how we need to conserve and how we need to support so-called alternative energy, or renewable energy.
But when it comes to actually putting their money where their mouths and considerable hiney's are, these people (as those of us who have actually WORKED for a living could tell you) are just a bunch of blowhards with no spine and no honor.
The Cape Wind Project would erect 130 windmills in Nantucket Sound and could provide three-fourths of the power needed by Cape Cod and nearby islands, which is now largely supplied by coal-fired plants. But who's opposing it? Only the largest (and by largest I do mean sheer mass) liberal in the land, Teddy-hic-Kennedy. The wind turbines would be built in Nantucket Sound, about six miles off the coast from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis, the Kennedys wouldn't be able to actually see the turbines from their home. Instead Robert Kennedy Jr., who had been beating the drum for alternative sources of energy for more than a decade, complained that the project would be built in one of the family's favorite sailing and yachting areas.
Sen. Kennedy publicly called for further study of the project - but privately, he has tried to get the study canceled.

Ted Kennedy: He's a WHALE of a senator.