Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Another 'Blame America' idiot

So, I'm a huge Denver Bronco fan. So much so that I actually read the Denver Post online edition (no I don't live anywhere near Denver) to get updates on the team (yeah, THAT big a fan). While perusing the Post, I see a controversy over some idiot professor (yes, I know, redundant) at University of Colorado. Apparently he wrote an essay about how the 9/11 attacks were just the result of U.S. imperialist policies and that the deaths of 3,000 of his countrymen were just 'chickens coming home to roost'. He attributes the phrase to that GREAT American, Malcom X, who when asked what he thought of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the president of the United States, said that it was a case of the "chickens coming home to roost".

Now in my opinion (and that's why you're here, isn't it boys and girls?), this guy has his head so far up his ass he needs a plexiglass belly-button to see his way around.

He attributes 500,000 deaths of Iraqi children to the American bombing of infrastructure targets during the Gulf war and the subsequent trade sanctions with Iraq. The interesting thing is that I thought that the people of his ilk all said during the election that there WAS NO connection between the 9/11 attacks and Iraq. Hmm
Of course, he has NO reliable source to back up his numbers of a half million dead children, I think he probably just threw a dart at a dartboard and multiplied it by 100,000. He must be as bad a dart player as he is a professor. Apparently the rape rooms, torture chambers, and prisons were just fine with this moron, but the lack of flouridated drinking water is a crime against humanity.

As much as I hate doing it, I'm going to link to this idiot's essay, so that everyone who reads this can also read the complete idiocy of his position, and realize that there are people out there that HATE America. And I don't mean the terrorists, but other Americans. There are people, born and raised here, who HATE America and everything we stand for. They piss and whine and bitch and moan about everything the government and the people of this great land do. The interesting thing is that they never actually DO anything about it, but they definitely exercise their right to bitch.

I wish they'd go to China and 'exercise' their freedom of speech and see how well that works out for them. I'd pay for the trip.

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