Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama needs a pillow?

First amusing point in a Dimwitocrat debate in a while. And while I hate the Hildebeast, she certainly has a point. The media fawning over Obama is going to make it difficult for anyone to beat him, Republican or Democrat.

They've already started triangulating the types of attacks that they can make without being called racist in Republican party headquarters. Of course, that's obviously ignorant of them, since anything they say will be called racist by the pandering press, but apparently that's too simple for them to figure out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ah Spring.....

Ok, perhaps it's not quite spring, YET. Especially here in Michigan where it was single digit temps overnight and only 14 this morning on the way to work.

However, watching Sportscenter this morning brought out that feeling that it's coming. It can snow all it wants in February, but come April, it's baseball season and that means summer is nearly here. Many folks no longer consider baseball a premier sport or their preferred sport, but honestly, I'd rather go to a ball game than any other sport. I love hockey and football, but give me a ballgame in the sun, sucking down some brews, chomping on a hotdog and I'm in heaven.

There's very little about baseball not to love.
I love walking up that ramp at Wrigley field and catching that first glimpse of the ivy on the outfield and grass so green you'd swear it was painted.
I love walking to Comerica Park from the PeopleMover and coming around the corner at the Michigan Opera House and seeing the park nestled in it's spot, seeing the wrought-iron bars that folks gather around to watch bits of the game from the sidewalk surrounding the game.
I love how it's an urban and rural game at the same time, where kids in NY play 'stick-ball' in the street and kids on a Kansas farm can play with just four of them on a field and bases full of "ghost runners".
I love how songs have been written about baseball and our love for it. How many basketball songs are out there that people know the words to?
I love how you don't have to be a physical freak of nature to be a special ball-player. I met Alan Trammell once and the guy wouldn't be recognized in a grocery store by a non-baseball fan. Cal Ripken Jr is 6'4", tall, but not huge.
I love how if a guy isn't gifted with natural speed, grace, or other talents, he can still make the majors by working his ass off.
I love how I can still remember the starting lineup of the 1984 Tigers during that magical game where Jack Morris threw his no-hitter. (Just try me...Morris, Lance Parrish, Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammell, Tom Brookens, Dave Bergman, Larry Herndon, Chet Lemon, Kirk Gibson)
I love how people argue as to which team was the greatest ever and how there will never be an answer (84 Tigers, no argument)
I love how kids 8 years old can love the same team as their grandfather, for completely different reasons, but still sit and watch a game with them, for two hours, uniting generations.
I love how I can play catch with my son in the backyard and not say a word to him, but know that he'll remember that time just like I remember when my dad played catch with me in the small patches of grass between the apartment buildings in Anaheim, California.
And most of all, I love baseball because it reminds me that after a long, cold winter, summer is coming.

Because the 'boys of summer' are back.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More evidence of the evil of Clinton

Pimp out the kid - check
Have the ex-president husband blow up all over various opponents (not to mention at least one intern) - check
Get the media to completely white-wash any evidence of me knowing about a $1.5 million fundraiser, despite evidence to the contrary - check

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wow. Just wow.

I can't even begin to describe how livid and violent I would have been were I the camera man or the Marine in this video.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Record low for February 11: 2 degrees, set in 1995.
Temperature upon awakening February 11, 2008: -3

Screw you Al Gore.

Pimping? No one is pimping. This is not the pimping you were looking for

Nope, Clinton's are pimping out their daughter. No way. They'd never stoop to something so loathsome and reprehensible as pimping out their daughter to sway the electorate or a few superdelegates to go their way.

Now, having a simple dinner with another 20-something is a completely different story.

Especially if that 20 something is an elected official in Wisconsin.

And a super-delegate.

But God forbid anyone actually accuse her of being pimped out.....

Friday, February 08, 2008

Straight Pimpin

pMSNBC's David Schuster apparently stated that Hillary Clinton was "pimping out" daughter Chelsea when she had her make calls to Democratic Super-delegates on Hillary's behalf.

Now, I'm just wondering, but perhaps the Clinton Campaign would rather use the term "interning" Chelsea? "Whoring" is a bit strong, but hey, they brought it up. What exactly WOULD they call it, if not pimping her out? I love the hypocrisy here. Chelsea can go out on the campaign trail for mommy and criticize other candidates, but yet, if someone were to call into question her capabilities or activities, God help them.

Just more stupid media tricks.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Love that Jon Stewart

So much to say, so little time to blog

Wow...great game yesterday. I'd probably be much less enthusiastic about how competitive a game it was if I was a Patriots fan, but after hearing about how great Tom Brady is (and yes, he's a Michigan guy, so I have to cheer for him to an extent) and how great Moss is, and how much of a genius Belichek is, I was glad to see the Pats go 18-1...only 6 more months until camps and the pre-season!

In much less trivial news, the Peoples Democratic Republic of Berkley California has voted to un-invite the Marine Corps recruiting station from their downtown. They are telling the Marines that they are not welcome and if they continue to stay in their offices (as one Marine official has stated they plan on doing), they are doing so as unwelcome guests. In, what I am sure is a completely unrelated action, they voted to provide the idiots from Code Pink, a parking spot downtown, coincidentally, right in front of the Marine Corps recruiting station.

So, let me make sure I understand this....they're willing to take all the federal money they can take for their roads, for the commie-lib university, UC-Berkley, and whatever else they can suckle at the government teat for, but when it comes to the government asking for harassment-free office space for the armed forces, f___ you Uncle Sam.

Yeah, that sounds about par for the liberal/dimwitocrat course.
MSFT wants to buy YHOO....makes me happy because those loons at GOOG are going c-r-a-z-y. Love it when liberals go whacky. Not that MSFT or YHOO is all that conservative, because they're not, but any time a lib can lose their minds about something, I'm there poking the stick in the monkey-cage. Google is talking about how having Microsoft own Yahoo is going to restrict the Internet. Just wondering Google-teers, would that be kinda like you guys currently do, where you black-list certain groups, lowering their page ranks merely because you don't like their agenda? Or would that be something like you do in various countries to censor the search results for their citizens? Restrict the Internet? Guys, you have 62% of the market, I think that the company we need to examine for that danger is YOU. Do no evil? Yeah, good luck with that
Hitlery (Hildebeast, whatever) has announced that with her medical plan, she would garnish the wages of the workers who refuse to buy health insurance.

Wow....where do I go with this one? If you don't see the issues with this, but you have problems with the government listening to terrorists phone calls, you may be too much of an idiot to remain in the gene pool. Please send me an email to volunteer for target practice at my shooting range. Just make sure you wear a big shirt with concentric circles on it. Or perhaps a hat with the same.