Monday, March 22, 2010


In the dark of the night, on the weekend, when they thought fewer would be watching, the spineless few imposed a huge tax on the many.  The gutless wonders in search of a legacy have imposed a moral penalty on those of us who are against abortion by forcing us to fund them (and don't tell me that there will be an executive order to ban them....I wipe my ass with executive orders every day, that's how worthless they are). 
The brainless masses have accepted the lie that this will not add to the deficit because that's what Nancy Pelosi and her fellow brown-shirts have told them.

Every government program in the last 100 years intended to perform these tasks has gone bankrupt.  Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, the VA system...all of them needed (or will need, in the case of Social Security) a large infusion of funds at some point in their lives, much greater than the congress that passed them originally intended.  This will be no different

They say those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it.  I'd like to offer up my slightly different version.  Those to obfuscate history, are destined to screw up the future for you too.

God help the US now, because apparently the 70% that were opposed to the health plan weren't enough to convince their congresswimps.  Perhaps this November we'll convince them.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Smoking Nazi's

While growing up, both my parents smoked like chimneys.  I hated it, but figured that it was a good lesson for me to NEVER smoke.  It never occurred to me to become a smoking nazi and make sure that no one else would ever be exposed to smoke.

How do these do-gooder, control-freaks who want to control every aspect of our lives get the balls to tell people what they can or cannot do in their own personal space such as their cars, homes, etc?  And the ironic part is that they want to tell me I can't smoke, killing no one but myself.  But don't you dare tell the unmarried 19 year old girl that she should think hard before she has the abortion she's scheduling because she wants to go to Europe this summer, instead of lamaze.

These same people want to put graphic pictures on the packs of smokes, thinking that will deter people from smoking.  My dad has had two major heart attacks and several smaller warnings.  And ya know what?  He's still lighting up.  My mom too.

But since we're at it, let's make sure and ban french fries, and big macs, and many food products for that matter.  Should we put a picture of a big fat ass in a thong on the doors of the local McDonalds/Burger King/Wendys as a warning?Let's put warnings on car doors that show large pictures of car crashes and put warnings on home doors that shows what happens during a house fire.  Big grisly car accident photos and nasty corpses that are nothing but charred flesh.

Or maybe lets let people make their own choices and if that choice causes cancer, so be it. There's plenty of people out there who never smoked a day in their lives who also came down with lung cancer.  What happens when the boogeyman of tobacco goes away?  What will these Nazi's go after next?