Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Where's the love?

So, now that we've had our version of the tsunami here in the US, where's the love from the other countries? Should we expect some governmental bureaucrats from Japan to show up in New Orleans? How about some Red Cross volunteers from Poland making their way to Biloxi?
Anyone wanna take me up on the bet that the UN will not even acknowledge the death and destruction that has occured in the American southeast.
Because we are Americans. We rebuild other countries as well as rebuild ourselves. We don't need help from other countries, and they hate us for that. We are the greatest people in the world. We are the people who when trouble like this comes around, we band together and rebuild. Black, white, arabic, asian, hispanic, it doesn't matter. We're all Americans, and we all work together in situations like this.
I guarantee that within the next week or so, you'll see caravans of volunteers from other parts of the country going to the Mississippi/Louisiana/Alabama area that was hit so horribly to help their fellow Americans start to rebuild their lives.
It's going to be a tough thing to do, but we'll do it.

Because we're Americans, and that's what we do.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Camp Casey Financing

A San Francisco TV station is investigating the groups that are behind the financing of 'Camp Casey', the protest by Cindy Sheehan, the nutball mom who insists upon disgracing the memory of her son who gave his life during operations in Iraq. Her continual pissing upon his grave is financed by such pro-American groups as Code Pink (a VERY radical anti-war group whose weekly protests outside Walter Reed Army Hospital include signs such as 'Maimed for lies' and 'Enlist here and die for Haliburton'), True Majority (a non-profit funded by Ben&Jerrys co-founder Ben Cohen, which is strongly liberal, even socialist), Moveon.org (yeah, we all know moron.org), and Howard Dean's group, Democracy for America. That's Democracy with a big D, since we all know that Democrats are anything but democratic. They want it their way or else. No matter that Republicans won the election or anything else. They'll continue to whine about it until they get their way, like a petulant three year old.

Guess we should expect that. But why isn't the rest of the mainstream media showing this putrid display of partisan hackery for what it is, a PR campaign. Do you think that Cindy Sheehan would be proud of her son had he not died, but had he come back as a hero from the war? Doubt it. Here's my opinion on what happened that fateful day when her son signed up for the Army:

Casey: Mom, I signed up for the Army
Psycho: You can't sign up to be a tool of death for the establishment. I didn't squeeze you out of my womb to allow you to defend the oilfields for Republican power
Casey: Mom, you're nuts
Psycho: NO!...I HATE YOU!
Casey: Whatever. Dad's proud of me, it's too bad you're too crazy to be. Oh, and if I die in my efforts, please don't make an idiot of yourself on international TV.

There you have it.....

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Just got a couple things....

1. I'm currently in Florida. Was in Fort Lauderdale until earlier today when we bugged out. We left in order to try to get a flight out so that we'd actually get home rather than get stuck in south Florida for an extended period of time. I was kinda looking forward to going through a hurricane, as I've been through earthquakes, blizzards, a typhoon, and a tornado. I figured that I was only missing the big one in my collection and heck, it may have been cool. But alas, it was not to be as my two co-workers were desperate to get home to their respective females. Understandable, but disappointing.
2. New rule on my blog. It's my blog, and thus I can personally attack and insult someone, their family, their wife/husband, kids, friends, dogs, cats, haircut, clothing, etc. You can't. If you attack someone personally in the comments, I'll have it removed. Not only that, but I'll get your IP, hunt you down, and ban your ass. My blog, my rules.
3. Special thanks to DrKen and his beautiful wife and daughter for loaning me some sleeping space for this evening while I await my flight tomorrow. You guys rock.
4. Is anyone else looking as much forward to this years NFL season as I am? Man I can't wait.
5. My kids play AYSO soccer and I volunteered to coach my son for the U-8 division, thinking that at that level they're still pretty simple to lead, so the fact that I didn't know anything about coaching soccer wasn't a big deal. I also volunteered to be an assistant coach for my daughters U-10 team. Apparently that translates to a 'coach' when they don't have enough coaches for a league, because now I'm her coach. While I don't think I'll screw stuff up too much, if anyone has any ideas as to how to run a soccer practice, I'm all ears. Drop me an email @ webproze AT yahooDOTcom and let me know what you know.

Guess that's about it of the miscellaneous stuff....more later

Media = Ignorant

Foxnews has more coverage of Natalie Holloway than even her hometown news.

CNN has become the Cindysheehan News Network.

MSNBC CNBC and the rest have such minute audiences that we have no idea what they're covering, because the three people that watch them are too stupid to operate a remote control, much less give an opinion on what they want to watch.

CNN hasn't covered ANY of the families that support President Bush who've lost a family member in the war, and haven't talked to the REAL Gold Star Mothers group, to show that she's using the name of a legitimate charitible organization to advance her selfish interests.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More explosives fun

So, I was getting some work done at my house and was talking to the guy doing the work, and come to find out, he was a retired Marine, and we swapped some opinions on the current events and why we each got out of the Corps. Then we swapped some stories of the various things that happened while we were in the Corps and that reminded me that I had promised some people to post some more stories about explosives and what-not, and the least I could do is comply.
So, we're in the Philippines and we're working on some various explosive techniques, such as cratering charges, shape charges and the like. Mostly this involves a slower burning explosive such as ammonium nitrate, but occasionally, we used TNT with some other materials to try to 'shape' the explosion in order to get the desired outcome. This is because a shape charge tends to be big and bulky and not in ready supply to the front lines, whereas TNT is easily transported, along with the equipment/materials required to manipulate the blast to gain a 'shape charge' type effect.
So, we've blown off a few shape charges, and made some pretty significant craters, and it came time to do 'field expedient' shape charges. Unfortunately, the guys who set them up, didn't really know what they were doing. They covered the charges with about 200 lbs of rocks, rather than digging a hole and covering the explosive up and then covering the hole with sandbags.
When the blast went off, we were immediately showered with thousands of pebbles that were produced by the blast (that whole big rocks into little rocks theory). In addition, because they didn't bury the explosives, the flame either from the fuse, or the TNT (not sure which) started a rather large brush fire on the side of the mountain we were working on.
While I can't exactly describe the overall humor of a platoon of panicked Marines running around stomping on fires, and hitting it with their E-Tools (shovels), and extinguishing it every way they can, I think pretty much anyone with an imagination would be able to come up with it. We finally get the majority of the fire under control, and I see one of my younger troops over kind of off the beaten path. I went over to see what he was doing, and he was pretty embarrassed, and kind of flustered when I got there. Apparently, he decided that he was going to do some field expedient fire extinguishing and also take advantage of the fact that he hadn't made a head call in about 5 hours. In the process of urinating on the fire to put out one of the hotspots, the wind had shifted, and caught some additional grass on fire in the area. More concerned with protecting his junk than putting out the fire, it caught the hair on his arm on fire, which quickly spread to his junk. Needless to say, he was not happy. There was no actual damage(other than a hurt pride), but that nasty scent of burnt hair was all around him.
I threw a canteen to him, and he tossed it on himself and basically acted as if nothing was wrong. But we both knew otherwise.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Idiot inventory

So we have idiots we need to talk about:

1. Cindy Sheehan: Where do I start? The mainstream media wants to show her as a grieving mom and President Bush as an uncaring bastard who won't meet with this poor mom who lost her son. Bull. She's a publicity hound who's son volunteered for the Army and gave his life in protection of the Iraqi people. If I walked up to his grave and pissed on it, that would be more honorable than what she's currently doing. The dishonor that she's bringing upon her son's memory is amazing, and she's willing to just keep on doing it, despite the fact that President Bush already met with her, and her opinion of him was a glowing review after the initial meeting. My take is that she's a simple minded fool who has gotten way to influenced by some hippy peacenik buddy, who is manipulating her for their own gain. Her husband and other son have already said publicly that they don't support what she's doing, and in fact her husband has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Yeah, the fact that she's a peace nut, and he's normal.
While I feel horrible for Specialist Sheehan's family, as anyone killed in action should be honored appropriately, I have to believe that if he were able to talk to her right now, he'd tell her to get her ass back in her little liberalmobile, and head home. If I were Specialist Sheehan, I'd want her to act more like this mom in Ohio.

2. Al Franken et al at Air America- As is chronicled almost daily at Brian Maloney's blog, Air America is a running joke amongst radio people. However, it's now no longer only a joke, but a criminal activity. It seems that the Boys and Girls Club was scammed out of approximately $900,000 by some of the owners of Air America. A non-profit (much like Air America, only intentionally), mostly funded by governmental funds scammed, and nothing in the mainstream media. Go figure. The story goes something along the lines of this: Charles Rosen, the founder of the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx was re-directing city funding for a program called 'Pathways for Youth' into Air America. Another director of Air America, Evan Cohen had served as the Gloria Wise director of development. Good to see Al is adding fraud to his resume of writing bad books, telling bad jokes, and horrible acting.

3. New York Times- John Roberts deserves a full and thorough investigation and we all welcome that. However, looking into the adoption of his children from central America is a bit much. Leave his family out of whatever slime you're going to make up about him and just go straight to the lies about him, his beliefs and his supporters. We all know you're going to make stuff up, like how he's going to cause domestic terrorism if he gets approved, how abortions are going to go the way of the dodo, etc. Just go with that. At least we're expecting that. Idiots.

4. Terrell Owens - Are you friggin kidding me? Signs a 7 year contract, and wants to renegotiate it in the second year. Someone oughta go down to WalMart and buy TO a pack of clue. And while you're at it, pick up a pack for Raphael Palmiero. Let's see....sit down in front of a congressional committee and hundreds of television cameras and swear that steroids are hurting the game, but then turn around and take them. Come to think of it, Raffy should be a politician. At least then we'd expect that sort of behavior. The most hypocritical thing to come out of that situation isn't that Raffy took 'roids, but that a congressman is upset because someone lied to him. That kills me.

5. Ariel Sharon - First encourage settlers to go to the Gaza strip to settle it. Then rip them from their homes. Yep, that sounds like a spineless politician. While the Kelo decision here in the US made it possible for the government to do the same, this particular strategy for Sharon will backfire. Giving in to terror never wins. The Palestinians won't stop the homocide bombing, and the Israelis will once again live in fear of another human being exploding next to them, strapped with c-4 and nails. Way to go Ariel, you coward. The bravest souls in Israel were the ones settling in the Gaza strip, and you've just disemboweled most of them. Thanks a lot.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Been pretty busy of late, unable to really spend any time thinking out postings to the site. What with spending time golfing, jet-skiing, and working, there's little time left for blogging.
Will post some this week though. I've got much that has irritated me over the last couple weeks that I want to put in my $.02 about.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Clarification and comment

Just to clarify, I am not anti-islam.
I am anti-idiot.
I know several people who I would kill to protect, who are muslim. My time in the Marines was spent protecting various people, including muslims.

That having been said, I think that the US should adopt the policies that Tony Blair is advocating for England (I hear that the PC term for England is the UK....guess what term you'll hear me use...)

Don't like the US? Go away. Go back to that hovel of a country where you came from and preach the hatred there. Either they'll love you, or they'll chop your head off. Either way, you're out of our hair.

Anyone else see the statement by the International Association of Chiefs of Police? I was listening to a news report yesterday about the statement and they 'teased' the news story by saying "IACP announces a new policy on how to deal with suicide bombers" and under my breath I say "Shoot 'em in the head"...and the news-babe says "They're advocating that their officers shoot the potential suicide-bombers in the head". I thought to myself, 'damn I'm good'.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

al-qaeda who?

Seems like the little bitches @ al-qaeda Inc. were feeling lonely and left out at the party. No one has been really focusing on them as Iraq has grabbed much of the headlines and although the London bombings were orchestrated by al-qaeda cells, it doesn't look like the leadership was very involved.
So, like the old skank at the party who isn't getting any attention so she starts to maul every guy who will let her, al-qaeda had to bring the cameras back to them by issuing a new video tape. Only this time, instead of getting a hummer out of the deal, the people watching only get threats by an impotent old man, who wishes his 10th century beliefs would somehow come back into power.
Speaking of impotent, where's Usama, Osama, Usucka, whatever your name is? Who's this old fart and why's he on my TV? I could care less what this camel herder has to say. Go back to molesting goats you fool.

Monday, August 01, 2005

awww...poor Helen Thomas

After ranting and raving to Albert Eisele, editor of The Hill magazine about how she'd kill herself if Dick Cheney ran for president, Helen Thomas is pissed that her comments were made public, due to what she says was a misrepresentation on Eisele's part. She says that she was just ranting and he wrote about it.

Hey Helen, get a clue. Turnabout is a bitch isn't it?

All I have to say is:

CHENEY 2008!!!!