Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Amazing, a boycott working

Several months ago, I encouraged people not to buy Citgo gasoline. This was based upon the fact that Citgo is wholly owned by the nation of Venezuela and as such, Hugo Chavez, the socialist dictator that is their leader profits from you buying Citgo gas. Now granted, I wasn't the only person calling for this boycott, and I'm sure wasn't the first. However, if you look at the news of 7-11 dropping Citgo after an 18-year contract as well as another company called Susser Holdings, which operates Susser Stores, you have to wonder if the boycott is working.

I've seen numerous postings supporting a boycott and a number of emails as well, so either people are driving an extra block to buy gas from someone else, or there are other reasons, but either way, we're winning. And that little tin-pot idiot who wants to come to our country and criticize our generosity to other nations can take his oil and do with it as he wishes.
The other twist to this is that 7-11 has announced that instead of contracting with a vendor, they are going to have their own 'brand' of gas. But supplying this will be US companies like Frontier oil of Houston, Sinclair of Salt Lake City and Tower Energy group from Georgia.

Hopefully it will be American oil that they're supplying them with, not stuff shipped in from the Middle East. I'd hate that my money ends up going from a tin-pot dictator who supports terrorism with his oil to a nutbag Imam who supports terrorism.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wow....great weekend!

There's just so much to say about what happened this past weekend that I just can't get to it all. Heck I spent yesterday merely sitting in a drug-induced haze trying to get some sort of perspective on all of it......

Ok, maybe the drug was Sudafed, and it was because my sinuses were killing me...but either way, it was a goooood day.

Bill Clinton loses his friggin mind all over Chris Wallace, who I've not really liked for his tendency to throw up softball left-wing questions to interviewees.

I can only say....Wow.

I mean, seriously, does anyone really think that he was 'obsessed' with bin Laden? Seriously? Ok, maybe the dimwits over at the Daily Kos, but they also think that Cindy Sheehan is a loving doting mother who merely wants President Bush to listen to her whine, not some hippy windbag who's popularity clock keeps hitting 14:59.

Definition: Obsessed- " To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic". Does that even remotely sound like Bill Clinton? Sure if we're talking about his 'legacy'. Or if we're talking about interns. But terrorists? Oh please BillyBob. 'Lob some missiles at them and watch my approval ratings go up!' was the closest he got to anything serious. And for him to throw that Richard Clark piece of toilet-paper book out there as the defining authority for anything regarding 9-11 just shows you what a complete idiot he thinks we all are.
Hell, his own people disputed a lot of what Clark said, along with a number of proven facts elsewhere.

But that wouldn't help Hillary get back to the White House, so that just won't do.

Bill, shut the hell up and go back to porking interns. At least then you weren't bothering anyone but the interns.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Unique economic comparison method

Andrew Roth from Club for Growth has developed an extremely interesting method of comparing the success of various areas of the country and their economic viability.

He compares the cost of a U-Haul van going from one to the other.

Example, Kalamazoo MI versus Nashville TN.
Kalamazoo has approximately a 7% unemployment rate and Michigan as a whole has one of the largest tax burden on individuals and corporations in the nation. Tennessee has zero income tax, and one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation.

26' Truck from Kalamazoo to Nashville: $1,326
26' Truck from Nashville to Kalamazoo: $318

So, the market forces in play very simply tell you that there is a whole lot more demand for people moving to Nashville than to Kalamazoo.

Let's try another example:

26' truck from Detroit to Orlando: $1,997
26' truck from Orlando to Detroit: $615

So, how bad are things in Michigan? Apparently not bad enough for the idiots who are still supporting Jennifer Granholm and Debbie Stabenow to realize that the people they're foisting on the citizens of Michigan are driving us into the ground. Hopefully the rest of the folks in the state will help do for Jenny from the block and Liberal Debbie what they've done for a consistent 7% of our population: make them unemployed.

Recognize Israel now

Yesterday, President Bush told the Pally president that he would push Israel for a Palestinian state and called Mahmoud Abbas a "man of peace".

Well, I have a couple of things to point out.

1. The Pally's won't even recognize the country that's been set up since 1948 and that has successfully defended it's borders from attack numerous times called Israel. And we're supposed to let these geographical geniuses have their own country?
2. Seems that the Palestinian leaders either didn't compare notes before their speeches, or they are speaking out of both sides of their mouths to the media during his visit to the US. In one interview Ismail Haniyeh, the Pally PM says that they wouldn't recognize Israel, but in front of the UN, Pally president Abbas said that they WOULD recognize Israel.

This just goes to show everyone how moronic these people are, and how stupid the people who still support them are. Send one guy to address the Hamas and tell them what they want to hear, send another guy in front of the world media and the UN and tell them what THEY want to hear. Oh, and keep that money flowing. That'd be the money that stopped flowing to the Palestinian Authority when Hamas took over. Or at least slowed considerably.

I myself think that subliminally the Palestinians already recognize Israel. They're sitting in a cafe, having coffee after they've planned a bombing. They hear an unfamiliar sound and at the last second recognize "Hey, isn't that an Israeli helicopter?"

At that point, that's one of the last things to go through their mind. That and explosives, shrapnel, and other debris from the missile launched at them.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Semper Fidelis- Would have loved to serve with this Marine

Colonel James M. Lowe Commander, Marine Corps Base Quantico was invited to be a guest speaker at a formal "Dining In" at Basic School at Quantico and who took the time to actually compose a crowd-friendly, entertaining message. The following are the remarks of Col. Mike Lowe, the Commander of Marine Corps Base Quantico. These remarks are very much to the point and the Colonel held the absolute attention of everyone at the mess:

From that elegant introduction, you may or not have picked up on the fact that I have had 5 tours in Marine divisions, serving in all 4 divisions and 3d MarDiv twice. I have made 8 Marine expeditionary unit deployments, served with the special operations command and have been to every level of PME possible in order to hone my warfighting skills. Utilizing your great deductive abilities, intellect and experience as Lieutenants, you should have questioned the Corps' collective judgment when they decided to make me a Base Commander! I sure as hell did and I still do! Look up "base" in the dictionary. According to Mr. Webster: "lowest part or bottom. Having or showing little or no honor, courage or decency; mean; ignoble; contemptible; menial or degrading; inferior in quality; of comparative low worth".

So... After 28 years of focusing on locating, closing with and destroying, I've got that going for me! That's ok! Go ahead and laugh! There is at least one future base commander sitting among you right now! Seriously, I am honored to return to the Basic School as your guest, at this, one of our most time honored traditions. I have been asked to speak on my insights and experiences as a leader of Marines. Basically, I was told to talk about what I have learned over the last
28 years of leading Marines. Well, I have only learned eight things, and it will only take me about 60 seconds to share them with you. Now that I think of it, if I had been invited to speak to you the day Charlie Company formed up, I could have probably saved you six months of TBS training.

I thought I would get this structured portion out of the way up front so I could talk about anything I want to, so here goes.

1. Seek brilliance in the basics, always do the right thing, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

2. If you are riding at the head of the herd, look back every now and then and make sure it is still there.

3. Never enter an hour-long firefight with 5 minutes of ammo.

4. This one is really important for all of you born North of Washington, DC. Never, never kick a cow chip on a hot day.

5. If you're not shooting, and I can see by your marksmanship badges that some of you are challenged in this area, you better be communicating or reloading for another Marine.

6. There are three types of leaders. Those who learn from reading, those who learn from observation, and those who still have to touch the electric fence to get the message.

7. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap.

8. And finally, you might want to write this one down: Never slap a grown man who has a mouth full of chewing tobacco

Now that I've put that check in "proper military instruction" block, are there any questions? Of course not! What a stupid question to ask a bunch of Lieutenants so close to graduation! Now that I think of it, my TBS class stopped asking questions after the first two weeks. I have a few minutes left; so let's talk about something I like, Marines. Up front, let me tell you how much I admire you. Why is that? Unlike the vast majority of your fellow citizens, you stepped forward and committed yourself to a greater cause without concern for your personal safety or comfort. And you did it knowing that you would gain nothing in return. Except the honor and cherished privilege of earning the title of "Marine Officer".

Individually, you are as different as apples and oranges, but you are linked for eternity by the title "Marine" and the fact that you are part of the finest fighting force that has ever existed in history.

If you haven't picked up on it, I like being a Marine and I like being around Marines. Like most of you are probably thinking, I came into the Corps to do four years and four years only. But a strange happened. I was having so much fun that I simply forgot to get out. Hell, at this point, I am thinking seriously about making the Corps a career!

So what is it that I like about Marines? This is the easy part!

I like the fact that you always know were you stand with a Marine! With Marines, there is no middle ground or gray area. There are only missions, objectives and facts.

I like the fact that if you are a self-declared enemy of America, that running into a Marine outfit in combat is your worst nightmare, and that your health record is about to get a lot thicker or be closed out entirely!

I like the fact that Marines are steadfast and consistent in everything they do. Regardless of whether you agree with them or not; that Marines hold the term "politically correct" with nothing but pure disdain; that Marines stand tall and rigid in their actions, thoughts and deeds when others bend with the direction of the wind and are as confused as a dog looking at a ceiling fan!

I like the fact that each and every Marine considers the honor and legacy of the Corps as his personal and sacred trust to protect and defend.

I like the fact that most civilians don't have a clue what makes us tick! And that's not a bad thing. Because if they did, it would scare the hell out of them!

I like the fact that others say they want to be like us, but don't have what it takes in the "pain-gain-pride" department to make it happen.

I like the fact that the Marines came into being in a bar, Tun Tavern, and that Marines still gather in pubs, bars and slop chutes to share sea stories and hot scoop.

I like our motto: Semper Fidelis, and the fact that we don't shed it when the going gets tough, the battlefield gets deadly or when we hang up our uniform for the last time.

I like the fact that Marines take care of each other. In combat and in time of peace.

I like the fact that Marines consider the term "Marines take care of their own" as meaning we will give up our very life for our fellow Marines, if necessary.

I like the fact that Marines know the difference between "chicken salad" and "chicken shit" and aren't afraid to call either for what it is!

I like the fact that Marines have never failed the people of America and that we don't use the words "can't", "retreat", or "lose".

I like the fact that the people of America hold Marines in the highest esteem and that they know that they can count of us to locate, close with and destroy those who would harm them! I like Marines. And being around Marines.

I like the fact that a couple of years ago an elected member of congress felt compelled to publicly accuse the Marine Corps of being "radical and extreme". I like the fact that our Commandant informed that member of congress that he was absolutely correct and that he passed on his thanks for the compliment.

I like the fact that Marine leaders --- of every rank--- know that issuing every man and woman a black beret --- or polka-dotted boxer shorts for that matter--- does absolutely nothing to promote morale, fighting spirit or combat effectiveness.

I like the fact that Marines are Marines first. Regardless of age, race, creed, color, sex, national origin or how long they served or what goals they achieve in life!

Let me give you one example: a young man enlists in the Navy in WWI. When the war is over, he ships over and joins the Army. He next enlisted in the Marine Corps and served from 1920-1922. There was no Air Force back then, so I guess he felt he had put all the checks in the block! When he served out his time in the Corps, he went after an education: receiving various degrees in engineering, history and political science from UCLA and Montana State University . He entered politics and served for 11 years in the House of Representatives. Next, he tackled the Senate where he served for 24 years, as both the Democratic whip and later as the Senate majority leader. He was then appointed as the ambassador to Japan where he served for 11 years.

This gentleman went from snuffy to national and international prominence. And when he passed away in 2001, he was rightly buried in Arlington . If you want to visit his grave, don't look for him near the Kennedy Eternal Flame where so many politicians are laid to rest. Look for a small, common marker shared by the majority of our heroes. Look for the marker that says "Michael J. Mansfield, PFC , U.S. Marine Corps.

You see, Senator Mike Mansfield, like each of us gathered here tonight was prouder of being a Marine than anything else in his incredible life of national service.

There is one thing I have learned for sure over the last 28 years. The years fly by, names change, the weapons and the gear change, political leaders and agendas change, national priorities and budgets change, the threats to our nation change. But through it all, there is one abiding constant ---- the basic issue, do-or-die Marine.

He or she will do damn near anything asked, under terrible conditions, with better results and fewer complaints than any civilized human being should have reason to expect. And we, who have the privilege of serving them and leading them, make our plans and execute crucial missions based primarily on one fact of life. That the basic Marine will not fail his country, his Corps and his fellow Marines. That they will overcome any threat. If allowed to do so.

Think about that and remember that for 228 years it has worked and it has kept the wolf away from America 's door. I like Marines, because being a Marine is serious business. We're not a social club or a fraternal organization and we don't pretend to be. We're a brotherhood of "warriors" -- nothing more, nothing less, pure and simple.

We are in the ass-kicking business, and unfortunately, these days business is good. But don't worry about that. What you need to remember is that the mere association of the word "Marine" with a crisis is an automatic source of confidence to America , and encouragement to all nations who stand with us. As Marines, our message to our foes has always been essentially the same. "We own this side of the street! Threaten my country or our allies and we will come over to your side of the street, burn your hut down, and whisper in your ear "can you hear me now?" And then secure your heartbeat.

Now I must tell you that I had an opportunity to review your MOS assignments. I remember that time in my life well as a real group tightener! Regardless of what MOS you now have, if you don't already know it, being a leader of Marines is about as much fun as you can legally have with your clothes on! And that's true regardless if you are a grunt, datadink, sparkchaser, stewburner, wiredog, buttplate, remington raider, rotorhead, legal beagle, fast stick, cannon cocker, track head, skivvie stacker, dual fool or a boxkicker. And if you don't believe it - you will! Trust me!

Why is that? Because each us fought to gain the coveted title "Marine", it wasn't given to us. We earned it. And on the day we finally became Marines, an eternal flame of devotion and fierce pride was ignited in our souls.

Charlie Company, let's not fool ourselves. You know it and I know it. You have some challenging times and emotional events ahead of you. I am not talking about tomorrow morning's headache. I am talking about the fact that the world is a dangerous place and as leaders of Marines, you will be walking point on world events.

Make sure you keep that flame that I mentioned earlier burning brightly. It will keep you warm when times are hard. It will provide light in the darkest of nights. Use it and draw strength from it, as generations of leathernecks have done since our beginning.

Before PCS'ing to Quantico , I completed a 24-month tour with the
31st MEU aboard the USS Essex. Some of the Marines here tonight were with me. The Essex is a great ship and one of six to bear that name in defense of our nation.

In 1813, the first Essex was commanded by a tough skipper named Capt. David Porter. By all accounts, Capt Porter was the type man you did not want to see at Captain's Mast. He was tough, but he was a true warrior. On one particular mission, the Essex was ordered to sail alone to the Pacific and attack Great Britain 's Pacific whaling fleet.

Obviously, Captain Porter knew the fleet was well-guarded by British men-of-war and he knew his job would be a tough one and that he would be severely out gunned in his task.

Prior to sailing, Capt Porter addressed the assembled crew of sailors and Marines on the deck and explained the task at hand. He asked for volunteers only and told his men to "take seven steps forward" if they would willingly go in harms way with him. He then turned his back and waited.

After a few moments, he turned to face his crew and noticed no holes in the ranks. The ranks looked just as they had and not a single Marine or sailor stood to the front of the formation. It is reported that he went on a tirade and screamed, "What is this? Not a single volunteer among you?" With this, an aide leaned over and whispered in Porter's ear, "Sir, the whole line has stepped forward
7 paces."

I think of this story often. And when I do, I think of Marines like you. Charlie Company, on behalf of the generations of Marine lieutenants who have gone before you, thank you for taking the "7 steps forward", thank you for your love of country, thank you for your life-long commitment as a United States Marine.

For those of you who are wondering, "Am I up to it?" forget it. You will be magnificent, just as Marine officers always have been. I realize that many of your young Marines are going to be "been there, done that" warriors and that they will wear the decorations to prove it. But you need to know, that they respect you and admire you. You need to know that they want and need your leadership. All you have to do is never fail them in this regard and everything will turn out great. Hold up your end of the bargain and they will not fail.

I am pretty sure I can speak for the entire group of distinguished guests here tonight when I say, "We admire you and would trade places with you in a minute to do it all over again." Sooooo, if you're interested in giving up a platoon in order to be a base commander, see me at the bar!

One last thing. When you check into your first unit and start the fantastic voyage that only Marines will ever know, kick some serious ass. Because it is a full time job and there is a lot of that activity that must occur for America and her allies to survive.

"Long live the United States . And success to the Marine Corps!"

Semper Fi Colonel. Would have loved to have had you as a company commander, but am proud of the fact that my Marine Corps would produce such a man.

Holy Crap! Charlie Rangel is right on something

Charlie Rangel-D, the gruff congressman from NYC who has a history of calling President Bush a 'Bull Connor' (referring to the corrupt racist police commissioner from Montgomery Alabama), actually stood up and put the country ahead of party.

In this video hosted at, he takes Hugo Chavez to task for coming to "my country, my congressional district, and insulting my president".

Rangel is a military veteran of the Korean war, and has, at times, stood up for the military, so I have to give him some credit. But this is the strongest statement I've heard him make about someone insulting our country.

Well done Congressman.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Michigan: The France of the US

Rich Lowry, editor for the National Review Online recently wrote an article about Michigan. In his article, he elaborated on the horrible economic conditions in Michigan and how if the left wing nutjobs in this country really want to see what it's like to live in a world of liberal economics, they have one option that allows them to remain in the US: move to Michigan.

The taxation load in Michigan is ridiculous. Obviously this isn't news to any of us who live here, but he notes that competitive states have corporate income taxes, individual income taxes, or sales taxes, while we have all three. In addition, we have the SBT, which is a European-style value-added tax that allows companies that LOSE money to still have a tax burden. Companies such as Delphi and Northwest can still have a tax burden despite the fact that they're in bankruptcy. He also speaks to the union environment here where these sorts of companies, clinging for life in bankruptcy can also face strikes that would put them six feet under permanently.

The amazing thing is, we've known about this for years. The regulatory environment is such that it protects the union jobs, and politicians don't have the balls intestinal fortitude to stand up to the unions and pass a 'right to work' law where employees can choose whether or not to be in a union. As someone who once worked in a union shop, I know what my choice would have been.

And neither candidate for governor (including the Libertarian, at least, not that he's willing to publish anywhere I've been able to find) has been able to propose anything that would release Michigan from the stranglehold of the regulatory, taxation, and union triad of death.

So, I guess the magnificient mitten, that is the state of Michigan is destined to take it's place amongst the world of socialism alongside such great civilizations as France, the USSR, and the rest of eastern Europe.

What a great dynasty we'll be leaving our kids.

Steele for Senate

What happens when you call a guy an 'Uncle Tom', a traitor to his race, an Oreo (black/brown on the outside, white inside) , and his poll numbers still hold up or even improve?

Well you attack him for using a dog that really isn't his in his commercials of course. Typical liberal media. It's fine that his opponents are calling him an Uncle Tom, let's not talk about that ugliness. And Oreo? Oh, that's just good clean fun. But Steele using a dog to get votes, well that's just unAmerican. Especially a dog that isn't his. I mean, the GALL of the man to think that his family's Siberian Husky wasn't good enough for his commercial. I think it just goes to prove that Steele really is a racist. He didn't want the black/white Husky in his commercials because it would invoke too many images of mixing of the races, and we can't have that. So instead we have this Boston Terrier (obviously attempting to appeal to the Kennedy/Kerry Democrats in MD), that's about as ugly as the majority of Democratic women.

Are you friggin kidding me? Apparently, if you're a liberal idiot voter in Maryland, you're supposed to give a rats ass that the dog isn't his. Who the hell cares?

Sounds like Cardin and the rest of his liberal idiot buddies are grasping at straws. Go Michael!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Michigan Civil Rights Initiative

I don't understand why people are against this. The left wing liberal pansy academic types opponents complain that it's going to allow schools to ban blacks, hispanics, and native americans as well as allowing the government to only choose white owned companies.
Apparently these left wing idiots have been taught by some of these teachers who got admitted as a result of affirmative action, not the folks who didn't get in but would have been better candidates.
The best candidate is accepted, regardless of race. Isn't that what Martin Luther King wanted?
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
I know that some of the folks who are against this like to bastardize Reverend King's position and say he was for affirmative action, but if you actually look at what he says, you know that's just a lie.

In addition, if you look at California, who passed proposition 209 ten years ago, which was worded almost exactly the same as the Michigan proposal, you will see that there was no negative effect from the passage of that law. In fact, hispanic and black owned businesses grew at a faster rate than white owned businesses. Coincidence? Doubtful.

Benedict the chickenhearted

So the pope apologizes. Not a full apology mind you, but an apology that anyone was offended. So, he wasn't sorry for saying what he said, he was sorry for the fact that muslims were offended by what he said.
Since the middle east is having trouble doing much to develop education for all their citizens, economic stability for all their citizens, jobs for all their citizens that want to work, and human rights for all their citizens, I think Benedict is going to have to forgive them if they don't understand that nuanced of an apology. Oh but they can organize the hell out of a protest can't they? Yep, they can get a public square chock full o' nuts in a matter of moments. You'd think that they'd use some of that organizational power for good, but alas, you'd think wrong.

The biggest problem here is that the pope handed the extremist muslims a victory here. He apologized, acknowledged that he'd offended these nutcases. That's a moral victory for the liberal idiots PC left and the islamofacists. Good God, we CAN'T offend anyone's sensibilities, that'd be wrong! So instead he apologizes and hands the whackjob extremists a victory.

A columnist from the Boston Herals, Jules Crittenden, who is rapidly becoming my favorite journalist, writes an interesting piece about this. He basically says (although you should read the article yourself) that the Pope has set back our efforts to get the rest of the Islamic religion to reign back the fruitbats by giving them this propaganda victory. He mentions (and makes a great point) that the Pope can talk all the smack he wants, but in the end, it's going to cost lives of others, Americans, British, Aussies, etc to win the war on terror and defeat the islamofacists. Who's going to fight for the pope? The Swiss Guard? I've been told that they're mostly bad-ass mercenaries who go to Rome and protect the pope, but I don't see much more than a bunch of bodyguards in weird pants and hats. They may be tough, but truly, they're not going to Iraq/Iran/Syria to defend christianity.

Bill "Christ" Frist

I'm sure this is just a perspective thing, but do you think the photographer from Getty Images really meant to portray Bill Frist like this?

Yes, it's the ceiling of the building he's speaking in, but seriously....his head is PERFECTLY centered in the top, and it looks like all those paintings of Jesus with his halo.

The article this picture was assigned to was about Frist having a change of heart regarding the securing of our borders prior to passing a comprehensive border bill. Would that make this a 'second coming of Frist'?

Ok, I'm done with the jokes....I'll let the Senate and Senator Frist be the joke from now on.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Religion of nuts?

Nope. They're not crazy. They're not violent. It's a religion of peace. That's what people keep telling me. They wouldn't THINK of screaming and going nuts over some comments the Pope made. Street protests and threats of killing the Pope over something he said.
Hear that Rosie you fat pig? I certainly don't remember 'radical' christians protesting in the streets, burning effigies, and threatening to kill you over your remarks denigrating their religious beliefs. And don't get me started about their stance on gay people. These are people who want to kill you over what you SAY. Not just what your actions prove, but what you SAY. The pope quotes a 15th century Turkish leader who had bad things to say about muhammed and these people go crazy. What do you think they'd do about you if you came to their country, and announced you were gay? I have two idea, neither of which 'radical christians' have tried with you yet:
This is what they do to gays in Iran. Don't believe me? Check out the story at any number of these sites (Some of these sites are definite pro-gay sites, and contain what may be objectionable material for some, but should be good to go for you Rosie). And since we're talking about how bad the radical christians are, what religion do you think is promoting stoning as a solution to marital infidelity? Christianity? Nope, that'd be Islam again. Nope, they're not dangerous at all. Not as long as you are a mind-numbed robot male who recites exactly what your sheikh tells you to. Females? All bets are off. You have no rights, no voice, and are treated like property.
Yep, sounds like a place that you'd fit right in Rosie. Any amount of opinion counter to yours is screamed about, whined about, and generally ignored, no matter how many facts there are to support it. Actually, it kind of sounds like the Dimwitocrat Party altogether.

No wonder they're fighting the effort to destroy the Islamic fundamentalists so hard. They see themselves in them, and admire that.

Go figure.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sean Penn = turd bird

Just in case you needed more evidence that Sean 'I played Spicoli, listen to me' Penn is a complete and utter bag of defecation, look no further than Larry King Live. Or if you don't want to watch the spectacled, suspendered freak that is Mr. King, feel free to check out the article at NewsBusters about Penn's appearance.

Again, as I've said before, what exactly about being an actor makes you an authority on anything, other than acting? And not even a good actor. I mean seriously, when's the last time Seano made anything worth watching? Fast Times at Ridgemont High was cool and all, but that was the 80's big guy. How about dedicating some of this time that you have spent in boats 'rescuing people' in New Orleans and take an acting class? Just one. That'd be enough for you to clue into the fact that you have zero talent and are making your way through life solely because you have a big mouth and your liberal Hollywood buddies put you in their films out of pity.

And speaking of fraud, let's talk about the publicity stunt that was Penn rescuing people. Word amongst his handlers/PR hacks was that he 'rescued' 40 people. Let's do the math for a second. He was in the boat, along with his camera man, PR man, and one other. It was a three person boat. Hmm...... Oh, and shortly after they launched, it sprung a leak, causing Penn to begin to bail out the boat with a small plastic cup. But he was still able to be a hero and still rescued people? Doubtful. And one final note....that white jacket you see him wearing? Life jacket? Nope. Bulletproof kevlar(thanks jiggidy. It may not be kevlar) vest. So much for love and trust for your fellow man.

Bottom line, I agree that the freaks of Hollyweird have just as much right to espouse their opinions as the rest of the US. I just don't think that every time Penn emits some verbal vomit, we should all have to be subjected to it in the press and media

Wow...that was quick

I posted the message about the Amnesty International report regarding Hezbollah war atrocities and within two hours, I received an email advising me that a Boston Herald columnist, Jules Crittendon had also taken up the cause, pointing out this report in his most recent column. It's a great read and obviously covers things in much more detail than I did here. Give it a read.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

They want to kill us

It's pretty clear....

Amnesty Intl isn't 100% full of sh_t

Just about 95%. Amnesty International actually issued a report critical of Hezbollah actions during the recent conflict with Israel. They reported that Hezbollah targeted civilian sites and that's just not acceptable to those people who just don't understand warfare. Funny thing about the article is that it says that the organization bowed to pressure from the US to issue the report. Oh, that and they criticized Israel as well in this report, but not as much as I would have expected.

Amnesty International bowing to pressure from us? Yeah, that'll happen.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Path to 9/11

Probably the most poignant scene in the miniseries on ABC. Whatever your political leanings, the feelings that are stirred up during this clip should be pretty intense.

Monday, September 11, 2006

RIP- William Randolph Tieste

William was a VP of equity sales for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was in the building on 9/11 when the planes driven by murderous jihadi's plowed into the WTC. He was 54 years old, and lived in Basking Ridge, NJ.

When his son, BC had to bring a picture to school, displaying what he wanted to be when he grew up, he had a guy holding a briefcase. He wanted to be like his father, selling stocks. Approximately a year prior to his murder, William and his wife had bought their dream home, a five bedroom colonial with an in ground pool, in which William enjoyed reading mystery novels. It also had a game room which they were still working on, complete with a pool table and big screen TV. This was so that family and friends could congregate on holidays. His favorite holiday was Thanksgiving, the best holiday for such congratations.

William was born in NYC, went to Farleigh Dickinson and graduated in 1976. He is survived by his wife, Debby and two sons, Keith and William Charles better known as BC..

Rest in peace Bill. May your loss of life never be forgotten and may it be avenged 100-fold by our brave men and women in uniform as they root out the evil that is islamic facism.

Finally !!

I found the Clinton administrations terrorism policy(thanks to the Texas Rainmaker):

I also wanted to show you the types of people who generally hate America and should be exposed, especially on days like today:

I choose to generally ignore these jackasses, but I felt it was necessary to remind folks today.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What's the big deal?

So, the ABC miniseries, "Path to 9/11" has raised the hackles of the Demoncrats, who complain that it's a work of fiction. It's pissed off Bill Clinton and his pissants sufficiently to warrant them sending a letter to the executives of ABC with veiled threats demanding that they cancel the movie. Howeird Dean also issued his usual 'whining statement complaining that ABC should pull the movie as a piece of fiction.

Funny thing is that the majority of the story was taken from the 9/11 commission report, which pissed off both sides of the aisle. But mostly was spun to make Republicans look to be incompetent. But now when someone spins it the other way, to display the incompetence in which the Dimwitocrats and their womanizing leader, President Clit-on, it's suddenly some sort of horrible lie.

And Dirty-Harry Reid, has issued veiled threats to ABC, saying, in so many words, that if they don't pull the movie, that ABC's license to use public airwaves is going to have to be reviewed.

I mean, let's be honest. Libs love to refer to the Bush administration as a miserable failure, but if you TRULY want to see miserable failure, do a little research and take a look at the Clinton administrations record on terrorism.

There's a miserable failure if I've ever seen one. You got it. Clinton administration miserable failure with terrorism. Make sure and index that right Google.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Boycott Miller

Our buddies at Miller Brewing company, who brew, arguably, some of the nastiest beer out there, have come out strongly against legislation to regulate illegal immigration, and has given money to groups that support illegals and their activities.
While I'm quite sure anyone who is reading this has better taste than to actually drink that swill of a beer, just in case a visitor here does choke down the occasional Genuine Draft or Lite, please choose a better, more American-friendly beer from now on. Or at least until Miller sees the error of their ways.

However, I believe that once you go to a real beer, you'll probably not go back to the piss-water that is brewed by the South African owned idiots from Milwaukee.

Need some suggestions?

Bells - Great Microbrew, in my home town. They distribute through most of Michigan, some of Indiana (I think). If you don't have it, get it. Wonderful IPA, great seasonals, and great 'Two Hearted Ale', probably my favorite.

Sam Adams- Everyone knows Sam. Good stuff, great body, great variety.

Fat Tire - By New Belgium Brewery. Great taste. Not tried their other brews, but I don't doubt that they rock.

Sierra Nevada- all around good stuff. Several varieties. Never had a bad Sierra.

Life's too short to drink crappy beer. Spend the extra buck and get a real beer.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

per Jiggidy

At double-J's request:

Dimwitocrats = wounded animals

It's amusing to watch, but frustrating to see. Any time a Dimwitocrat finds themselves losing in the polls or beginning to fall behind, they resort to the snarling, foaming at the mouth, lying, viciousness that we've become accustomed to.

Case in point, Jenny from the Block, governor (hopefully only one term) of Michigan. Recent advertisements have accused Dick DeVos, her Republican opponent of shipping out jobs from Michigan to China when he was CEO of Alticor (the company formerly known as Amway). She says that thousands of jobs were shipped overseas by Alticor and that Alticor is now an 'overseas' company.

In actuality, jobs were added to Alticor as a result of the market expansion into China. $700 million was invested in Michigan, $200 million (as per law there) was invested in China. 300 jobs were also added.

Alticor is now running advertisements to defend themselves from this baseless attack, and the Dimwits are slamming Alticor as trying to help DeVos. Typical damned if you do, damned if you don't mentality but it's good that they're stepping to the plate.

Facts are funny things. They're tough to run from.

FACT: Michigan has lost jobs the last three years running.
FACT: Michigan has lost 7% of its jobs since 2000
FACT: Michigan is 2nd in the nation in Unemployment at 7.2% which of course doesn't include the folks that have given up and moved elsewhere.
FACT: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin, all states around Michigan that have much of the same economics and business environment have ADDED jobs. Indiana added 18,000 jobs last year, Illinois 56,000, and OHIO (fer chrissakes) added 28,000 jobs.

FACT: Jennifer Granholm continues to blame the Engler administration and Bush administration for her failures to move Michigan forward.

When the team doesn't perform, you fire the coach. Sometimes the coach doesn't help (look at the Lions over the last many years), but sometimes it does (looking at the Tigers).

Coach Granholm, you've had a 4 year losing streak, it's time someone else had a chance to move Team Michigan forward.