Friday, December 30, 2005

New Years Resolutions

Wednesday I was listening to the Sean Hannity show as I was driving up to Mount Pleasant, on my way to see comedian Ron White at the Soaring Eagle Casino. The guest host had an interesting topic: If you could set a New Years resolution for someone else, what would it be?

So I called in and got on the air with one of my hundreds of thoughts on this subject. Mine was for President Bush to continue to use his newly discovered backbone to take the fight to the liberals on the war, the intelligence, and the economy. Since he's started on the offensive and abandoned the 'oh we don't want to fight' policy, his poll numbers have increased and the Dems/Libs have had to resort to other whining. But I thought that since I didn't get to talk about the rest of my resolutions, I'd post them here:

Michael Moore: Cut down my usual meal to only 5 hamburgers, 2 chickens and go buy a razor.
Hillary Clinton: Realize that I'm not nearly as good a politician as Bill is and as a result I may actually have to pick an opinion and run with it.
Barbara Streisand: Go down to Walmart and purchase myself an economy-sized box of Clue.
Alec Baldwin and the rest of the left-wing moonbats in Hollyweird: Ditto
Cindy Sheehan: Honor the memory of my son and shut the hell up.
Lincoln Chafee, Olympia Snowe and the rest of the spineless Republicans who only pretend to be conservative when they're running for re-election: FINALLY change that R next to my name to a D as everyone has suspected all along
Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan, Al Sharpton and the rest of the race baiting 'leadership' of black America: Finally realize that the majority of black America does not actually share their views of the world. The majority of black America is anti-abortion, anti-crime, and pro-economic growth and actually shares more in common with Republicans than Democrats. Stop treating intelligent blacks like Michael Steele, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, et al, like traitors to thier race.
Vincente Fox: Realize that my country sucks and that I need to do something to actually make my people want to stay, rather than flee over the border.
Jacques Chirac: Ditto

The American People: Realize that as we continue to by cheap, crappy products from China, we continue to export American jobs and with those American jobs, our future. Start looking on the packaging and buying stuff that's made in the USA when you get the chance. The job you save, may be yours.

And for me? Try to be a bit more opinionated, try to post here at least once a week, and try to slap around libs every opportunity I get!

Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Attn: New York Times. Please remove your head from your asses

In 1982, there was a ruling by a Federal Appeals court in 691 F.2d 272 United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit, Abdeen M. Jabara v. William H. Webster, that said that it IS indeed legal for the government to tap overseas phone calls and perform the types of data gathering that President Bush has ordered the NSA to continue doing from the previous four administrations.

Not only that, but it was reported IN the New York Times on November 7, 1982, by David Burnham.

Now, if a simpleton like me can find this information, don't you think that before these people write articles that put the intelligence community on trial, as well as our president, in addition to putting national security at risk, should do a bit of research before accusing our president of breaking the law?

Feking morons.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Media bias is real? The HELL you say....

Apparently a UCLA professor actually spent taxpayer dollars researching the bias in the media to prove that it actually exists...
And apparently his next study will be to prove that Santa's sleigh really doesn't fly, but rather glides over the snow.

I can't believe that this guy actually wasted his time trying to 'prove' the bias. Heck, all you have to do is read the papers, or even better, watch a speech by the president and then listen to the ANALysts tell us what he said afterward. The spin they put on his words are amazing.

This was published in the UCLA student media, so I'm sure it'll be attacked as innaccurate within seconds....but it's good to see it out there anyway.

Friday, December 16, 2005

More lies about Katrina

Everyone remembers how people who are supposedly influential in the black community were demanding answers after so many blacks were abandoned by the government in New Orleans and how they predicted 50,000 blacks to be dead after it was all said and done. Of course, that 50,000 is nowhere near what the actual death toll turned out to be, as well as the complete fabrication of the stories of murders and rapes happening in the Superdome. Never happened. Read the reports and educate yourself, you'll learn.
Well, now comes a report from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals that race was not a factor in deaths from Katrina. White people actually made up a higher percentage of deaths than black.
Census information shows that white people make up about 28% of the population of New Orleans. However, 42% of the deaths that resulted from Katrina were white people. I'm sure we'll have David Duke on the TV soon demanding an investigation into why it was that George Bush blew up the levees and have some idiot like Alec Baldwin on TV saying "George Bush doesn't care about white people"....

No wait, that's only stupid liberals that say idiotic stuff like that.

Anyway, read the info here and educate yourself. Nothing pisses off a liberal more than someone who actually knows what they're talking about and can refute their bullsh__ with actual numbers and facts. Everyone knows that facts are a liberals worst enemy.

And Google sucks.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Powerful photo essay

As much as I hate Time magazine and their usual anti-American bias, this photo essay is some powerful stuff. Check it out.
I personally would like to thank these families for their sacrifice and offer my condolences. Their loss is something that we all as a country share, but we will be better for it.

A picture is worth 1000 words, and honestly, I have nothing more to add.

Except Google sucks.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Oh my God, you killed Tookie! You bastard!

Tookie Williams, founder of the Crips gang, responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths, was FINALLY put to death last night by lethal injection. Actually, I guess it would have been this morning, about 3am EST.
The amusing thing about this isn't necessarily that a gang founder/member got executed. It's that it took 24 friggin years to put him down. While he and his supporters filed appeal after appeal after appeal, we had to foot the bill to house him and feed him. He maintained his innocence to the end, which I find horribly ironic. Let's see, you'll take responsibility for founding the gang, you'll accept the fact that drive-by's were basically INVENTED by you, but yet, you won't accept responsibility for murders that a number of witnesses saw you commit as well as you had bragged about to other witnesses.

Granted, had Tookie not been put in prison, his lifespan probably would have been considerably shorter. I mean, the average gang member doesn't last until he's 30, so Tookie should actually be thankful that he got to 52, even though 24 years of that time was spent in San Quentin.

Now they're saying that riots will happen in LA. Well, that'll just help support idea held by everyone who lives outside of LA and everyone who ISN'T a media-type that LA is basically a 3rd world country within the US, and should probably have a 20 foot wall built around it to keep the animals in. Feel free to riot and burn your own stuff....again...for the third or fourth time in the last 10 years. Idiots.

You're welcome Took....and see you in hell.

And Google sucks.

Monday, December 12, 2005


As some of you may already know, there's been a change in my employment status as of last Thursday.
I will post more details later, but to clear up one thing on the rumor mill, it wasn't because of this blog. While I don't plan on going into gory detail, at least not until January 25, when my severance package expires, I'd like to thank the little pissant fags (you who know who you are) that for some reason think that the best way to get ahead is to give head. Literally, or figuratively. Apparently it's the Christian thing to do, fuck someone who doesn't necessarily share your worldview, or workview for that matter, even when it's none of your fucking business. It's cool. Karma has a way of getting back to you. And I guarantee, that it will.

More later. And Google sucks.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


For Democrats to have the audacity to say out of one side of their mouths that they support the troops, but out of the other, say that we have to pull out of Iraq is complete and total hypocrisy. Which part of the whole mission statement of the military do they not get? The 'danger' part? Oh, I'm sorry, yeah, you're right, wars should be bloodless and no one should ever get hurt, kind of like the Kosovo and other 'wonderful' military campaigns that were executed by William Jefferson Clinton. Those jokes of a military action were obviously for TV sake and only to distract the media from what was really going on in the news, such as Monica's testimony, etc.

The mission of the military is victory. Plain and simple. There's no halfway to it. Either you're with the program, or you're not. You can't support the troops, but demand that they quit doing what they're doing. They're in Iraq to provide security until the Iraqi people can do that for themselves. For John Kerry to criticize the president, criticize our being in Iraq and demand for a pullout, and then say that he's concerned about troop safety is complete and typical bullsnot, fully expected from an uppity northeastern liberal who thinks he's better than everyone else and who likes to portray himself as a hero, even though he's an utter scumbag. For him to provide comfort to the enemy like this is nothing short of treason.

Next time Kerry is in a public forum, someone needs to shout out to him why it is that he's calling our troops terrorists, kicking in doors, terrorizing the Iraqi people. He's a liar, a con-man, and a squanderer of other peoples wealth.

Whored Dean is another scumbag out there, whining about how the US will never win in Iraq and how it's a lot like Vietnam.

Yep, it is like Vietnam, Whored.....a bunch of scumbag hippie types like yourself whining and pissing and moaning, loving it when a bunch of Americans get killed because then you can point to the president in indignant self-righteousness and say "See? We're right", and hoping that it helps you politically.

Screw you Commucratic anti-American idiots. You should be ashamed of yourself, and shouldn't even call yourself Americans.

Oh yeah, and Google Sucks.