Saturday, December 24, 2011

And then there was nothing....

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My "friend" David

So, David responded yesterday, looking for more information:
Thanks for your honesty towards this transaction so far.  Sorry for the late response, I was out of town for the weekend, I have been notified by my financial institution that the funds have been deducted from my account and I have received the Western union Money transfer number, I would also need the Sender's name and address ( as it appears on the receipt) actual amount sent.  Kindly get back to me with the Western Union transfer details (as it appears on the receipt obtained) so that i can forward it to the movers for confirmation of payment and they would schedule for the pick up of the item alongside with my other properties..
What is your schedule for the week prior to pick up?
It's awesome doing business with you.
Best regards.
I find it ironic that the conman continues to reference "honesty" when speaking about our 'transactions'.  And of course it's awesome doing business with me because he actually thinks he's going to get money out of this, unlike the majority of his other victims.

Unfortunately, David, in his greed, called my house (remember, I gave him my phone number in one of the original correspondence) and my wife answered.  I failed to cover that base and bring her in on the scam.  She told him that we found out that the check was fake and that we were coming after him with police. 

Damn.  Busted.

So, I'm thinking that it's likely that'll be the last I hear from David.  Note to self:  Next time you want to string along a conman to see if he will give up any info, make sure the wife is on board.  However, I think the lesson out of all of this is that it's very unlikely that any authorities will get involved unless we're talking tens of thousands of dollars being scammed, because it's just not economically viable to prosecute someone for a couple thousand dollars.  Harsh?  Yes.  Accurate?  Unfortunately, yes as well.  So, please, for your own financial well-being, don't even give these assholes the time of day.  Eventually they'll give up and go back to trying to con people playing three card monty on the street.  Or selling mutual funds.
Maybe I'll renew the ad on Craigslist so I can phish in some new dumbasses....

Friday, December 02, 2011

So, I wired money to a stranger....

OK, I didn't REALLY wire money to a stranger...heck, David and I are old friends by now.  But no, I didn't actually wire him anything.  I looked up what the MTCN # format was and copied a number directly from the site, figuring that if they've had that info out there for this long, it's pretty much public knowledge.  Here's my email to my friend David:
I have wired you the money for your shipper.  The details are below.  However, due to a clerical error, instead of $40, $400 was kept.  When your shipper arrives, I’ll give him a check for the additional $360.  I had my wife do the transaction and she misunderstood.  I’m sure you understand.
I look forward to your response.

Following is a summary of your transaction.
Your Money Transfer Control Number [MTCN] is: 9993093353
 Please use this number for any inquiries.

Man, I can't wait for the response...this is like Christmas, except the things I'm trying to unwrap aren't cool.

Law enforcement and scams

I had a discussion with a good friend who is a police officer and has a bit of a speciality in Internet crimes yesterday.  He advised me to continue down the road of educating people and screwing with the scammers, but that attempts to prosecute these jack-wagons will likely end in frustration.  Mostly because even if I was scammed out of the money (which I was not), the amount lost would be little in comparison to the man-hours it would take to track down these dregs on society.  Additionally, they tend to do a lot of their scams across multiple jurisdictions, thus pieces of the case would be spread across various departments and no one department would have all of the evidence.  Thus, the costs to chase down the perpetrators of these sorts of crimes is 10x greater than the reward.

Now, I disagree with this sort of cost/benefit analysis when it comes to crime, but I definitely 'get' it.  Police departments are faced with limited resources and want to spend those resources on things that get the biggest bang for their buck.  I have no issue with that. 

My issue, however, is that the folks who are being victimized by these dirtballs are those who can least afford to be victimized:  low to middle income folks who are just trying to get by and who see an opportunity to make a little extra cash.  Let's face it, the $40 that David DaKing offered me to cash his rubber check and then Western Union his "shipper" the difference isn't even worth my time.  However, someone who is making minimum wage is much more likely to go ahead and try this.  Especially when they see a check for $1990.  Deep down it's likely they know that this guy is a scumbag and a scammer, but they see that money and think of all the bills they can pay with it.  Next thing you know, they're cashing the check (or trying to), spending the money, wiring this bastard his cash, and then bam, it all comes crashing down on them and they're in worse shape than they were before the $1990 that never existed in the first place.

So, my mission is clear:  Continue to harass and expose these dirtballs for what they are and continue to aggregate evidence as best I can.  Maybe someday I'll have enough for someone to use to prosecute one of these tools.  Or, maybe I can just enjoy the process.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

David DaKing

I received an email from my friend David yesterday, but didn't have time to post it here.  He's wondering if I've had a chance to get that check cashed so I can wire him the money.  I don't have the heart to tell him that I know his check is just about as real as the boobs on a porn star.  So, I continue to string him along....

Here's his email:
From David Da King []

How are you doing this morning?.  I wold like to know the status of the transaction as of this morning, have you gotten the check cashed? kindly get back to me with an update regarding this transaction so that we can proceed with the pick up of the item as i've some other properties to be moved

Thanks for your honesty and I await Your Urgent Response..

I'm really tempted to just go off on him, but I want to see where this goes.  So, I'm going to give him a fake Western Union number, tell him our business is complete, and tell him I await his shipper....maybe even screw with him a bit and tell him that there was a clerical error and instead of keeping $40, I kept $400 and offer to make it right when his shipper shows up...

Yes, I think that's where this story will continue....I'll keep posting whatever I get.  Stick with me folks, it's going to be a fun ride.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Contact info

This officer left contact information in a comment, but I wanted to give him as much attention as he deserves, so I'm reposting it here:
If anyone has been scammed by Fawn Adams, please email me so I can get in touch with you. I am building a case against this person and need your help. or contact Det. Crouthamel at Kinnelon PD 973-838-1124.
No, it's not a scam!
I strongly urge anyone who has actually been scammed (as opposed to folks like me who just enjoy playing with these idiots in hopes to distract them from their actual prey) to contact him.  It looks to me like he's in New Jersey and it's actually the Kinnelon NJ PD's number (of course I had to look it up before I posted it).

I wish you luck in your pursuit of this dirtball, officer.  I would like to support your effort in any way I can.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

woo wee! A check for $1990.00

So, my friend David Da King (I am amused by that name every time I write it), finally came across with some bucks.  $1990 to be precise.  For a $600 desk.  Seems a little overkill, but hey, I'll go along with the fun.

It was drawn on a bank out of New York, called Signature Bank.  I called them up and talked to a very nice man who told me that the check was counterfeit.  *GASP*...I was shocked. Or....not.

Interestingly enough, it was drawn on an account for Clean Power Technologies Inc, at 600 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY.  I can't read the signature, but it's certainly not David DaKing. 

So, I'm going to contact my local police department and see what we can do to chase this prick down.  The UPS package can likely be traced back to whomever sent it, so I have to believe they'll be able to hunt him/her down...But it's all about the desire to bust him.  That seems to be the biggest issue.  Yes, I realize that there are much bigger fish to fry, but let's face it, this sort of crime is the type of crime that hurts the Americans that can scarcely afford to get hosed.

I'll keep everyone informed as to how it goes, but hopefully, I'll get some love from the local PD.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's my lucky day!

Or not.

As much as I'd be amused by a free Mac Book Air, given to me by the CEO of Craigslist, I'm thinking this is a scam, what do you think?


Hello, my name is Jim, Ceo of

We fairly recently combined up with Apple about a 1 time advertising event lately, we're giving freely complimentary MacBook Air to randomly selected men and women who have posted an advert that use C-list. You've been selected as one of our most current winners for this week. We now randomly choose stats to match up with advertising on Craigslist and your advertisement matched with this latest drawing.

You'll find we combined with Apple to promote their best device yet, the Apple MacBook Air. Remember, were running this campaign for 1 day only. All you need to do is Click On This Link to visit our web-site designed for this promotion and put in your email to acquire yours cost-free. Be sure you you enter your email therefore we may find our records to be sure that we've reserved one for you personally. That's all!

Congratulations on winning a free of charge Apple MacBook Air (valued at $1,499.00). If you ever get any problem or problems, at any time email me back. Regardless, be sure to claim your cost free MacBook Air firstly to make certain 1 is booked for you prior to the deadline ends. We do know that you could possibly not receive this mail until following the due date, nevertheless, we advise you take a look at the web-site and provide your email to find out if we still have yours on hold, which we often do because others haven't claimed theirs on time.


Ceo, Cl
Now, given that I'm never this lucky, I figured this was fishy, especially since the CEO of Craigslist is named Jim Buckmaster, and the originating address for this email was Jim Bassi <>.  The poor grammar doesn't help either, but I figured you don't have to be a genius to be a CEO (take a look at several of them out there)...

But of course, this is a scam.

Darn, I was hoping to get addicted to Apple products so I could help pay to keep Steve Jobs' corpse frozen in nitrogen until they find a cure for his cancer.  (too soon?)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I was really hoping for a clever new ruse to publicize here so that folks would be made aware of it, but Ann, in her complete and utter lack of creativity, resorted to the same tired fake Paypal email, originating from (which was also the email from several posts ago).  Who truly believes this crap?  I guess someone does, because otherwise these human wastes of oxygen wouldn't do it.

One variant, there's a different shipper in the mix:

Agent's Info: 
Tameika Tucker
1599 Rock Mountain Blvd,
Stone Mountain,GA 30083

So, we at least have that going for us...but disappointment all around in the lack of creativity.  Maybe David or Tim will venture better than Ann. 

My response to Ann?  I thought you'd never ask:
I’m not sure what kind of idiots you’re used to dealing with, but anyone with half a brain knows that Paypal doesn’t send notifications via Gmail. 
Did your parents have any children that lived?  Are you truly this stupid?  Do people really take an email as proof of payment without looking in their Paypal account to confirm that payment has been received? 
If you lived in the US, I would hunt you down and beat you with a baseball bat, slowly of course, so that I could see the life leaving your eyes.  But I couldn’t be so lucky as to have an idiot scumbag scammer attempting to steal my money from within my home country.  I’m sure that your sorry ass is from some backwards-ass third world country where you screw goats and eat dogs.
Die in a fire you stain upon humanity.
I'd really like to see a response from this, but I doubt they have the balls. I was trying to goad them into a response, but I'm sure they'll just move on to their next target.

ACH payment cancelled

In my email, I received a cancellation of an ACH payment.  Of course, a simple examination of the email shows that it was a scam, since ACH payments rarely originate from (registered in Belgium), nor do those emails include a graphic that is hosted at

So, which one of our lucky players will send me an email saying "Hey, I tried to send you an ACH, but it was cancelled" with some sort of imaginative excuse...will it be player 1- Ann?  Player 2-, Tim?  Or player 3- David?  Only time will tell...but I guarantee you, I'll keep you informed.

Coincidentally both domains are registered with the same info:
   Gemeentebestuur Oostrozebeke
   Ernest Brengierstraat 6/1
   Oostrozebeke, W-Vl  8780

   Registrar: NAMESDIRECT
      Created on: 17-OCT-01
      Expires on: 22-APR-18
      Last Updated on: 17-MAR-09

   Administrative, Technical Contact:
      De Cock, Marc
      Gemeentebestuur Oostrozebeke
      Ernest Brengierstraat 6/1
      Oostrozebeke, W-Vl  8780

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And yet another

Here's a new player in our game:  Tim Nauman, or  He writes:
Thanks for the prompt response to my mail. I will be buying from you so please kindly withdraw the advert from C.LIST. Please be informed that i will be paying with a certified check from my Bank it will be delivered to you via United Parcel Service (UPS) or FedEx , so I'll need you to provide me with the following information to facilitatethe mailing of the check...

                Name to be on the payment...........
                Home address...........
                Zip Code..............
                Cell phone #................

I will make arrangements for the pick up as soon as you have your money I am completely satisfied with the advert and the payment will be delivered within 24hours.** I use a hearing impaired phone # and will receive your calls via email **

N.B UPS/FedEx does not deliver to a P.O box addresses.Thanks
W00t! I have scammers fighting over who can send me money first.  Maybe, just maybe, we can get the police actually interested in this, since thus far I've been 100% unable to get them remotely interested in arresting these scumbags.

By the way, my response was something along the lines of "I'll take the advertisement off Craigs list when the money is in my hands, and my name & address", which of course is public knowledge.  I did not provide them my cell, since I know there are some scams where they can charge to my cell #.

Should be interesting over the next couple days to see how this rolls.

w00t...more responses

Apparently the idiots are out in full force today.  I received three different requests about my desk that's on Craigslist, all of which look to be scams.  Each one asked if the item was still available, which seems to be a standard question for scammers.  That's all they ask.  The first response was this, received from the email address

Thanks for the swift response, just to let you know that am okay with the condition and price of the item, am ready for its purchase and i know there might be other potential buyers so am willing to add extra $30 so that you can keep it in my favor.  My form of payment will be by sending you Check via FedEx 2days local delivery. 
I'll be responsible for the pick-up and the movers/pick up money will be included in your payment to avoid delay and to enable movers to schedule an appropriate time for the pick-up at your location after check has been cashed,as i have other properties to be moved alongside with yours.
I would have really love to come for the viewing but due to my work frame that might not be possible, I hope you understand. Kindly get back to me with your full name and address including your cell number so i can make out payment to you.

I believe this is based on trust.



God Bless America!
Which I found relatively ironic, since "I believe this is based on trust" would indicate that I'm supposed to trust him because heck, he trusts me.  So, I'm going to go ahead and give him my full name and address so he can "make out payment to me". 

Golly, I can't wait!

Monday, November 14, 2011

More scammer scumbags

So, I have a desk for sale on Craigslist.  And once again, I get the same dumbass trying to scam me...or at least, the same scam:

From:  Ann Walker []
Thanks for your prompt e-mail, i want you to get back to me with more picture and is there any other issues with it not mentioned on Craigslist.Am satisfied with your advert price, as am requesting this transaction should be done via PayPal so the PayPal charges is on me,If my offer is accepted send me your PayPal email and your name including your phone# or send me paypal invoice so i can pay you right away.I am busy at work and do not have much time around me, but no worries as i am willing to handle the picked of this merchandise through my legitimate mover agent cause i will like it to be picked at your residence location,Make sure you get back to me immediately, So no Shipping

Now, since I've already been through this once, I figure it's time to escalate.  I send back:
Dear Ann,

Rather than screwing around with mover agents and all the rest, please send me your Paypal address so that I may send you a PayPal bill and bill your account directly.  You see, I've recently dealt with some really shady people who think that they deserve another person's hard-earned money without really coming forward with the goods/services that they requested.  So, in an effort to work with only honest people, which you obviously are, given that you're so busy with work, I'd prefer to work directly through Paypal, rather than any other process.

I'll even throw in free delivery to within 50 miles of my location if you follow this process.



Now to sit back and wait for the amusement.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ah...beta phishing...

For those of you who don't play MMORPG's, (massive multiplayer online role playing games) you'll likely not think this scam is such a big deal.  But trust me, for those of us who do, this is one of the most evil scams ever:  The invitation to beta.  See, Beta is awesome.  It's essentially you getting a chance to see parts of the game (or the entire game itself) before most everyone else.  You get to provide feedback to the programmers as to what works, what doesn't, where bugs are, and whether you like it or not.  It's awesome.
However, this scumbag isn't giving you/me access to the Diablo III beta, in this case.  He's just phishing for your userid & password.  They want the general password because that will give them access to your World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and several other game accounts.  And then they access your account, sell all your stuff, transfer your gold to their character, and then sell your gold in the real world.  Yes, people guy WoW gold in real you pay $100 bucks and get 10,000 gold (no, I don't know if that's accurate, but it's meant to be an example, not an accurate portrayal of the market).

So, here's the email I received this morning:
Greetings from Blizzard Entertainment!

We’re gearing up for the forthcoming launch of Diablo III and would like to extend you an invitation to participate in the beta test. If you are interested in participating, you need to have a account, which you can create on our website.

We will flag you for access to the Diablo III beta test when we begin admitting press. You do not need to go through the opt-in process.

To secure your place among the first of Sanctuary’s heroes,Please use the following template below to verify your account and information via email.

* Name:
* Battle.account name:
* Password:
* Country:
* E-mail Address:

Thanks and see you all in the Burning Hells!

In the address field it said it was from, which seems legitimate.  However, when you hit the 'reply' in your mail client, it populates the 'to' field with .  See the difference?  Not a email address.  Additionally, Blizzard would NEVER EVER EVER ask you to email your password.  I also did the research and found that is registered to a Chinese gold farmer (are there any other kinds?):
Domain Name ..................... D3-BLIZZARD.COM
Name Server .....................
Registrant ID ................... hc672638609-cn
Registrant Name ................. cheng cui
Registrant Organization ......... cheng cui e
Registrant Address .............. henansheng zhengzhoushi
Registrant City ................. zhengzhou
Registrant Province/State ....... HA
Registrant Postal Code .......... 002300
Registrant Country Code ......... CN
Registrant Phone Number ......... +86.037165862108 - 
Registrant Fax .................. +86.037165862108 - 
Registrant Email ................
Administrative ID ............... hc672638609-cn
Administrative Name ............. cheng cui
Administrative Organization ..... cheng cui e
Administrative Address .......... henansheng zhengzhoushi
Administrative City ............. zhengzhou
Administrative Province/State ... HA
Administrative Postal Code ...... 002300
Administrative Country Code ..... CN
Administrative Phone Number ..... +86.037165862108 - 
Administrative Fax .............. +86.037165862108 - 
Administrative Email ............
Billing ID ...................... hc672638609-cn
Billing Name .................... cheng cui
Billing Organization ............ cheng cui e
Billing Address ................. henansheng zhengzhoushi
Billing City .................... zhengzhou
Billing Province/State .......... HA
Billing Postal Code ............. 002300
Billing Country Code ............ CN
Billing Phone Number ............ +86.037165862108 - 
Billing Fax ..................... +86.037165862108 - 
Billing Email ...................
Technical ID .................... hc672638609-cn
Technical Name .................. cheng cui
Technical Organization .......... cheng cui e
Technical Address ............... henansheng zhengzhoushi
Technical City .................. zhengzhou
Technical Province/State ........ HA
Technical Postal Code ........... 002300
Technical Country Code .......... CN
Technical Phone Number .......... +86.037165862108 - 
Technical Fax ................... +86.037165862108 - 
Technical Email .................
Expiration Date ................. 2012-08-29 10:02:28
So, while I truly do believe that stupidity should be painful and that people who fall for this shouldn't get their gear or gold back, this is a pretty low attack and this scumbag should have their testicles fed to them with a fork.  In the face.  Repeatedly.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Postal phishing attempt.

So, checking the email today, I get this message from the United States Postal Service (otherwise known as snail-mail):
Dear Customer,

We attempted to deliver your item at 10:17 am on October 15, 2011 and a notice was left. You may arrange redelivery by clicking the link below or pick up the item at the Post Office indicated on the notice. If this item is unclaimed after 15 days then it will be returned to the sender. The sender has requested that you receive a Track & Confirm update, as shown below.

Label Number: 7007 8392 8839 7312 4531
Weight: 1.1 LBS
Expected Delivery Date: October 15, 2011
Service Type: First-Class Certified Mail
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation
Status: Final Notice

To check on the delivery status of your mailing or arrange redelivery please visit our website:

Please make sure to print out your invoice in order to collect your package at our Post Office:

Future activity will continue to be emailed for up to 2 weeks from the date of request shown above.

For more information, or if you have additional questions on Track & Confirm services and features. We're here to help. Call 1-800-ASK-USPS!

Anyone notice the URL?  I changed it so noone would actually click on it and get the malware they attempt to get you to download.  But yep, another phishing attempt.  Good attempt, I have to say, but yet another reason to look at the link before you click on it.

Let's be careful out there.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Barney Fwank, talks about the housing crisis, before & after

Man...the balls on Barney Frank....the fact that he continues to lie and screw the American people (especially the young gay males in the DC and Boston areas) without any consequences. If karma exists, one can hope that he goes to hell with the rest of his hypocritical jackhole friends.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

To all of those who have emailed me or left comments here regarding my 'scammer' post, thank you.  I'm glad that my experience could help someone else distinguish between a scam artist and a real "customer". 
As for my experience, I've not heard back from the "FBI" or the worthless wastes of oxygen that were trying to scam me.  But they're still out there and if I am contacted, be sure that I'll post it here in an attempt to both inform and identify the idiot.

"Let's be careful out there"

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Anatomy of an Internet scam pt 2

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Anatomy of an Internet scam

My wife and I purchased new living room furniture (couch, chairs, etc) and we figured that Craigslist would be a good spot to try to sell the older stuff.  (By the way, it's still available if you're interested)
However, this turned out to be an academic exercise for me in how Internet scams work.  I truly enjoy such games, since I am an Internet security professional and pretty much don't buy into any BS that many of these jack-holes attempt to sell.  So, in the interest of educating as many people as I can, I'm going to post it here and link it to my Facebook so that hopefully my friends, family, and anyone else who happens to pass along my little corner of the Internet, doesn't fall for the same crap.

By the way, I'm still in the middle of this scam, stringing them along as best I can while also insulting their intelligence regularly.

So, here's how it started:

I posted the listing on Craigslist (which you can view here: ).  Shortly thereafter I received the following inquiry from Fawn Adams []:
Hello, confirm to me if its still available for sale and in good condition. I will be available for pick up

To which I responded "Yes, it is.  Contact me if you want more information".

"Fawn's" (although from a different address this time, [] which is yet another clue that it's a scam)response was a bit more enlightening this time:

Thank for your mail. Am satisfied with your advert price, as am requesting this transaction should be done via PayPal so the PayPal charges is on me. If my offer is accepted, Get back to me with your PayPal email and your name or send me PayPal money request so i can pay you right away as soon as i conclude with my shipper, For more inquiry or information contact my shipper (Josh) on  251-285-5153. I am always busy at work and do not have much time around me to make or answer calls. Make sure you get back to me so that we can arrange for pick up as i will like the item to be picked at your residence location, so no shipping. Confirm the sales to me by removing it from the CL post

 So, I knew this was going to be a scam as soon as I saw this for multiple reasons, which I'll list here because this is an analysis:
1)  "Am satisfied with your advert price"?  Who the hell works Craigslist like that?  Usually it's "will you take ___ for it?"  or "are there any damages, tears, stains, etc on it?"..not this.
2)  Shipper?  Seriously?  Usually when you buy something on Craigslist that is just a standard everyday item (like furniture) you don't have a 'shipper', but rather a buddy with a truck who you're giving a six-pack of beer to help you herf the stuff to your house.
3)  251 area code for her alleged shipper, which is Birmingham, Alabama.  I like my couch and chairs and think that I'm selling them for a relatively affordable price, but not so affordable as to have someone from Alabama would drive all the way up here to get them.  I could see it for a collectible car, or something valuable, but seriously, you could buy this stuff at Ethan Allen or Art Van and save yourself the gas.
4)  "I am always busy at work and do not have much time around me to make or answer calls"....ok, aren't we all?  But you're willing to buy something without actually talking to the person?  Meh, I don't think so.
5)  And here's the big one to be honest :  Remove it from the CL post.  Yeah, I don't think'll be removed when the coin is in my hand sister.

So, my response was "I'll remove the CL list when I see the money deposited into my Paypal account, which is ________.  Until then, it stays on Craigslist".

Her response and our further correspondence can be found in my next post.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Leaders are going to lead....

Put your money where your mouth is, Mr. President: