Sunday, October 19, 2008

w00t - I'm to be terminated

I received the following in my email. I'm so excited about it I could just bust, since it will give me an actual opportunity to use my pistols on a live target instead of the paper ones that I've been practicing with. I can't wait


It is of utmost importance that you read this email with all carefulness and seriousness. It might interest you to know that someone who does not like your existence on Earth has paid us (Fatah Al Islam) to eliminate you. It was maintained that you have occupied a position that you ought not to have occupied, but due to your greedy nature you worked yourself up to that post. We have been following you around and from all indications you will be executed by tomorrow.

For your information, you do not need to inform anyone or even the police about this, it will never change anything, and rather you will also be endangering the lives of other members of your family.

You can always reach us on this email if you wish to make any contribution. Be warned!!!

Mustapha Mohammed Al Zawahiri.

Of course, I know it's merely a phishing attempt to get me to send them money, but I figured that for them to have gone to the trouble of emailing me, the least I could do is respond:
May a pig f**k your mother and provide you with piglet brothers and sisters.
And my a dog s**t in your mouth while you're sleeping.
I figured that provided enough motivation that hopefully they'll email me back with more stupidity.

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