Thursday, October 30, 2008

Could the Obamessiah get a clearance?

I walked into a local coffee joint to sit and work while I waited for my truck to get fixed (good quality American vehicle that it is, at 97000 miles eventually you have to get a thing fixed here and there), Fox News had an interesting question it was posing to some security experts: 'If Obamessiah was a private citizen, could he get a security clearance?'. I could answer that myself, based upon my experience getting a clearance as well as being a witness for others to get theirs.

No. Not only no, but f___ no. No f-ing way in a million years.

Let's see, why would he not get a security clearance?

1. Drug history - My personal history of drug use (yes, your man here has experimented with some mind altering stuff....serious mind altering stuff) provided a sufficient reason to not allow me to get anything higher than a secret clearance. Everything else in my background was clear, but because I dabbled, no go. Given Obamessiah's history of cocaine use, Secret would be as high as he'd get. However, let's keep going....
2. Friends and affiliates - While some of my friends are crazy sonsabitches (yes, I'm talking about you, Ken, Josh, Ted, Jason, Mike, Tom, Dan, et al), they wouldn't disqualify me from getting a security clearance. In fact, Dr. Ken works for frickin NASA, Josh works for a governmental agency that until the last few years, no one knew existed, Mike was Navy, and Jason & Ted are former AF with mucho clearance. Just cuz they're crazy doesn't mean they're not secure. Obamessiah on the other hand has CLOSE associations with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers (yes, I know, he was a terrorist when Obamessiah was 8, but he's unapologetic and states to this day that he didn't do enough damage), as well as a PLO leader and spokesman, Rashid Khalidi. That's enough to disqualify him for anything, but there's more.
3. His wife - Michelle Obama has regularly discussed her dislike of America and her shame of America. Additionally, her dissertation at Princeton focused on blacks in America and how any successful blacks who integrated themselves into society were 'too white'. While there's nothing against the law here, it goes to general attitude.

If a guy can't get a security clearance as a private citizen, should we really put him in charge of the nuclear codes? Really?

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