Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fact vs Fiction

Fiction - Obama forced the bill to be changed so that the American people will not be out any money in the long run. Bullshit. The Republicans in the House forced this change, and even then, it wasn't sufficient and the grassroots uproar was sufficient so that they voted with their constituents. Additionally, part of the bill states that if the assets lose value the financial institutions will have to make up that difference to the federal government. How do you think those financial institutions will make that money they're going to have to pay back? Extra charges on the American people.
Fact - At LEAST $700 Billion (that's 12 digits folks- $700,000,000,000) will be spent to bail out banks who made loans to people and businesses that had no business getting these loans based upon their poor credit scores and poor bottom lines.

Fiction - Joe Biden came under fire during a visit to Baghdad and his helicopter was forced down by enemy fire during a visit to Afghanistan.
Fact - Hillary Clinton got major grief from Obama for exaggerating her story about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire. Joe Biden, however, has been given a complete and utter pass on his exaggerations, both of which are completely and utterly false. His helicopter was forced down in Afghanistan by weather not enemy fire. In Iraq, there was shelling, several blocks away, but Joe didn't even know it had happened until later.

Fiction - Early voting in Ohio and same day registration in other states is fully legitimate and does NOT lead to voter fraud.
Fact - I'm sure that's why Obama staffers are trolling homeless shelters and bus stations for winos they can bribe with a quart of MD 20/20 and a pack of smokes to come down to register and then vote for the big O. Fact is, in Wisconsin last election, there were a number of irregularities having to do with the election and same-day registration, including individuals who were registered to vote in Illinois who came across the border and registered to vote that day, with no proof of residence.

Fiction - Obama is the anti-christ
Fact - I am the anti-christ. Obama is just a poser, empty suit who really isn't even a very good orator if you don't give him cue cards or a speech to memorize.

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