Thursday, October 16, 2008

Talk to me Congressman Murtha

In a recent interview, Congresscum John Murtha, who still hasn't apologized for saying our Marines in Haditha killed civilians in cold blood, despite the fact that every one of them has been exonerated by both civilian and military courts, said that his district in Western Pennsylvania is racist and that will cost the Obamessiah a number of votes, despite the fact that he still thinks he'll win.

Just like I said last month, the Obamessiah supporters are positioning themselves to call anyone who would oppose him a racist. This will allow them to shut up any opposition in the media or in congress. "You don't like the Obamessiah's health care proposal because you're racist".

For once I do somewhat agree with Congresscum Murtha though, although the adjective I would have used to describe his district would not have been racist. I would have chosen something more along the lines of 'unintelligent', 'retarded', 'moronic', 'heads in their ass', 'candidates for brain transplants', 'utter idiots', or some other phrase along the same lines. After all, they've elected Murtha as their Congresscum for 30-something years now, despite his inability to form a complete sentence without spewing some sort of asininity. That has to count for something.

Let's face it, Murtha will only be removed from office by these retarded inbreds if he dies there (and if there's a God, that will be soon). It's not like his stance on 'pork' in budgets will get him kicked out. This guy has never met a piece of pork he didn't like (and judging from his gut, that's literally and figuratively speaking). It won't be because of his conflict of interest, since that only counts against Republicans. I mean, if a Republican's brother lobbied for a company whose clients got over $20 million in government work, it'd be splashed on the front page of the NYSlimes and all over PMSNBC. Murtha? nah....too much work.


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