Thursday, October 09, 2008

Barack Obama - more questionable associations

I think I've touched on this in the past, but one of the ironic things about the current campaign is that Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah, can state without question that McCain has 7 lobbyists on his staff. But when we bring up the folks that he has on his staff, the real questions start. For example:

Franklin Raines, CEO Fannie Mae - There has been some question as to whether he is just an associate (kinda like Bill Ayers) or whether he's providing economic policy advice to Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah. Either way, having the guy who was actually in charge during a collapse on your staff HAS to be more serious than having some guy who lobbied congressmen.

Then there's Jim Johnson, who led the VP search for Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah, until someone brought up that there may be some controversy there. Again, the guy in charge is a lot more at fault than some lousy lobbyist who is a dime a dozen.

And now, of course, the race card. Slimy Senate leader Harry Reid tries to play it on a radio talk show host during an interview, but listen close, the talk show host will have NONE of it.

Link: Reid raines

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