Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The UN can suck my balls

From TheReligionofPeace.com :

An al-Qaeda terrorist packs his clothes at Guantanamo Bay, while a political activist slowly expires from torture endured at a Zimbabwe jail. The first is a plotter of mass murder, the second a democracy advocate in a nation that sits on the UN Human Rights Commission. Which is the UN the most concerned with?

This would be the same UN that John Friggin Kerry would have turned over Iraq to. The same UN that John Friggin Kerry along with the rest of his fellow Democrats would have us turn over our defense to, as well as have to consult with every time we make an international move.

Last month Kofi Annan posed in front of a map that had no Israel on it, in recognition of the 'plight of the Palestinian people'. If there is another world organization that is more anti-Israel than the UN, I've never heard of it, unless of course we're talking about Nazi's, but they're not organized enough to be able to squander billions of dollars on lost causes, line their pockets with that money, and still have nothing to show for it other than arrogant third world dirtbags that if it wasn't for the UN would be peddling their wares in downtown ScrewBukTu.

Let's hope that our UN ambassador, John Bolton, carries a bigger stick with him than our previous ambassadors as he deals with their constant stupidity.

Idiots..all of them.

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