Thursday, February 16, 2006

Katrina fatigue

Ok ok...this will probably piss some folks off, but I'm gonna say it out loud. I'm going to say the thing that some of you have probably thought to yourself but decided that it wasn't politically correct to say. I'm going to repeat the thing that my wife said last night that I've been saying for a week.
Why is it that people from New Orleans, whose homes were wiped out, and who have since moved to other places and restarted their lives, gotten jobs, and moved on, why is it that I'm (I use 'I' as a symbol for all American taxpayers) paying their rent to stay in hotels, apartments, etc? And why is it that liberals expect that this will just be an ongoing expense for the American taxpayer?
I mean, I feel bad for folks, and have not only donated money, but clothing, food, and other things. But how long is this going to go on? How long do I have to pay the rent for someone who's GOT A JOB?! People are complaining that the benefits are being cut and I'm supposed to feel sorry for them? Are you kidding me?
As someone who lives in Michigan, where natural disasters are as rare as an IQ over 100 in Hollyweird, I resent the fact that I have to pay for the people who CHOOSE to live in areas where natural disasters may strike. I understand the freak tornado, windstorm, flood, etc. But when you live in coastal Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, or Texas, you gotta know that you're going to get hit with hurricanes occasionally, and while I don't mind helpin a brother out, we shouldn't be expected to do it every year.
Someone quoted some numbers about insurance payouts and how Michigan citizens pay $150 million in flood insurance payments and are only paid out about $39 million. Thus that other $111 million ends up in other states, paying for other peoples issues. And when issues like Katrina happen, we don't mind helping out, but as far as footing that much of the bill, it's not right.

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