Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm gettin old.....

Went snowboarding this past weekend, took Friday off to do it. I'm beat. Draggin like a beagle's pecker in six inches of snow.
My kids actually are getting pretty good at skiing/snowboarding. That's probably a bad thing. Cuz then, they'll want me to take them out a lot and do crazy crap with them, and I'm in no shape to do that.
I'm so tired I'm not even going to mention about how much of a bitch Jimmy Carter is. Or how much of a complete and utter hag (sir edmund)Hillary is.

Jimmy Carter, arguably one of the worst presidents in the past century, whose contributions to our country included 'Billy Beer', the biggest, dumbest smile in the history of the presidency, Americans held hostage by a bunch of punk-ass islamic militants who now run the country, a botched military mission to rescue said hostages, gas lines after a supposed oil shortage, and disco, and he has the balls to criticize President Bush on his handling of ANYTHING?
Jimmuh, f___ you. If you had any semblance of manhood you'd skulk off into one of those damn habitat for humanity homes that you keep building for photo-ops, just to keep your sorry face in front of the camera so people won't think you're dead. But I suppose between Amy and Roslyn, you've lost anything that your 'Y' chromosome would have generated.
If it wasn't for your sorry-assed 'leadership' the idiots who are pursuing nukes in Iran would be dead for going on 30 years now. But your stupidity and ineptness helped to empower them and allow them to gain a following as the guys who made America look bad.
If ANYONE dies as a result of any military operations in Iran to remove their nuclear capabilities, it's on the Peanut Farmer's head. I think he knows it too, which is why he's distancing himself as best he can from this.

Wow....guess I wasn't so tired after all....

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