Friday, October 07, 2005

Work sucks pt 2

I'm not sure why I'm pissed. I shouldn't be. I mean, it doesn't affect me. I keep working, just like always. I'll still go on projects, still get my paycheck, still go home and hug my children & kiss my wife. But I am pissed. I am pissed because the leadership of the group I work for has decided to promote someone who doesn't deserve it, and NOT promote someone who did. I mean, I'm not up for a promotion, and right now promotions are kind of dorked up with the new group. But for this to happen, just sheds a light on the intentions of the leadership that makes me question if this is where I want to be. Let's look at it case by case:
Case 1-
  • Travels without question, to the smallest clients, all over the place, always keeping a positive attitude
  • Still takes a role on projects that people of their same seniority and experience very rarely take.
  • Technically strong and provides technical leadership to new members of the team
  • Well respected amongst team members, both peers and managers.
  • Well respected and liked by clients, big and small.
  • With the company for more than four years, and probably one of the least negative people in the the entire time. A person that we all can rely upon when something needs to get done.
  • Not a suckup, does not do things explicitly for the advancement of their career
Case 2
  • Not respected by peers. Partners seem to like, but mostly because this person takes credit for ideas not their own, and for work not their own.
  • Not respected by clients. Clients have asked for this person to physically leave the site and refused to pay for the services provided by that person. Another client asked if a findings was reworded "because ____ didn't understand the big words".
  • Not technical at all, but takes up spots in technical training and on technical jobs because it would advance their career
  • Spends time on projects doing other work, unrelated to the project, and then dumps work off on co-workers at the last minute, and gets angry when that work isn't done.
  • Condescends to new people, old people, clients, and anyone that they can, as long as it doesn't affect their career.
  • With the company for less than four years
So, which one would you promote?

Well, allow me to enlighten you as to who the leadership of the group that I work for promoted. But the short answer is, it makes me question whether this leadership has anything resembling a clue, and whether this is the right place for me as a career. I'm disappointed and angry. I look at the people who've left the group. I keep telling myself that I'm the one doing the right thing, and they're the ones making the mistake.

And now, I realize, I'm probably wrong.

Christ that realization sucks ass.

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