Friday, October 14, 2005

Why Liberalism is bad

A co-worker, who apparently is a bleeding-heart, posted an away message that shows me that he doesn't understand the reality of the media bias against conservatives, and their effects upon poll numbers. He quickly got slammed by myself and others who share my conservative beliefs.
Then he posts an away message which begged for more beating, but got me thinking. It was something along the lines of "Since when did liberal become a dirty word?". Of course, my initial thought was to berate his ignorance. But then where's the educational value in that? So instead, I thought that I'd elaborate here, rather than over IM, because, being a college-student skull full-o-mush, I'm sure he was out experiencing all kinds of debauchery last night and will be sleeping until noon or so today. So, here goes:
1. Liberalism became a dirty word in the 60's. That was when the student leaders of various groups who were more attracted to socialist thought and communism of the day led anti-American protests, disguised as anti-war protests. It's interesting that the majority of the anti-war protests focused upon President Nixon, and blamed him for much of the issues in Vietnam, when in actuality it was two Democrat presidents in a row who got us into Vietnam, and President Nixon got us out. But since those presidents were more in line with the thought of many students, they got more of a pass. Of course, the far left continued with chants of "Hey Hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?", but that was a pretty small minority. These were the types who believe that war, no matter what it's for isn't acceptable. We'll address that later
2. Liberalism became a dirty word in the 70's. That was when gas lines became something of the norm for a period of time and solar and wind power were being pushed by liberals as legitimate alternative sources of energy. When liberal economic policies put the economy of America in the toilet, like price fixing, rent controls, and increased taxes, despite the fact that they were initiated by a Republican president. Still liberal ideas. When skyrocketing interest rates, inflation and unemployment was caused by huge tax increases to pay for the liberal ideas that we should pay people to sit on their asses and have more kids, ruining the nuclear family forever, because hey, with government paying for it, why do we need a father?
3. Liberalism became a dirty word in the 80's. That's when President Reagan pushed a "Peace through Strength" philosophy, which liberals opposed at every turn. Their belief that our strength only made the Russians want to attack us is laughable at best. At worst, it could have caused WWIII, because the Russians were expansionist and as we saw with 9/11, when your opponent thinks that you're weak and won't respond, they attack you. Liberals also showed their economic ignorance during this time when they opposed the Reagan re-write of the tax code that brought lower taxes to every American, that started an economic expansion that lasted approximately 20 years. Clinton can't take credit for the economy of the 90's, only that he stayed the hell out of its way.
4. Liberalism became a dirty word in the 90's. That's when even when an invasion of a sovereign country by a terrorist dictator, and the liberation of that country by the US and many of our Allies (and me, by the way), STILL brought protests from the left wing saying that we should give peace a chance. And we see how well that worked over the years. Giving peace a chance all over Africa has brought us child warriors. In southeast Asia, it's brought us more dictators, and in South America it has brought us governments run by drug lords. Peace. Yep, works every time. NOT. Oh yeah, the 90's was also the time that political correctness began to run rampant. When groups on various college campuses were pushed off campus or not given funding because they may have been conservative, but the Transvestite and Gay alliance was fully funded. This was also when welfare was abandoned by the Democrats as a failure, and revamped considerably.
5. Liberalism is still a dirty word in the 2000's. That would be when an invasion of a country that helped to fund terrorism, had a chemical warfare program, had the facilities to make chemical weapons, and had in its posession chemical weapons, and was working on a nuclear weapon program was protested by the liberals as another opportunity to give peace a chance. Nevermind the fact that we've liberated 25 million people and closed the rape-rooms and torture chambers of Saddam and his sons forever. We'll selectively ignore that. That's also when the liberals loved to point out anything that was anti-American around the world and anything that may have been imperfect about the US, including the stupidity at Abu Ghraib, etc and point out why their way is better. Al Gore recently said at a speech in Sweden (the only place he could give this speech and not be laughed at) that had he become president, we wouldn't be torturing people every day. Al, I got news for you pal. Had you become president, you would have been torturing 230 million people, every day with your ignorance. The 2000's is also when it became a crime to say the words 'under God' when saying the pledge of allegiance. And when the Ten Commandments was removed from a large number of public structures, and when anything remotely religious has had to be removed from anything public, including manger scenes, prayers, etc. Hey libs, read the constitution. It says 'freedom OF religion', not freedom FROM religion.


So, in short, that's when liberalism became a dirty word. Liberalism is not about freedom. It's about control. Modern day Liberals want to have the government control much of your life, from your economics to what you think. We can't have freedom of discussion, because if you go to a liberal forum, you will get shouted down, spit at, or attacked. So much for 'give peace a chance'. Liberals are the most hypocritical people in the world. It's fine for them to attack a conservative because they are being provoked. Apparently, they lose control of all their bodily functions when presented with an independent thought. Anyone who says that modern-day liberalism is about freedom of choice, freedom of thought, freedom of anything is reading it out of a book and not living in the real world. Look around you. Experience life, and then tell me that liberals want you to have freedom.

Glad that I could help educate. Welcome to ConservativeU.


drken said...

Nice summary....

CJ said...

Nice summary.. However I am a liberal and I think being conservative is really good, but at the same time adding a little liberalism is great, so you would end up as a moderate I believe. Sometimes you get so into your own conservatism that you don't look at ideas that would actually be good. Bother sides have good and bad sides, so a combination of both could lead to a middle of the road approach, and both sides get some of what they want. On your summary you say pretty much all the bad things, but there are good things to, and in being conservative there are a bunch of bad things also as well as good, but you don't see it because you are to involved with your own side.

Anonymous said...

Great article!

Anonymous said...

In response to CJ's comment:

Hello, I am a conservative, who constantly feels vicariously attacked by liberals in the media. I support pro-life, support that marriage is a MAN and WOMAN, and support private business and less government involvement. However, I agree with your statement on Liberalism having some good things. Conservatives seem to forget about the ecology. I think "going green" is a great thing. I also believe human rights is a basic need. But, in all my researching and observation of the world I find, all the time, even when I want not to, liberalism forgets the importance and preciousness of human life.

I also see that it is VERY it is tolerant as long as it is not disagreed with. I use to be liberal and now that I am older I have grown tired of the protest of conservatism. I am tired because of how liberalism is always seeking to cause change where there needs no change while conservatism is trying to maintain the values that made America great and one of the most generous countries in the world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. I usually have to defend my point of view as the generation I am from is mostly liberal and this article will not only help me to explain why I'm not a liberal, but also why it is so bad.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of religion necessarily dictates that other religions are equal and it would not be so if only Christianity was etched into society at every corner. Indoctrination is not freedom. Man is born free and should live free. Free from religious pressure, ancient social rules and conservative's love for domination.

Anonymous said...
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