Monday, October 24, 2005

Movie quotes-interpretation

As I read over my post on the quotes, one thing hits me about them. Full Metal Jacket and a Few Good Men, along with Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and multiple other war/violence movies were made by people who wanted to make the point that violence is probably a bad thing, and that war is a bad thing too. I mean, if you really look into the 'message' in each of those movies, you can see how dark and forboding everything is in them and how anyone in power is evil or nuts.
I think that this once again points out the difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals go to Full Metal Jacket and point and say "See? There's the violence in the system. There's why we shouldn't have gone to Vietnam, because they're just peace loving people and we were the 'jolly green giants' that went over there to kill people". Of course, those of us who know the military and who are more on the conservative side look at it and say "Most of those 'peace-loving' folks were the ones who also shot at our troops at night, booby trapped roads, and killed many of our troops". Much like Iraq now, the libs only want to see the oppositions side, as opposed to ours, where a victory makes the world a safer place. They only want to see the cost, as opposed to the reward.

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