Monday, October 31, 2005

Well, here's our chance....

My fellow conservatives/originalists. Here's our chance to show the world what we're made of. Are we a bunch of cowardly whiners who just complain when we're not given proper respect and kow-towed to only during election time? Or are we truly the 'king-makers' that many people in both the liberal and conservative media call us?

I think the upcoming battle over the new Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito, will allow the originalists among us to step up and show the world that we're not all hot-air and bluster. But the spines of the Republicans in the Senate will be the test. Will Orrin Hatch be able to stand having bad things written about him in the New York Times? Will John McCain tolerate having Tim Russert call him a *GASP* supporter of a conservative? Will Olympia Snowe be able to show her face at dinner parties after voting for someone that is also supported by Rush Limbaugh?

I think in the end, there are a very few Senators that we've got to watch closely to make sure this goes through. We already know that Chuckie Schumer (scumbag #2) will oppose, merely because he's appointed by President Bush. And that Teddy (scumbag#1) Kopechne..I mean Kennedy, will oppose, again, because this person is not a card carrying ACLU member.
But the folks we have to worry about are the Arlen Spectres of the world. The Susan Collinses. Not the Sam Brownbacks of the world.

Conservatives, step up. Let your voice be heard for once. And stop listening to the whining on the left. It's our time to lead. President Bush has heard our voice loud and clear. Let's make sure the left wing of America does too.

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