Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy f-ing new year

Yeah, so what? Another year, another set of stupid people to point at and laugh.

Like Stuart Smalley up on Minnesota and all the jackasses that voted for him.
Really Minnesota? This is the best you can do?

Caroline Kennedy for Senate? Really? An illiterate, snob with a chip on her shoulder and an superiority complex. Yeah, that's EXACTLY what we need in the Senate. Although, hell, we're gonna get Frankenstein, so they can sit in the back and tell jokes.

Bill Richardson, he's out before he's in. Nice work Bill. What was gonna happen if you actually got elected President? Remember people, despite the long odds against him, Bill WAS running at one point in time. I guess the electoral system does work sometimes.

And all the anti-Israel haters. Are you people f-ing morons? Israel attacks Hamas? Really? So all those rockets that have been shot over the border originating from Gaza, those were what? Fireworks? Anyone who doesn't think Israel is justified in their latest offensive against the terrorist group Hamas, isn't paying attention.

And then there are my beloved Denver Broncos. All last year I was ranting about how Shanahan couldn't get the team into the game, and that his coaching sucked, and that he needed to get his head out of his ass, but yet, owner Pat Bowlen stuck with him this year. This season they go through 7 starting RB's, don't have the same starting lineup for their defense twice in the entire season, and pull people in off the street to play for them, and yet, still go 8-8. While I wasn't happy with their late season collapse and missing the playoffs OR the fact they lost to the Raiders AND the Chiefs, two games that would have given them a playoff spot, I was ok with their performance due to all the injuries. But yet, Bowlen does the inconceivable and fires Shanny. I certainly are hoping they get a great coach and GM to replace him (two different guys please), but I'm not holding my breath....Damn you Elway for getting old and retiring.

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