Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So, the Republicans aren't the only party of corruption and greed?

I would have thought that this sort of thing would have waited at least until after inauguration day, but apparently not. Rod Blagoyogonnabesomeonesbitch has "allegedly" sought to auction off the Obamessiah's seat in the Senate to the highest bidder. While I'm sure that others have probably played this game, it wasn't quite so overtly, but Blag has never really had much in the way of true political deftness.

What I love about the whole thing is the major media's full acceptance of the Obamessiah's explanation that his office had absolutely nothing to do with Blagoyogonnabesomeonesbitch and had no conversations with him about the replacement. This acceptance despite the reports that his campaign advisors stating that the Obamessiah had several conversations with him and reports that Rahm Emanuel, the Obamessiah's chief of staff, has had 21 conversations with Blag. But the Obamessiah's internal investigation found no contact and no wrongdoing.

So we're already getting a peek into what sort of results we'll be getting from their justice department investigations. Despite glaring evidence to the contrary, there must have been zero wrongdoing because the Obamessiah merely SAID that there was none. And isn't he the final arbiter of what is right and what is wrong in this society now?

Although if there were a Republican to blame for this, guarantee they'd be putting the magnifying glass so far up his ass that you'd be able to see what he had for lunch yesterday.

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