Monday, January 26, 2009

Ah, now I understand

So the real enemy is Rush Limbaugh. It's not terrorists, since we obviously have no quarrel with them and want them wandering free instead of having their rights violated in Guantanamo. It's best we let them go free to start another terror cell. And become the leader of the terror cell in Yemen. Yep, no issue with that.

But yet, when an American citizen speaks his mind, Republicans are told that they can't listen to his opinions and expect to be considered 'bipartisan'. This would be the guy who has the largest radio audience in history, has had the largest radio audience for a long time and could probably be credited with single-handedly saving the AM side of the radio dial. He averages approximately 22 million listeners a day, and the Obamessiah wants to tell all 22 million that "hey, you can't play with us if you're going to listen to him". Last time I checked, bipartisan doesn't mean you have to agree with us and drop your beliefs, although that's certainly what most Republicans seem to have done, the spineless pansies that they are. Bipartisanship means: representing, characterized by, or including members from two parties or factions. How is it that bipartisanship became "you have to agree with us since we're not going to bargain"?
And by the way, anyone else notice that it's not that he wants to discuss the parts of the plan that are offensive to those of us who support limited government, or make the discussion about the $1 trillion, he'd rather make the discussion about bipartisanship and Rush Limbaugh. Funny that.

I'll be honest right here and now. One of the many problems I have with the messiah is his skin. No, not the color of it, but rather, how thin it is. God help you if you disagree with him. At least Bill Clinton acknowledged his opponents as merely folks with a different point of view. If you disagree with the Obamessiah, you're racist, obstructionist, and the target of his wrath.

I wonder what he's going to say about Pope Benedict tomorrow after this.

Too bad Obamessiah's mom didn't believe as strongly in abortion as He seems to.

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