Friday, October 06, 2006

Women against Webb

George Allen's opponent is on his way to being 'swiftboated'. Doesn't break my heart, considering the amount of money that the Dimwitocrats are spending to try to beat Allen, it's good to see that at least the people of Virginia have some semblance of common sense and can see that the majority of the attacks on him were completely unfounded and hypocritical.
But now, a new website has come out, Webb against Women, filled with quotes from Mr. Webb. Things like:
“Many women appear to be having problems with their sexuality…What kind of woman would seek out the Academy routine?” (pg. 282, “Women Can’t Fight,” Washingtonian Magazine, November 1979)
Apparently Mr. Webb isn't exactly shooting for the women's vote.

Nice thing is that this is coming out BEFORE the election, as opposed to when I'd expect it to come out...afterward.

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