Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mexico lobbies for a veto

The leader of Mexico, although I think 'leader' is a bit strong for him, is lobbying President Bush to veto the recently passed bill to build a fence along the US/Mexico border.
In a weird twist of logic, he actually says that building a fence to keep illegals out of this country will DECREASE security. Now, I've heard the saying "good fences make good neighbors" so I'm trying to understand this. Was it a situation where his english is not so good and as such, he screwed up the translation? I have to believe that's it, because no one with any friggin brains can believe that a fence to keep people out will actually make things LESS secure. I don't believe, unless you installed a big tunnel under the border and didn't monitor either side of the tunnel that you COULD make it less secure than it is now. We have people crossing the border at their own whim, we have border patrol stations that are NOT manned during certain ours of the day, we have people just coming across in the backs of trucks...how in the HELL can a wall make it less secure?
Just another great example of the asinine logic (or lack thereof) that the people who want to take advantage of the American system use.

Well, at least they're not whining that this is a violation of their civil rights......yet.

Update: If President Bush chooses to exercise his right to veto a bill in this case, for only the second time in his presidency, I guarantee that the Dimwitocrats will take over both the House and the Senate, with a majority large enough to subject the US to impeachment, withdrawal from Iraq, tax increases, and an immigration bill that will allow anyone to come into the country any time they want, with full coverage under medicaid and any other federal program.

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