Wednesday, October 11, 2006

National Talk Rike Kim Jong Il Day!

I realized why it was that Kim Jong Mentally Il tested his alleged nuke the other day. He's so ronrey. See, instead of diplomacy, what we need to do is to empathize with poor ol' Kim. And what better way to empathize with him, but to talk like him. So I declare next Wednesday, October 18, National Talk Like Kim Jong Il Day. If he sees that we all can see how ronrey he is, and how much he needs a fliend, maybe he'll give up on his nuclear ambitions and pursue a more friendly line of discussions. Rets do it! Rets have evelyone flom New Yowk to RA speak rike the the Dear Reader and pewhaps it will touch his heawt and tuwn him away from eviw.

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