Friday, October 27, 2006

I just don't give a rats ass

I was listening to Mancow this morning, something I do on occasion when I get sick and tired of Bob and Tom (which happens once in a while, usually as a result of Tom's being a dumbass) and I realized something: There's a lot of things out there that I don't post about here, because I just don't give a shit.

1. Gay Marriage. I don't care. Seriously. Not one iota. If y'all want to be as miserable as us married folks, go right ahead. But just remember, gay marriage also means gay divorce.

2. Mark Foley. Can't find one bone in my body that gives a flying rats ass. So he's gay, so what? So he sent some pages some dirty IM's. Age of consent in DC is 16, the pages were 16. The only thing that irritates me about this whole deal is the hypocrisy of the Dimwits screaming about him being gay when Barney Frank has a gay whorehouse run out of his house and they're fine with him.

3. Global warming. Couldn't give two shits. Considering on October 12, we had two inches of 'global warming' spread all over Kalamazoo, and then again last week got another inch of it, I think big Al has his head in his ass. Additionally, in the 70's, Newsweek had all kinds of 'scientific' evidence that proved that an Ice Age was coming. So, I'm not putting much weight in this whole thing until most of the east coast is under water....and hell, then we'll be rid of a large number of blue states, so we're all winners.

4. Exxon is making huge profits. Hell, I used to be a stockholder and sold when they hit $65, so I'm only pissed because I sold the damn thing and didn't get the dividends. They took huge losses when gas was $20/barrel. Anyone pissed about that?

5. Walmart. Yep, they sell stuff cheap. Yep, they don't pay their employees much. Neither does Kmart, Meijers, or Target, but no one is pissed about them. Why is Walmart the target? Two reasons: they're #1, and they fight unions wherever they go. I say "go Walmart". Hell I may even start shopping there more.

6. Anything slutMadonna, FatassRosie, AlecdoublechinBaldwin, Susan Sarandon, Sean 'Anger Management' Penn, or the Dixie cHicks have to say. Hell, just lump all those idiots who wanna spout off like they actually know what they're talking about in there. Shut up and sing/act/dance whatever we're paying you for. You remind me of a stripper at the titty bar: I pay for a lap dance, don't come over here and get all verbal diarrhea on me with your opinion on world hunger. Shake your booty in my face, take your $20, and move on. I. don't. care. Go away.

Just can't even raise a hackle about it. Not even one little fart of a concern.

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