Friday, August 26, 2005

Camp Casey Financing

A San Francisco TV station is investigating the groups that are behind the financing of 'Camp Casey', the protest by Cindy Sheehan, the nutball mom who insists upon disgracing the memory of her son who gave his life during operations in Iraq. Her continual pissing upon his grave is financed by such pro-American groups as Code Pink (a VERY radical anti-war group whose weekly protests outside Walter Reed Army Hospital include signs such as 'Maimed for lies' and 'Enlist here and die for Haliburton'), True Majority (a non-profit funded by Ben&Jerrys co-founder Ben Cohen, which is strongly liberal, even socialist), (yeah, we all know, and Howard Dean's group, Democracy for America. That's Democracy with a big D, since we all know that Democrats are anything but democratic. They want it their way or else. No matter that Republicans won the election or anything else. They'll continue to whine about it until they get their way, like a petulant three year old.

Guess we should expect that. But why isn't the rest of the mainstream media showing this putrid display of partisan hackery for what it is, a PR campaign. Do you think that Cindy Sheehan would be proud of her son had he not died, but had he come back as a hero from the war? Doubt it. Here's my opinion on what happened that fateful day when her son signed up for the Army:

Casey: Mom, I signed up for the Army
Psycho: You can't sign up to be a tool of death for the establishment. I didn't squeeze you out of my womb to allow you to defend the oilfields for Republican power
Casey: Mom, you're nuts
Psycho: NO!...I HATE YOU!
Casey: Whatever. Dad's proud of me, it's too bad you're too crazy to be. Oh, and if I die in my efforts, please don't make an idiot of yourself on international TV.

There you have it.....

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