Thursday, August 04, 2005

al-qaeda who?

Seems like the little bitches @ al-qaeda Inc. were feeling lonely and left out at the party. No one has been really focusing on them as Iraq has grabbed much of the headlines and although the London bombings were orchestrated by al-qaeda cells, it doesn't look like the leadership was very involved.
So, like the old skank at the party who isn't getting any attention so she starts to maul every guy who will let her, al-qaeda had to bring the cameras back to them by issuing a new video tape. Only this time, instead of getting a hummer out of the deal, the people watching only get threats by an impotent old man, who wishes his 10th century beliefs would somehow come back into power.
Speaking of impotent, where's Usama, Osama, Usucka, whatever your name is? Who's this old fart and why's he on my TV? I could care less what this camel herder has to say. Go back to molesting goats you fool.

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