Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I was really hoping for a clever new ruse to publicize here so that folks would be made aware of it, but Ann, in her complete and utter lack of creativity, resorted to the same tired fake Paypal email, originating from (which was also the email from several posts ago).  Who truly believes this crap?  I guess someone does, because otherwise these human wastes of oxygen wouldn't do it.

One variant, there's a different shipper in the mix:

Agent's Info: 
Tameika Tucker
1599 Rock Mountain Blvd,
Stone Mountain,GA 30083

So, we at least have that going for us...but disappointment all around in the lack of creativity.  Maybe David or Tim will venture better than Ann. 

My response to Ann?  I thought you'd never ask:
I’m not sure what kind of idiots you’re used to dealing with, but anyone with half a brain knows that Paypal doesn’t send notifications via Gmail. 
Did your parents have any children that lived?  Are you truly this stupid?  Do people really take an email as proof of payment without looking in their Paypal account to confirm that payment has been received? 
If you lived in the US, I would hunt you down and beat you with a baseball bat, slowly of course, so that I could see the life leaving your eyes.  But I couldn’t be so lucky as to have an idiot scumbag scammer attempting to steal my money from within my home country.  I’m sure that your sorry ass is from some backwards-ass third world country where you screw goats and eat dogs.
Die in a fire you stain upon humanity.
I'd really like to see a response from this, but I doubt they have the balls. I was trying to goad them into a response, but I'm sure they'll just move on to their next target.


Anonymous said...

To the author of this scamming blog, I wanted to thank you. The individual know as Ann Walker tried to scam me as well and I found your site by typing in her e-mail address. Thank you for making it know to others who these people are and I reported her to multiple websites.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they tried to get me as well. A tried buying my car. Wanted me to send money thru western union to that Tameika Tucker in GA. I was researching as they tried to lure me in. Haven't told them I would do it yet so I guess thats when they would have sent me the notification of payment thru gmail lol.