Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Walmart and mobs

Nope, not posting this to say everyone that shops at Walmart is an uneducated brute. In fact, the majority of the folks who shop at Walmart are hard-working folks who are looking to stretch their buck a bit further.

The posting below was something I wrote on a normally conservative website that was holding Walmart responsible for the trampling on Long Island on "Black Friday". The poster basically stated that Walmart was responsible and even if the police were able to identify some of the animals (my word, not theirs) who perpetrated this crime, no charges should be filed:

Good God, the majority of you sound like the ambulance-chasing, corporate-hating, responsibility-eschewing left wing that some of you SAY you hate.

Perhaps we should assign some personal responsibility to the animals who stampeded this poor man. The folks who led the charge, who didn’t have any sort of honor, who were only looking out for themselves.

300,000,000 people in the country. 4,100 Walmart facilities. A large number of them participated in “Black Friday” sales, and only one person was trampled by a mob of unruly animals, at one Walmart.

How is it that the people at the other 4,099 Walmart stores seemed to be able to handle themselves as civilized human beings?

Hold people to a standard and they’ll surprise you. Hold them to the lowest common denominator and they’ll disappoint you.

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