Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Whew, good thing I'm not a bettin' man

Man, I'm glad I didn't lay any $$ down on my predictions. Romney's home-town boy schtick worked in Michigan and got him the victory. However, I also think that the crappy weather throughout Michigan worked against the Dimwitocrats who wanted to throw a wrench in the Republican's plans and get a McCain victory. Those Dimwits who would have voted in the Republican primary rather than make a single choice for the Hildebeast didn't bother coming out because of the weather. However, I did get the top 4 right, just mixed up the top 2 and overestimated the Paul vote.

Speaking of the Ron Paul, I think that his supporters are too busy being paranoid of "the enemy" and not enough time rustling up the vote. Seems that a 6% vote total is way less than even the 'pundits' predicted and shows the volatility of his supporters. This weekend there was an activity in Kalamazoo to ensure that there was some organization surrounding getting the vote out. Initially it was advertised as a "Ron Paul Event" which I took to mean that Dr. Paul was going to speak. I was later informed that was not the case, that it was merely a 'get out the vote' event. Knowing that I was unable to volunteer to help on Tuesday due to prior work committments, I didn't bother to show for the event. However, when it was emailed out, the sender didn't use a generic mailing list to hide all our email addresses and one of the recipients did a "Reply to all"(always love that). His reply was as follows:

i'll be there, and i'm bringing between 5-10 undecided. by 2:00 p.m.,
they'll be decided. :) there has been a lot of propaganda used against us.

Now, I'm not a big fan of propaganda but understand that it's part of the political game. But "enemies"? C'mon man, take off your tinfoil hat and come back to us.

Seriously, I love Dr. Paul's stance on gun control, taxes, immigration, economics, health care, social security, the war on drugs, and a myriad of other subjects. However, when the primary season is over and the Republican party has a nominee, that person will more than likely have my vote, due to the complete dearth of competent candidates on the Dimwitocrat side. And, as my brother likes to suggest, if Dr. Paul decides to drop the (R) from his name and become a (L)ibertarian, I may still vote for him, but I would never consider the Republican nominee my 'enemy'.

My enemies tend to wear diapers on their heads, have an overwhelming desire to kill innocent women and children, have sex with goats and camels, and rant about how evil and horrible America is, even when we feed their people because they're too busy having a revolution to actually produce anything. My enemies are also those who would take away my freedoms in the United States, like the right to choose my own physician, the right to choose whether or not to HAVE health insurance, the right to own a handgun, and the right to eat whatever the hell I want, even they have transfatty acids in it. They also don't dare to get into a straight up man-to-man fight because they know they'll never win.

Kind of like the nanny-state Dimwitocrats.

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