Monday, January 14, 2008

Predictions for Michigan

As the election cycle started, I started to get IM's from friends of mine, from whom I've not heard in some time. Most were looking for some insight into what I thought or just shooting the bull about the stupidity of the candidates. It's been nice to touch base with y'all and I'd like to hear from you more than once every 2 or 4 years.

That having been said, here's some insight into what's going to happen tomorrow night in Michigan.

Hillary will win. Duh. She's the only viable candidate on the Dimwitocrat site on the ballot. Due to the fact that Jenny "from the block" Granholm supports Hillary, she worked to ensure that she was on the ballot. The national Dimwitocrat party has taken away the ability for Michigan delegates to come to the convention in the summer anyway, but we're still having the primary, since they want to give off the impression that the people's votes actually mean something. However, Edwards and Obama are not on the ballot. So people's choices are to vote for Hillary or "uncommitted". Or one of the other losers on the ballot like Dennis Kucinich or Bill Richardson.

OR Dimwitocrats who feel like they can't win the election on the merits of their candidate have a third choice. Throw a wrench into the democratic process (note- little d) and vote for the candidate who is least likely to be acceptable to the national Republican party. Last time in 2000, it was John McCain. Yes, there was an orchestrated effort to get Dimwitocrats to vote for McCain because they thought that it would weaken W and Al Gore had the nomination wrapped up.

So, on the Republican side, I predict that McCain will win once again, Romney will finish a VERY close second, beaten only by those jackass Dimwitocrats. Huck will finish a distant third, and Ron Paul will have his best showing yet, beating Thompson AND Giuliani, while garnering about 12% of the vote.

There you go, let's see if tomorrow night I'm feeling as confident about these predictions as I am tonight.

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