Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Early primaries

Well Ron Paul has actually done better than I expected in the early primaries, beating Rudy in Iowa and finishing only 1% behind him in NH. Not bad for a relative unknown versus "America's Mayor".
I think you'll see a better result from him in states where he's been working for some time like Michigan and South Carolina. It seems I can't go anywhere in Michigan without seeing a Ron Paul sign or bumper sticker. I just hope that those people who were excited enough about him to order a sign or bumper sticker are still excited about him next week at the primary and frickin show up.

As for the Dimwitocrat side of the primaries, I'm not surprised by the results. Obama winning in Iowa wasn't that big of a surprise as Hillary's numbers have been falling off for a while there and Obama is from the neighboring state of Illinois. I'm sure he didn't play that up at all. And while Hillary did show horrible polling numbers in NH, I didn't think there was any way she was 13 points behind Obama there. I didn't think she'd win there, but I figured it'd be a helluva lot closer than that.

And, as much as the national polling suggests that Hillary would beat most of the Republicans in November, (and maybe this is denial) I just don't see her winning. Her negative numbers are so high that she's going to have a really difficult time overcoming that. The only way she'll pull it off is if she appoints Obama as her VP. Then you'll have idiots voting for that pair of socialists because "I wanted to vote for a woman and a black man", as opposed to the right person for the job.

I still don't understand why it is that no one that she's running against has brought up her lack of experience. She loves to tout her loads of experience on the job, but let's check our facts shall we? Did we elect her to President? Nope, she just slept with him (along with what sounds like a lot of other chicas).

I sleep with an Ob/Gyn, are you going to let me do your Pap smear?

Yeah, I thought not.

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