Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How is this not illegal?

People all over are complaining that Mitt Romney is doing something that is possibly unethical by giving student fundraisers a 10% commission on every dollar they raise. Basically, if a student raises $1000, they get $100. Seems like a reasonable thing to me, considering the amount of money that many fundraisers get in salaries, it's nice that Mitt wants to throw some dough the student's way and according to various sources, completely legal.

However, Hellary has agreed to pay off the debt that was run up by the Tom Vilsack for President campaign (WHO!?!?...yes, I know who, just emphasizing my point), to the tune of approximately $400,000.

Wow..what a charitable person. Seriously. I mean, I'm sure there was no quid pro quo right? No way that she did it for a specific cause or anything. Just the goodness of her heart. Right?


No. In the same press conference where that was announced, Vilsack also announced that he was endorsing Hellary. The campaign also emphatically denied any connection between the two events.

Man, didn't see that one coming.

One down, many more to go. Better start checking Fort Marcy Park for bodies....

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