Tuesday, March 13, 2007


And from the "Jesus, about time you asswipes got on board" department, the NYSlimes finally publishes an article critical of Al Gore and his "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE HORRIBLE SCREAMING DEATHS!!!" campaign.

They actually include people who are not necessarily activists screaming for government funding to study the concept of global warming (translation: your tax dollars to pay them to take the temperature and measure ice). Real live scientists, not just drum-pounders.

There is a significant amount of information out there that shows that yes, the earth is warming, but the argument is whether it's caused by us, or just a natural swing of temperature, or whether it's caused by increased solar activity. Either way, for someone to make as much political hay as has been made by Gore over an issue like this, just amazes me. Obviously, fooling the Hollyweirdos isn't tough, being that they are a simple minded bunch. However, proving this to people who actually perform scientific activities and they have to PROVE things, is a bit more difficult.

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