Thursday, July 27, 2006

Whoared Dean's verbal flatulence

Howeird Dean recently made a comment about the Iraqi prime minister's visit to the US and his speech on the floor of Congress, calling him an 'anti-semite'.
Now, I understand that it could indeed be true that Maliki is, indeed an anti-semite, but as a public figure, Howeird has some responsibility to not fan the flames of stupidity by talking such smack.
But then, because he apparently felt that he wasn't going to get enough face time on the news, the Vermont Vacuum (cuz he sucks) decided to call Florida senatorial candidate (Republican of course), Katherine Harris, a 'crook' and compare her to Josef Stalin.
I just hope that finally the people of Florida show that they have a little bit of the sense that God gave them, and show that jackass exactly what they think of his opinion.

Dean calling someone anti-semitic but being pictured wearing a kaffiya, which signifies support of Hamas, I gotta believe it questions what's left of his itty bitty bit of credibility that he may have had at one point in time.

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