Monday, July 03, 2006

Iraq a distraction in 'real' war on terror?

That's actually what some folks think. They think that Iraq is merely a distraction. A 'payback' from 'W' for their attempting to assasinate his father. These idiots think that money spent on the war in Iraq would be better wasted spent on securing our harbors, airports, mail system, schools, etc. While I agree that more $$ needs to be spent on securing those areas, unless you want to turn over your entire paycheck to the government (which I'm sure some of these morons would love to do), there IS a finite amount of money available to fund projects (try explaining that to a their eyes cross). Thus I'd much rather see us spending the money where we get the most 'bang' (yes, pun intended) for our buck. I'd much rather see the $$ spent in Iraq, fighting the terrorists where they ARE, rather than here, where they aren't.
See, the more we kill there, the fewer that will try to enter our country and kill us. Simple math. Terrorists - Terrorists killed in Iraq = less terrorists. Yes, it's basic stuff, but remember, many of these people are the same that want the schools to teach our kids that 2+2 can be 5 as long as it doesn't hurt Johnny's self-esteem.
Oh, and by the way, Osama thinks that Iraq ain't exactly a distraction.

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