Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wankers...all of them

I'm lucky enough to live somewhere that doesn't have a whole lot of anti-anything protests. Most of the folks here in the Great Lakes tend to just be satisfied being miserable living here and that's enough.
However, this video/blog post makes me wish we had more peace-protests and the like here. Because you KNOW that I'd be the guy with the video camera. And my boys Jiggidy, G-Toledo aka Doubleshot, and a few others would be my body guards as well. Not that I'd need one, but just to make sure I got good video without disruption. His stuff was a bit shaky for my tastes, and didn't focus enough on the faces of the protesters. Hey, you go to a public place, you protest and say ignorant things, you have to stand behind what you say. Even if it's posted on the Internet for millions/billions to see.
Just goes to show you that the lots of the people at these asinine protests are college students that don't want mommy and daddy to know what they're doing with their money.

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