Thursday, April 13, 2006

It has begun......

The very first declared candidate for the 2008 Presidential election announced today. Mike Gravel(D) Alaska announced that he would run for president. He's 75 and a former senator from Alaska, best known for a one-man filibuster that helped end the draft during Vietnam.
While I like some of his ideas, adoption of the Fair Tax and direct democracy, his anti-Iraq stance is obviously unacceptable to me. He says that's going to be a cornerstone of his campaign, so I'm sure we'll kiss him goodbye relatively early in the process.
So, anyone want to take a guess as to when the others will start declaring? I have to believe after the election in November. Hillary doesn't want to declare and then lose her Senate seat in NY, that'd be a doubly fatal blow to her presidential hopes. I seriously think that Al Gore will run again, as well as Kerry. I don't see Lieberman running, mostly because he has too much sense, and the far left wing of the Democratic party wouldn't support him in the primaries. Evan Bayh would be a decent candidate, but again, would have a tough time winning the left. Lyin' Joe Biden is obviously running, based upon his increased visibility on the Sunday morning news shows over the last year or so.
I think that the majority of these folks are going to have a tough time with the far left wing of the party, given that they all supported the war in Iraq. But for the most part, it's the same cast of characters, who will shrilly declare that they're going to save Washington from the 'insiders' and then turn around and make sure that their 'insider' status doesn't change.

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